Married For A Year and Divorced

Married For A Year and Divorced

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  1. She might not have been able to keep him
    Happy sexually did that come to mind for anyone. If I mail is not happy with you sexually he will find a way to get his need out

  2. Divorce

    Romans 7:2 a woman is bound to her husband til death

    Matthew 19:3-12 Jesus explains that from the beginning it was not so, can divorce only for fornication

    1 Corinthians 7:10-11 God say the husband and wife cannot depart from each other

    Jeremiah 3:8 Israel backslid and committed spiritual adultery against the Lord

    Jeremiah 3:20 Divorce is treacherous

    Jeremiah 3:14 God is married to the backslider

    John 3:19 men’s deeds were evil
    Roman 8:1 free from the law of sin and death through Jesus Christ

    Malachi 2:16 God hates divorce

    Mark 10:11-12 if you divorce and marry another you are committing adultery

    Mark 1-9

    1 Corinthians 7:1-2 to avoid fornication

    1 Corinthians 11:3 the head of the woman is the man

    1 Corinthians 7:27 seek not to be loose.

    Numbers 23:19

  3. There is an elephant in the room that Tony didn’t discuss. That is the wife should have went where her husband got the job. The husband according to the Bible is the provider. 2nd ,at the beginning of your marriage you should be next to your husband all the time. Wherever he goes, you go and bring the children if there are any. I am sorry that nobody told her this. Long distance is like fasting. You’re not supposed to stay away to long before the other falls to temptation. And that is what she did by not following her husband. The husband is the main breadwinner especially when you starting a family. You might not even go back to work. So for her to pretent that her work was more important than supporting him lead to her doom.
    Now after saying this, you have a chance to keep your marriage. Move in with your husband where you belong. I am very sure he will give up the side chick if your there. The side chick is only there because your not. Men need sex. It’s not a want. You either want your marriage or not. Stay right where you are is a sure way to be right and out of marriage. You visiting him isn’t going to cut it. You have to be there every day for each other and work on your marriage. Your career is not more important than him. So start acting like it. Have a real good deep conversation on how you both will make this work when you move back in as a family unit of 2. The power and your choice for marriage is in your hands. You both made some serious mistakes in the beginning and you can grow stronger as a unit of one. Praise to the most High in Yahuashua name! Could I have said this sweeter, yes. But I don’t have time to coddle your egos. Just getting staight to the point of saving or not saving the marriage.

  4. Sorry. Don’t waste another year while he’s still being with other women. Move on with your life and grow more in love with yourself for a man to come through versus a male. Steve McNair, NFL quarterback, is dead for screwing around…

  5. In everything, therefore treat people the same way you want them to treat you,for this is the Law and the Prophets.Matthew 7:12.Somehow people make up their own rules and think others are suppose to follow them. Some men want to hold women to higher standards than they themselves are willing to be held to,some men will cheat and think its ok, but if their girlfriend or wife cheats its unacceptable. This scripture is very clear, TREAT PEOPLE THE SAME WAY YOU WANT THEM TO TREAT YOU! Don’t make excuses.

  6. How can I email you ? Going through some confusion times after only 8 months of marriage. We dated for 9 years before committing but now it’s not the same

  7. I have a friend who did this to a woman. I think he was bi sexual or tri sexual. She was a doctor and it didn’t last a year

  8. This was a quick marriage. There was definitely alot of red flags she may have seen them or ignored them and him taking a job so far away in the marriage red flag, no way i would agree on that. It can happen to anyone but its sad that just married and have to go through that at least shes not staying and putting up with no more i commend her for that..

  9. Unfortunately a mistress killed the man she was involved with (he was married and a pastor). She tried killing the wife as well … but the wife survived.

  10. The husband is showing women to value ourselves more. Don’t blow through every warning sign like she has done. This is a sad situation.

  11. 62percent divorce rate in the black community in Newark nj.
    51 country wide. More black babies aborted then born in nyc last year. Mmm wonder why they can’t get there shit together.. sad

  12. Man U said something . Stop playing with people mind/heart. There’s a young lady here, that just did what you said….. Took his life in front of his wife . 😞

  13. This wife is asking for a confession! He’s not confessing because he has no intentions on stopping! Why didn’t the wife move with her husband? Traveling for work is one thing, but moving to another state for work is a whole another thing! A trial separation is 6 months to work on yourself and your marriage not play the field! This wife is going to waste her life waiting on a grown boy to become a Godly man. I guarantee this isn’t the Godly man God has for her. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing! He who finds a wife finds a good thing and shall receive favor from the Lord! Ladies your Gods gift to man! Man isn’t Gods gift to you! This wife needs to file for a divorce and work on her relationship with God! She wouldn’t be putting up with a lying cheating husband that could be jeopardizing her life with STD’s or creating a baby with another woman! Condoms do break!

  14. The only thing I hate about the heart, is that it breaks. Take a deep breath and hold it. When it comes out …. that’s your break through!!! God never ever meant for us to be unhappy. …. this life is short, make it count

  15. We ignore our intuition too often. We hang on to the potential and to the good times that we wish can happen more often.

  16. Wooo powerful and I guess this is a video u can use the terms what goes on in darkness will be brought to light.

  17. This is so true. I was in it for 14 Years! Life happens to all of us but I am in my healing season and I am grateful I was able to get out with a sound mind. Broken hearted but God is healing me daily🙏🏾

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  19. I was in the same situation with my now ex husband.our marriage only lasted 9 months.we got married,he cheated,unknown to me,at the time.I had my doctor’s appointment.full checkup.called about a week later,said that I have chlamydia.phoned in the scrip.I filed for divorce right then,and there.that is something nobody needs to put up. With.way too many diseases and infections,some of which have no cure,or treatment options

  20. The waiting 1 year to get divorce is not law. She is just delaying the inevitable. She should hire an attorney and take him for all that she can.

  21. Well, you got the nail on the head. We ignore the signs, for the sake of , I can change him. We can’t change someone that don’t wanna be changed.

  22. Please listen to Tony and cut your loses sooner than later. I’ll try to make this brief but I was cheated on three months into my marriage and I stayed longer than I should have. What I thought was him abandoning me was God moving him out of my life. You will go through many emotions but you’ll make it through. Stay prayerful🙏🏾🙌🏾

  23. Ooh lordy if people could choose their families, Tony will be my older brother. Thank you thank you Tony… Tell them… I keep telling people, away with this nonsensical notion of he’s changed or she’s changed.. When you meet a perpetual looney you will know.

    Just recently.. A man took me out for dinner, all went well, well except for the fact that he ordered a large class of beer and wanted more(by my standards that’s abit disrecptful to me considering am a born again Christian). Mind you this dinner happened a week after we met. Whilst talking on the phone, this is the second week now, the guy says he’s not a born again Christian, he’s not desperate for sex, able to patiently wait till a woman is ready, here’s the juicy part guys… He doesn’t even believe that sexual intercouse is a spiritual exchange….🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩Me being a born again Christian, what do you think I will do, allow this man to pursue me further so that one day I will use my own mouth and say I don’t understand why a b c and this is happening? God forbid…! People you have a brain, use it.

  24. We would appreciate it if you men leave us alone if you’re not ready for marriage, the woman you married, that is the last female you are to be intimate with for the rest of your life, so even if we may appear simple we’re smarter then you think we are and eventually we will find out, what a waste of our time when you knew you wasn’t ready, have a made up mind and go clean yourself up and start thinking with the
    “ THE BIG HEAD” . As Tony Gaskins says

  25. I’ve been married for only almost 7 months and I’m thinking hard about a divorce. I don’t get treated the way I should. We got married in a short amount of time (4 months) I moved myself and my child 9 hours away from family with no hesitation because he feed me so many lies and I believed in him. It’s so crazy because I know majority of men cheat and I said I never wanted to get married, but I didn’t hesitate with him. Now I’m contemplating on going back to my hometown or just staying here after the divorce. He lied and cheated, so I forgave him and we both agreed to let the past go. We even went to 1 counseling session smh. The disrespect is unreal and I wish he would just want his family and do right by his marriage, but his actions show differently.

  26. God will not give you a man like this! Sometimes we chose who we want. Free will can be a curse. Best to wait on the Lord to send you the one. I am not saying in terms of waiting around but go places to be found. Don’t sit on the couch waiting for him to just knock on the door. God has the perfect mate for you if you trust in Him.

  27. That s why as a man I am an advocate for a man being devoted to God and God more important than a marriage God focused doing the Lord’s will and if God. Good word Tony

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