This one was a hard one. I feel bamboozled & hurt because I love saying that “I have the spirit of discernment.” Although I do, this was a humbling experience. Never get too big headed in the Lord. I sat on this video for over a month but I couldn’t sit on it any longer. There are souls at stake. Ephesians 5:11 says… And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. This is our job as believers… Although we need to pray for Michael..this is not so much about him but the blind people who are following him. I believe he started off on the right track, but money & fame can be so blinding. I will do a second video to break down the video if I need to.



There are 4 parts, watch. all of them when you get a chance.

APOLOGIES I SAID THAT INTERVIEW PORTION WAS ON THE TC WEBSITE.. IT’S ACTUALLY ON THIS ONE. https://transformchurch.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/TRANSPIRE_OnlineDownload2.pdf



  1. Yes, this is so true what you wrote under the video. I watched him all the time and one night in October God gave me a dream and it was so real, and He told me to not be deceived by what he is saying and that it may sound good but its deceiving. I could see pastor Mike in my dream and on a Mic, but he had a sweater with the symbols of a triangle facing up and one down. I could never forget it and I knew it was God. Now when I see his videos of this year, I can’t stay on his page my spirit gets uncomfortable, there is the gift of discernment God revealed to me when I got baptized in 2020 it’s a beautiful thing to have but its powerful, you can feel when a bad spirit is around. I’m praying for Mike. God bless you NINA, I don’t know you, but I found your page randomly when I typed in hearing God voice at night on YouTube search. I know someone people may not understand and that’s okay, but we can’t ignore when God speaks to us. Take care beautiful

    P.s when I was little, the age of 10 or so I never liked Beyonce and Jay z and I never knew why but I always questioned why everyone loved them, but I couldn’t find it in me and as I got older, I realized God was revealing something to me that I still didn’t know was in me and that was the gift of discernment.

  2. VERY well done, young lady! You admitted and showed proof of your former support on this man and his ministry, then thoroughly explained your concerns with supporting material.

    You did not use a hateful, slanderous or self-righteous tone. Then you ended it encouraging us to pray…for our own understanding and for him and his followers. Excellent job. This is how critique should be done. Especially among people proclaiming Jesus.

  3. Many people will say Abba did I not preach in your name? Prophecy in your name? Cast out demons in your name, but He will say to them depart from me, for I never knew you (paraphrased)….. PEOPLE PLEASE DONT GET CAUGHT UP IN THE FACT A PASTOR HAS A FEEL GOOD MESSAGE THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET FROM GOD ON YOUR OWN… THERE Are SOME ABOMINABLE THINGS THAT SHOULD NOT BE INTERMINGLED WITH THE HEAVENLY FATHER, PERIOD.

  4. Glad I watched you before binging on his content just to find out myself. The trap, hip hop, rock and roll beats I prefer not be mixed with gospel music.

  5. And no wonder for satan himself will masquerade himself as the angel of light….. satan knows the Bible and is a wolf in sheep’s clothing….. people suffer for a lack of knowledge…. we must study the word to show ourselves approved….. we are in end times and we need to pray for him, for GOD to deliver Michael Todd…… he must repent and turn away from his wicked ways……I have not followed him and will not nor will I encourage people to follow him…. some church leaders function with the spirit of divination and pretend to follow the way, which is JESUS! WE MUST BE LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT who guides us into ALL of GOD’S TRUTH! Whoever follows Moses has a veil over their eyes, but JESUS tore the veil! We must follow GOD, JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT because we are living in a time where even the elect will be deceived!!!! It is time for Michael Todd to repent and we must lift him up in prayer! People are falling for the list of their flesh and there is a great fallen away! Be blessed in JESUS HOLY NAME 🔥

  6. I already saw all the symbolism and pyramids and sun God imagery on the stage before this video even started explaining.

  7. As I stated in the video, please ask the Lord to reveal the truth to you. Pray on it. Unfortunately there may be lukewarm christians in the comments condoning this type of behavior. This is why it’s important for you to study your word & have your own personal relationship with Christ. I don’t want you to take my word for it. (You see I was telling ppl to watch him). Man will fail you. I want the Holy Spirit that lives in you to show you, like He showed me. This isn’t an attack on Michael. This is a wake up call to his followers. Keep all of them, including Mike prayed up. 💜

  8. When you thought you were doing the right thing but then this video backfires I know it wasnt your plan proof Michael Todd is not the one who needs saving💯

  9. I understand your thought process, but have faith in God that if this church isn’t supposed to exist or have Mike Todd as a leader then God would surely wouldn’t allow this to continue. He’s been in ministry for a hot minute and continues to prosper in bringing people to Christ, changing lives and has been giving. Honestly pray on it. Also please show me in the Bible where the devils plan has been to bring people to God? Even in the story of Job the devils plan was to get Job to curse God. It’s been 2-3 years since your video and tbh according to the words Jesus himself spoke in Matthew 7:17-20, Transformation church has been very fruitful, being Fruitful is a standard that Jesus gave us to Judge. If God made sure a pastor like Jeremy Foster (ex pastor of Hope city in TX ) stopped preaching due to him cheating on his wife, why would he allow a devil worshipper to lead a very influential church?

  10. I agree with you Love Nina People need to stop becoming fans of there pastors Michael Todd isn’t called to be a Pastor he should step down from his church because he spits on his hands and wipes spit on someone’s face that’s a horrible demonstration Why does he even supports Steven Furtick teachings Steven Furtick calls himself God

  11. I say most of these examples are innocent. He is learning and growing also. The biggest concern is the people choosing to glamorize him and the crosses on his album cover. I think it is a matter of education and I will definitely pray for him. Thanks for sharing!

  12. If you’re watching service just to see Pastor Todd then you’re worshiping the wrong person, that’s on you! I know who my God is. I watch for the message and the teaching.

  13. And He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you have made it a ‘den of thieves.’ ”

  14. Highly recommend listening to Voddie Bachman on YouTube. He talks about everything you mentioned in this video.

    We must remember that there are some people that are anointed by God to bring us to Him but we should remember when God puts that calling on our hearts. It’s He that sits on the throne!

  15. I see a lot of these new age churches popping up everywhere. Same set up, same style of carnal minded preachers. It’s scary.

  16. I have listened to and enjoyed a fee of his sermons. Then I saw his interview on Tim Ross’s The Basement and was like, ok this is a good dude!

    But I didn’t know the worship and atmosphere in the church was like that. Also I have often felt when listening to him that something was missing. The preaching seemed shallow. Superficial. I hear women hollering out sometimes when he is preaching and to me it’s not a "church holler" it’s like they are wrapped up in something Superficial he is saying or just in his performance. He does talk a lot about what God is going to do for you. He mentions obedience and the Holy Spirit which most shallow preachers don’t amd Ibguess that’s what kept me giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    But to say people don’t go to he’ll for sin? Wow. People please read your Bible.

    You have to believe in Christ to be saved from your sins. If you believe you will obey and repent and your sins are remitted.

    If you don’t believe, your sins are still on you and you have to pay with your eternal soul.

  17. My spirit has never really aligned with his ministry these are luke warm new age pastors am glad ppl are able to see that he is leading ppl astray..fake preachers

  18. But the last part is true though, Jesus paid for sin on the cross. He became sin for us. The souls that are not saved that do not believe in Christ are those who will go to hell. He told the truth though, because all have sinned and have fallen short, but there is grace and remission of sin for those who believe

  19. 9:55 Psalms 149:3 “Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre!”

    Psalms 150:1-5 “Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens! Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness! Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with lute and harp! Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe! Praise him with sounding cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals!”

  20. I was raised in a Pentecostal church. I’m not going to deny that there is corruption in every aspect of life. I know it when I see it. This guy is just a Kanye wannabe.

  21. I don’t actually know how to express it rn but I’ll say tat everyone has different POV for a person so it usually doesn’t matter how u see him. And as for me Pastor Mike is like a Motivational speaker n all tis Motivational staffs r also connected to the BIBLE also he said he wanted to be a Musician so ig there is nothing wrong with how his presentation is cuz it gives the vibes of u see Hip Hop or whatever it is but related to Music (LoL) which was connected to his dream before he became a pastor so ig tis is how he is fulfilling his old aim in life too😃. If i said anything wrong or mistake #sorry my bad. Hope u guy’s do understand 😃😅

  22. All I can’t say is be Holy for I am Holy! I have never been a fan of Pastor Todd because he’s too worldly for me. Although I do not believe he’s worshipping the devil I just believe he needs to be under a leader who could help Him seek holiness. I think this is a great video and you wired it well without hate or malice. To all the negative comments you may get about judgment I would throw out of the window. God said that we will know them by their fruit. We are to example people and spirits under the words of God which is not our opinion but the WORD. Now it the last days which we are now in men will be lovers of self with itching ears. Pastor Todd is obviously appealing to itchy ears. The spirit of offense is RAMPANT in America simply because this is the new strategy of the enemy. We wrestle not against each other but against principalities. Everyone and I mean everyone wants to be unruly and unaccountable to anyone. Gone in the days where is takes a village. America wants their own selfish desires.

  23. Wow this video has opened my eyes to many things I’ve been overlooking. My ex told me this man is demonic and I used to roll my eyes but seeing this has shocked me. I’ll be praying when I get home

  24. Wow this is what my dream was about 2 churches both preaching of Jesus but one was pure evil look more appealing keep trying to get me to come in but I ran to the other church had less ppl not look like a party .

  25. tod is for the unbelievers …….. to start bringing in the people who are searching ,,, then the people will continue reading for them selves n see the entire truth 😀 ……………………like speaking in tongues is for the unbelievers as well … if done in public there needs to be a translation to avoid people wondering what is that ?

  26. Did anyone pay attention to the symbols all over the stage???? They don’t look very Christian like…….

  27. Many people lacking the Holy Spirit and discernment in the comments. This guy is so far from the real God, The Most High. Pray, repent, ask God to lift the scales off your eyes and He will.

  28. what makes it so dangerous is the lies contain truths. before you know you’re in a cult!

    that’s why you have to read the bible

  29. A lot of people in these comments need to open the Bible in their free time instead of just when they go to church. Men of God don’t act like this 😅 people LOVE to ask what would Jesus do and Jesus would judge this man for doing and saying a lot of stuff he is doing. This video isn’t to bash this man it’s to make others aware that he isn’t a good teacher. People seem to think Gods love is just accepting and never judges but Gods kind of love corrects people where they are wrong but still loves them anyway.. Even in the Bible it says as time goes on Gods people won’t be in the churches and I’m starting to see it more and more in current times.

  30. Thanks for sharing because you are RIGHT!! The way Michael Todd always misinterpreting the Bible, the way he dress as a pastor, also he let his wife dress so immodest. 😢😢 There’s alot of other stuff that I can keep naming, but I rest my case.

  31. Wow I just found him and watched a video and just pep little stuff he be doing that’s weird…. Have you ever watched Sarah Jake Robert’s?

  32. This guy spat in is hands and rubbed it in a guy face in one of his summons it’s was so disgusting nobody said nothing

  33. He’s human like everyone is…however the word. .. II Timothy 2:15 says study the word for yourself! If you feel the message he brings doesn’t line up with God’s word, that’s your opinion. You have to meet people where they are to reach and teach them about God. Stepping out of tradition has saved the souls of many, so please pray for him and the lives he has impacted that it all has been for God’s glory! 😇

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