Melody and Martell Discuss Dissolving Their Businesses | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

Melody and Martell Discuss Dissolving Their Businesses | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

Melody and Martell meet to discuss how to separate their business affairs. // Watch this full episode:

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Melody and Martell Discuss Dissolving Their Businesses | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN


  1. Bravo Bravo Bravo 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 this is all an act. They are pretending to dissolve everything and Martel get nothing so Arionne get nothing for child support 🤣🤣!!! They really are a team!!! Once Arionne see he’s flat broke and will not hardly get any support and drop support, Melody and Martel may get remarried.

  2. We really have a problem in our society slamming individuals like teachers are plumbers or construction workers nurses plumbers the reality is these people make Society work. How about you wake up one day and no one wants to be a sanitary worker or garbage man where would be then?

  3. When you’re married and you cheat and are caught.. it changes the dynamic, the side chick becomes the main chick and now you want the thrill of what you previously had. Cuz now he has to cheat on the side chick to get the thrill and the control he had when he had two people which is very hard once you’re divorced so this looks like he’s trying to get control so he’s trying to get it back by trying to get mel back

  4. Totally Unhinged, abusive, dismissive, and belittling of Melody. "Me", "I did" "I got you to do"……He was speaking as if Melody was a stay at home Mother. Glad she’s happier now and is no longer subjected to such indignities.

  5. I REALLY dont like this man. 🙄🙄. Praying for Mel’s peace away from this bald headed, manipulative narcissist.

  6. That’s not how you talk to but now I’m in a woman that’s a phenomenal woman you talking about we talking about 100% woman that’s so you are a bully mitel that’s all you is you just a bully but anyway I hope you get it one right one day

  7. What kills me he said when they first sat down he wants dissolve ANY businesses they share together. Then, she dissolves Embrace Beauty as they share it. She grants his wish. He CANT HANDLE IT. WHAT A MITCH. FRFR

  8. she don’t want to give him credit for nothing….omg divorce is horrible get over peacefully and move on

  9. Damn Melanie’s always starting to cause that drama she’s usually a common denominator of everything not to mention she’s let herself go and got really fat girl hit that gym you got money for a personal trainer

  10. Martell is absolutely going insane loosing his Crown Jewel – Melody. It is written – A man who finds a wife, finds a Good thing and has favor with the Lord – Proverbs 18:22 plus it is written – Thou shall not commit adultery – Exodus 20:14 Well it looks like Mr. Holt did Not understand any of these scriptures nor did he fully understand the assignment of Holy Matrimony. He cheated badly adding another baby to his Legacy that is not from his then wife. That’s just sad.

  11. Martell did put her on. She really can’t deny it. It’s like the modern day NeNe and Greg. I do believe that she knew about this woman. She chose to stay for the look and when it got out she flipped the script. Martell agreed because that’s what he owed her after getting the women pregnant. I don’t think she can let Martell go. That’s home.

  12. Im so glad she left him.He thought she was going to get letting him embarrass her.Good job he thought u couldn’t make it without him.

  13. Why didn’t his dumbass learn the book that’s why Melody got her builders license and
    he don’t 😂😂😂 that’s why he’s wife got hers on the first try, and he had to take it two or three times 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. He did not like the sheer fact that she came in there like a boss. His confidence is so low and she was throwing him blows without physical contact so he decided he was going to have a full Mitch Fit! OMG so unattractive 🤦🏽‍♀️

  15. He mad and want money from her business, but don’t want her and the kids to be in on the 47 deal. What a piece of work martell is. 😤

  16. I cannot stand him. How does she do it. He may not have made it out alive if I were in her shoes. 4 kids or not.

  17. He always talking down about women! Not to forget when he gets caught up in his lies, and anger, he cannot articulate his himself. It just gets worse worse for him, by him.

  18. I keep watching this cause it is funny as hell. He did everything by himself in every one if their conversations. Too bad he cant claim giving birth to the children.😅 He did so much yet she us doing better than him right now. Paying his utilities, I would b
    never. I would drop them kids at his mama house and never have contact with him again. Pick them ip from his mama when the visit over. This would be our exchange point, ya mama, who saw fit to come to my house to let me know you was having a boy and she was gonna love him. Mama, wrong wrong wrong.

  19. When the rug gets pulled out from under a narcissist because "God said Go" -Melody S. Holt. Its funny how wicked people never think they will lose. Look at God always proving them wrong 🙌 🙏 👏

  20. 😏; and You’re also the one that cheated for years, hurt your wife, and broke up your family!! (own that too cheater!)👎

  21. I’m sorry but I need to tell you what that spirit is that’s what I was saying on the first text and I voice text so that’s why sometimes if your voice texting the lady doesn’t get it correct but it’s called bullying Montel bully and you bully your family you believe this and you believe that because that’s all you ever been is a big bully bully your way out of her life

  22. I’ve never seen this full clip. In gonna take a different route this time. I hear a little boy broken and needing to be validated, He’s at a breaking point and in desperation. The lies and manipulation aren’t working anymore and that’s why he’s freaking out. When you break up with a person like this, your eyes see all of this, been there. He has officially unraveled

  23. I’m sorry but I deserve this spirit and my tail and this is called a bully a big bully he feels like he has control over everything and he wants to bully his wife that’s all that is it’s bully bully bully bully bully you’re just a big bully that’s all you is peace my brother I hope and pray for the best that God will show you the error of your ways in Jesus mighty name amen amen and amen

  24. I look back at these episodes and just see Martell be a pathological liar. Narcissist Gaslighting to try and say Melody is the fault.

  25. When she tilted her head and said in the softest voice, “Let’s talk about the treatment…”, that was hilarious.

  26. She so damn pretty and I know that’s irrelevant but danggggg, she beautiful and I love her dress sense

  27. "Let’s talk about the treatment…Go head." This is still funny no matter how many times I see the clip🤣🤣

  28. Who named everything?🤣🤣🤣 It didn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with Holt and Holt. Lawd Jesus

  29. Through my years if training. Remain calm and let the Narcissist act a fool. Believe u me. It works. I believe the term is grey rocking.

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