Michelle Obama Gets Real on Marriage Counseling, Saying "Bye, Felicia" to the Presidency

Michelle Obama Gets Real on Marriage Counseling, Saying "Bye, Felicia" to the Presidency

Michelle Obama breaks down why her memoir Becoming resonates with so many, how marriage counseling was a turning point for her and Barack Obama and what she was really thinking while waving goodbye after Trump’s inauguration.

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Michelle Obama Gets Real on Marriage Counseling, Saying “Bye, Felicia” to the Presidency



  1. People who dislike the videos have no fun in their own life 🤔😂🤣 #theyhavenohobbies

  2. No other First Lady would have been interesting to have on a late night talk show but Michelle Obama , those other chicks are lame and boring.

  3. Michelle Obama First Class Lady of the United States of America genuinely touching lives across the world! Min, Tracy Butler

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  5. I miss having a first lady we can be proud of….. The chumps melania was such a terrible first lady… Be best was the best she could do lol be best what a joke.

  6. What an Incredible woman!!! Still reading the book, got it for Christmas. Good read so far, I was hoping Jimmy wasn’t gonna be the "spoiler" guy. LOLOL
    But I just love listening to Michelle, book spoiled or not. lol

  7. Big Mike is one pathetic classless act! It is nice we still have a beautiful First Lady that is intelligent like Melania, and can hold her own!!! Bye Felicia…oops…I mean Big Mike!

  8. Disgrace to America 🤮 This is a man not a woman. Obama’s most corrupt ever. Not to mention corrupt media. Can’t wait till the truth comes out soon.

  9. Michelle: "I could do a whole book on the White House years…but that book would be like 800 pages…."

    Barack: "Hold my beer. I can do it in 1,600"

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  14. So sad his tired of me, i found out that his talking to someone else with his phone, someone ask me to contact *@flexible_tech* on Instagram. I tried and was able to get proof that he talks to a lot of women on the internet and i challenged him. His apologizing now, should I forgive him???

  15. Fallon told her she basically came from nothing. What a foolish comment. She came from a stable, loving, two-parent home, with a sibling she could look to for friendship and protection and example. So not nothing. Everything. Plus food and clothing and shelter and guidance from trusted family members. She had a solid foundation in life and she worked damn hard from there. She’s extremely intelligent but had the context to see that about herself. Let’s be real.

  16. Right…Bye👋🏾Felica.😂😂 Ms. O is a beautiful lady. Barrack is blessed to have her.

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