Minnesota Divorce Lawyer Explains Three Ways Divorce Cases are Resolved

Minnesota Divorce Lawyer Explains Three Ways Divorce Cases are Resolved

Minnesota divorce lawyer Jason Brown with Brown Law Offices, P.A. explains three main ways divorce cases are resolved in Minnesota. They are all very different with varying time frames and expenses associated with them. It is important that you are aware of which process works best for your case.

The first approach is for both parties to sit down without going to court. The goal is for the two individuals to have a conversation to resolve their case. An agreement can be drafted with the court and in some cases there may be a need for a brief court appearance. The matter is usually resolved in this process promptly and efficiently.

The second alternative involves filing the case with the Minnesota District Court and then participating in a court-approved program called Early Neutral Evaluation. Early Neutral Evaluation affords both parties the opportunity to sit down with a court appointed neutral to present the facts of their case and then conduct a conversation to decide what they would like the outcome of the case to be. Once the neutral official has heard from both parties, he or she will take a break to evaluate the feedback of both sides and then come back with an opinion about what they think the likely range of outcome is. Once both sides receive that opinion, they are able to negotiate. In about 80% of cases, a negotiation and subsequent agreement occurs. This process is not as inexpensive as an uncontested divorce, but it avoids the time and expense associated with traditional litigation.

The third and most complex option involves a trial. The typical time frame for a litigated case can be a year or more. The cost of a divorce case involving a trial is ten times the cost of an uncontested case. About 98% of cases are resolved through this process. It is very rare for a divorce case to have trial proceedings. It is very important that you review all of the options to resolve your case in an effective manner.

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