Michelle Obama Opens Up About Miscarriage & Marriage Counseling | E! News

Michelle Obama Opens Up About Miscarriage & Marriage Counseling | E! News

In her new book “Becoming,” the former First Lady reveals some personal struggles she and former President Barack Obama had to overcome. Watch!

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/uk/news/985443/michelle-obama-reveals-miscarriage-ivf-and-marriage-counseling-with-barack-obama

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Michelle Obama Opens Up About Miscarriage & Marriage Counseling | E! News


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  2. why is obama the only one you guys say "mr" instead of president or former president ? you dont say it about bush clinton regan or trump?

  3. Michael obama,Was born into this world a cute baby boy, Unfortunately his upbringing was that of no normal child, where he was treated as a sub normal person.at the age of 12 started hormone treatment and the "BECOMING," starts !! The point is you can call mr.Obama and both of them turn around.

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