Marriage Separation – Pros And Cons

Marriage Separation – Pros And Cons

Are there benefits to having a marriage separation? Today we talk about 3 different types of marriage separation, plus the pros and cons that go along with separating from your spouse.

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We at Marriage Helper hear about things called “directed separations,” where, for example, some counselor may say to you, “Well, I don’t think you need to live together right now. The best way we can help you solve your problems is if you move to different places for the next several months. And I will see each of you during that interim. And at whatever point I think you can get back together, I’ll tell you that, and then you come back together.”

I won’t direct your separation. You may have a counselor, or you may be a counselor who has given that advice. Either way, I say that people need to make their own decisions. Whoever thinks they have enough wisdom to tell people to separate or when to get together, they are probably wrong. It has to be up to the individual.

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  1. My husband and I are currently separated. I’m praying for reconciliation and working on me but it’s so hard I think that I have pushed him away and we don’t even talk anymore but he wants a divorce and I don’t. I want to work on our marriage. How can I start to talk to him again and work on our marriage?

  2. All of your resources have been very helpful. This is a great video! Stay focused on the PIES and forge ahead!

  3. I believe a temporary separation when you’re trying to maintain emotional sobriety and the sex addict has acted out is necessary. Otherwise with them in the home and acting out in active addiction it’s causing damage to the betrayed spouse.

  4. I’ve been separated a year and a half but only because my husband refuses to end his affair. I’m ready for a divorce. I’ve did all I can do.

  5. My husband keeps asking for a divorce, I’m a Christian and I told him no divorce. I stay with my son’s, he sometimes stay at the house and his mistress….he doesn’t want to talk about or work on us, he is was a pastor….he started drinking heavily again….I Love him so much…..I don’t know where to start…..we have been separated two months now, married 10 yrs.

  6. My husband asked for the divorced and I gave it to him because that is what he wanted. But we are still living under the same roof. I been looking at marriage helpers videos and I been putting them on practice. So I guess I am still in a good path. Yes I am not going to lie it is hard but at the end we are still together with our children and try to make the best for them. In a our relationship its is still the in limbo because he still talks to someone or someones! But I been doing my PIES and trying to save my marriage.

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