Men – Divorce Recovery Plan – Help, Cope, Heal

Men – Divorce Recovery Plan – Help, Cope, Heal
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A lot of men are directionless with regards to how to heal after a divorce. I’m offering a few high level thoughts on things you can do to help you heal and feel better post divorce. Self love and acceptance is at the root of your healing. Turning off your mind and making positive changes is the way to move forward.

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  1. Unfortunately i have been through this before Unfortunately and it’s no easier especially since this time there’s two beautiful little girls involved.

  2. 23 years of marriage gone. I was in love, she was so important to me, but I am starting to cope, I go to the gym, started repelling, spent time with my 21 year old.
    Some days are good, some days I cry all dam day, and miss my life.I want calm.Thanks for your knowledge in this.

  3. Awesome videos, goin through separation this def helps, like the touch on meditation 🧘‍♀️

  4. I just recently got told by my wife a few days ago after we had been doing so great together, that she wanted a divorce and she’s already talking to someone else. We share 3 beautiful kids together and I’m trying to find a video to match my situation, a video or a blog or something and nothings helped. I’m moving into my own apartment to try start moving my life along but I just still can’t shake the fact that she’s already with someone and I’m scared I’m gonna keep thinking about them together and moving in together eventually and it’s all I think about. I just want peace and happiness for myself on my own. Not with anyone at this time. But these thoughts and the deception from her about how I thought we were doing great when it was really just a lie are so hard to bear right now. And I know it’s too soon to be moved on but I just hate worry about these things that I know I can’t control

  5. Men, do not hesitate for one moment to put a restraining order against your female partner if you feel your safety and health is in jeopardy. Placing a permanent restraining order on my female partner was absolutely the wisest protective move of my adult lifetime. My only regret is not doing it years earlier. Men, be safe!

  6. A meditation “rep” (like working a muscle) is acknowledging a thought, letting it pass, then refocusing on your breathing.

  7. Excellent and appreciated. You seem normal and have gone through crap yourself. Thanks for posting.

  8. Dude, you have no idea how much positive encouragement this amazing video has given me.. THANK YOU sir THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH

  9. Really helpful only 13 days ago i divorced my wife who was doing all the bad things she could i will follow your instructions i have downloaded it will watch it for 5 to 10 times more thanks bro all the way from Pakistan

  10. I saw a video that said 160,000 men have committed suicide due to divorce issues.
    That’s more than the Vietnam war, Korean war, and Desert storm combined.
    Get help if you need it, make solid plans that work for you, and see what is beyond the storm of the divorce. See something that you love on the otherside, and just focus on that.
    Things will get difficult, but remember to refocus your thoughts to something, that is worth having fir yourself after the storm passes.
    I’m not out of this yet, but I have some solid plans to really make something of what I have left of this life.

  11. It’s tough to “let it go” when you invested 35 years into her. Everyone gives that advice but nobody gives any practical advice how to do that.

  12. I will never stop being grateful to *DOCTOR NENGAK LOVE SPELL* caster who helped me with Facebook spell casting that brought my ex back..

  13. I will never stop being grateful to *DOCTOR NENGAK LOVE SPELL* caster who helped me with Facebook spell casting that brought my ex back..

  14. Thank you so much for this! Going through a divorce process right now don’t know where to do anymore and what to do with my life!

  15. You have to focus on you! Do what you want! You’re free!! If you’re in you’re late 30s and 40s it’s better, as long as you focus on yourself, money, the women will come, just don’t but do not commit. The women will follow. Focus on you’re health and beauty. Hit the gym, have a goal.

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  17. Appreciate your video. Went thru a legal separation three months ago. I found prayer helps for me, talking to a higher power – really helps. Also, listening to podcasts like yours while I am doing chores or working out, drowns my negative thoughts away and at the same time gets educated and entertained. But quiet time is absolutely important

  18. I plan on killing myself this week. I hope you all find the strength to get through your own struggles. Much love and good luck.

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