1. I disagree.. someone can make you happy or unhappy.. happiness is based on happening.. nobody can give you JOY..joy grace from God

  2. I love all the women on the real so much but then you added Amanda! 🙄 She is horrible!!!! I can no longer watch the real or support this show😢

  3. to anyone see youtube videos about better help, im pretty sure jeannie dont know better help is a scam so… please be careful

  4. Jeannie touched on something called generational curses and it’s true..look up Derek Prince "generational curses" and look up Revelations Of Jesus Christ YouTube channel

  5. A lot of employers offer free or discounted counseling through an Employee Assistance Program too. I couldn’t afford therapy but this program has really helped me get the counseling I needed for free.

  6. I love the uprising of support between Jeannie Mai and Amanda Seal. Honestly, I do feel that Amanda did feel kind of put off by coming in as the replacement of the last host. It’s not easy trying to fill a seat that used to belong to someone else who got fired. Seeing as the people who tune into the show daily had to get used to a new face and a new voice, I think that’s what probably caused, what looked like animosity but I think Amanda Seal just trying to fight for her right to be at the table. I just hope Amanda understands that she doesn’t need to fight to be accepted or fight to be heard. Jeannie Mai is always willing to hear her out and giving her the space and time to speak. I’m sure Jeannie Mai understands Amanda Seals situation as the “new” host and how much pressure she must feel. Just look at how Jeannie Mai was given the honors to initiate Amanda Seal as one of the hosts at the table when she broke that fake champagne bottle over Amanda’s head lol
    If you feel confident, it shows and the same thing goes for feeling accepted by others.

  7. I am working on self right now im in recovery and have been clean and sober 67 days and celibate for 67 days as well. Im also 7 days cigarette free yippee. Allowing my higher power to help me Feel Deal and Heal

  8. I don’t care what nobody says I Stan for this group its like the crazysexycool of all of us with a healthy dose of spiritual and smart! They embody what it is to be a woman and a sisterhood. If somebody or you didn’t like a part of you or a part of your true girl gang you wouldn’t throw yourself or them away you’d hold your corner. I love em personally.

  9. It’s not just the black community where this stigma exists. The Indian community has the same. And I’m pretty sure many many other races have the same ideas. Therapy is a new concept taking in our human history. Therapy was indeed used for mentally disturbed people and it wasn’t a good thing, you were an outcast. I’m sorrrrrrryyyyy but it’s NOT A BLACK THING.

  10. Can I just say that I love Amanda as the new cast member she respects everyone’s answers and doesn’t throw shade at the girls when she doesn’t agree… cough cough

  11. Michelle is the first transgender in the white house and Obama was the first gay president…OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

  12. Yeah, even in mexico free healthcare is offered …im 25 it covers doctors appoinments pregnancy appoinments even some dental regular cavities …..why America??

  13. Yes! Couples therapy is something I truly believe in and will be doing with my future husband. Because to talk about how we will go down this journey is so very important.. E

  14. This is not always true. I don’t think if you go to therapy your crazy. I’m even trying to get my son to go now. However, SOME therapist (like SOME social workers) overstep or misinterpret things & the result is a family being ripped apart. And that is what happened with my family from a session involving my mom. It only lasted a few months, but it was devastating on our family, especially my little brother who was too young to understand & we later found out a troubled kid from the home my little brother was in had did things to him which resulted in my younger brother later needing therapy for. So, as a black woman I’m to some degree a little terrified of therapy, & have to remind myself not all therapist are unqualified to do their job.

  15. Ugh I love Jeanie she doesn’t get enough praise for her profound and wisdom. She sounds like me when I preach to my friends lol

  16. It always amazes me how intelligent Jeannie is. She is so authentic. I learn so much from her for my own life lots of love

  17. Thank you for saying "however you grew up is not how you have to live"….say that again for the people in the back. I’m around so many black people that DO NOT understand it, because they think they turned out so great.

  18. Seariously Jeanie should be a therapist . She’s a natural and organically enjoys listening, understanding and having an open mind when giving her input .

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