Massage Peoria AZ | spa810 Arrowhead

Massage Peoria AZ | spa810 Arrowhead

Massage Peoria AZ

For the best massage, laser hair removal and facial treatments, visit spa810 Arrowhead in Peoria, Arizona.

spa810 Arrowhead website:

spa810 Arrowhead
7541 W Bell Rd #102, Peoria, AZ 85382

phone: (623) 476-7241




Here at spa810 we do massage, we do laser hair removal, and we also do facials.

We have everything all under one roof here.

What I like about this spa is, every customer that comes through the door, they are going to feel like it is all focused on them.

A very relaxing, calm environment. And we take the time to address their specific needs and everyone’s treated as an individual.

We do deep tissue massage, Swedish, we do perinatal. It’s custom to what the customer needs are.

You just tell your massage therapist what you’re looking for. If you have certain problem areas, they can adjust that according to each individual patient.

We follow it up with a sugar foot scrub.

We do have a couples room that we can do two massages at the same time.

For our laser hair removal we use the Alma Soprano ICE. It’s a great laser because it has an ice-cold tip so it’s very comfortable. And this is a very easy, quick, efficient way to remove your hair. It’s virtually pain-free.

People want to come back in after they see those great results from their first treatment. They’ll end up coming in and getting their whole body done.

We do customized facials according to your skin type.

We have these fusion pods. The guests get to lay inside this fusion pod.

It gives you vibration massage, it releases aromatherapy, it has dry heat sauna. Twenty minutes in the pod will give you at least one hour of rest.

So your face is getting nice and relaxed and so is your body at the same time.

Also here at spa810 Arrowhead, we have a HydraFacial MD machine that can target your fine lines and wrinkles, and evens skin tone.

It cleanses your face, exfoliates, it does extractions, and hydrates your skin.

We do carry a variety of products such as Eminence, iS Clinical, we have Neova. Everything you see here in the front, we use in the back for our treatments.

If you have skin care needs that you want to address, or you just want to come in and enjoy a nice relaxing day, spa810 is the place for you.

You’ll be so happy with your results, you’ll end up telling all your friends and family. And you can do it with confidence because we really do care about our clients.


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Massage Peoria AZ


  1. spa810 Arrowhead is a clean, friendly, relaxing place to get a massage in the Arrowhead District of Peoria, AZ. I love their use of hot stones, and they make laser hair removal completely painless with their use of the "cool tip" Soprano ICE laser. The facial treatments here are accompanied by a soothing back massage inside a wonderful pod enclosure that really takes off the stress. Tom and Marigem, the owners, are always inviting and attentive to customer service.

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