Memphitz Acts a Fool Up in Here | Marriage Boot Camp Reality Wrap

Memphitz Acts a Fool Up in Here | Marriage Boot Camp Reality Wrap

In this segment of reality wrap, Misster Ray recaps the crazy and ugly moments from Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars such as Tara Reid’s impression of Dean May in a role reversal argument, the couples’ game of tug of war, plus freak outs from both Memphitz and Brittish Williams.

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  1. Meph really showed the real him. K.Michelle tried to warn the world about him. Rasheeda from lah was about to fight K.Michelle b/c she called K a liar smh

  2. So I’m guessing she’s met the abusive side that k. Michelle has said all along..where are k. Michelle’s apologies at??!!!!

  3. I’m so glad she left him cuz Lil Wayne wpulda popped a cap in him bout Toya they not together but he not playing about his first love

  4. I have no sympathy or remorse for Toya, and I know that this is an old clip and they are no longer together, but K Michelle said what this angry man did to her and Toya and her hinchman Rasheeda called her a bold face liar so for that F Toya and F Rasheeda, bloop!

  5. Memphis , is potentially dangerous ! When a big man can not control his temper in public , can you image what can happen behind closed doors ? He is a MONSTER , and "MOLLY , YOU IN DANGER, GIRL !" Its all about him ! A spoiled ass nigga !

  6. They always make the woman look crazy. I don’t care for K. Michelle but I feel that punk did put his hands on her and stole her advance money. Tara Reid was definitely on drugs. But Memphiz knew not to put hands on Toya because she has too many men in her life that could handle his BA.

  7. Wow that’s a anger controling demon
    That thing own him full of anger I believed K from the start I saw it in her heart been there

  8. I don’t know why Toya, let that clown talk to her that way. We New Orleans women, don’t play that. Ain’t no way, I could be disrespected on TV like that, I would have slapped the shit out of him, day 1.

  9. Omg!!!! K Michelle was right! He knows he’s on a tv show and he’s acting like this! Just think behind closed doors! I didn’t know who he was, just saw photos. He did it, idgaf what anyone says! Toya get out what you can! You can tell everyone’s uncomfortable with him in the house . He’s crazy

  10. Everytime I run across this. It just reminds me of a toxic relationship I was in. men like that are no good for no one. Not even there own damn self. Narcissist’s cowards.

  11. I wad hoping Lorenzo and British would make it but now they are fueding over Instagram cause she said he dont take care of their beautiful four year old daughter they have together.

  12. When k. Michelle said " that man use to drag me and beat my ass" at the reunion I knew she was telling the truth! I also knew during the whole taping of the show!! That’s the same way I expressed to my daughter, recently, how her dad had me between our bed and her crib stomping on me when she was a baby..we were talking about domestic violence talking about my more recent ex and if he had ever hit me which was A BIG, "NOOOO!" Then I explained to her what happened with her dad and I WOULD NOT tolerate that from anyone EVER AGAIN!! AND HAVEN’T!!!

  13. See K. Michelle wasn’t lying but I guarantee she won’t get an apology from the women that doubted her

  14. Memphis on the DL and was using Toya as a cover up if you ask me, he ain’t like her. That’s how DL men act.

  15. Lorenzo acts so entitled until British needs to read the SIGNS ! Red flags flying everywhere ! That is an emotional gangster ! It’s like. , if I take care home I should be allowed to whore around ! "MOLLY, YOU IN DANGER , GIRL !"

  16. Memphis is a hidden gay man mad at beautiful woman cuz he can’t be one that’s it that’s all listen to his voice sounds like a little bitch 🤣

  17. Ok now that I’ve seen the whole clip, why isn’t anyone, especially the women addressing the how British was being verbally and physically abusive? It was wrong when memphiz did it and it was wrong for British as well. We have to stop with the double standards. I know this is old but I just find it crazy how absolutely NO ONE mentioned how she not only hit dude but hit him with an object. Is she not toxic? If a man shouldn’t put his hands on a woman, neither should a woman put her hands on a man.

  18. Memphiz is hella effeminate and super abusive. If he did that on National TV, imagine what he does being closed doors

  19. Memphis has a thing for short women and think it’s honestly a fetish for him and when the women are short he treats and sees them as a child

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