1. Alessandro Del Piero want to talk about how much of a trash talker Gatusso was and you say next question wtf Micah

  2. come on Micah!! i know its Quick Fire, but when a legend of the game has something to say about another legend, YOU LET HIM SPEAK!! I love this panel though, they are great!

  3. I want to hear about Guttoso… not sure if gen z know who he is, but boy the italian league was fun 😂

  4. I remember watching Gattuso play, I think it was against Cagliari. He goes flying in for a tackle, misreads it horribly and gets a warning, play starts again and not 30 seconds later he gets a yellow and play is stopped again. He signals to the bench to get subbed off after the next action, the game starts again and within a minute, before the ball has a chance to go out of play he’s been sent off for another reckless challenge and he’s walking down the tunnel😂 absolute uncaged beast in his day.

  5. Remember as a kid getting FIFA 04 in Mexico for like 5 bucks. On that cover was Henry, Ronaldinho, and Del Piero. 3 fucking legends

  6. Gattuso is not a trash-talker….. he is a person who will knock you down as if you are trash

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