Modern Warfare: The 10 BEST Class Setups To DOMINATE Every Game

Modern Warfare: The 10 BEST Class Setups To DOMINATE Every Game

These are the 10 best class setups in Call of Duty Modern Warfare to dominate every match!
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In this video, we’re taking a look at the top 10 best class setups to use in Call of Duty Modern Warfare right now! Modern Warfare has a ton of really solid weapons, but few are as strong as these 10 we’re breaking down here. From the AK-47, to the Mp7, to even the Scar, these are the best of the best classes to use if you’re looking to improve your gameplay in COD MW!

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  1. I need to find a video for best setups for people in the 13-18 levels. Haven’t played a ton yet so these setups will take another month or two to unlock everything including attachments, etc lol

  2. Hey immortal, great video!!
    Any tips for how to get good ping in games?? I always have over 80 and I have the best internet you can buy where I live. It’s really annoying.
    Any suggestions?? Thanks!

  3. Hey. Just got COD and really like your videos. 1 idea, if you wanna take it. I think it would be good to put time hacks in the description for each weapon. That way if someone is looking for a specific weapon build, they can skip straight to it. I think itd be helpful 🙂 But thanks for the great vids!

  4. My favorite ak setup is compensator, commando foregrip, Fss taclite stock for ads speed, stippled grip tape, and any optic you want.

  5. My only issue with the aug setup is I don’t like the original iron sights, the blueprint your using works good tho.

  6. Us snipers disagree with this video. It’s all AR’s or SMG’s. Where’s the Kar or the MK2? 🤣🤣🤣

  7. If your primary isn’t the best for mobility you could use a knife as a secondary to move around faster. This does have some disadvantages however

  8. I LOVE THE SCAR. even though I haven’t leveled it up fully yet. I’m planning on doing the scar and the aug during the double weapon exp weekend.

    Edit: I’m going to focus on leveling up every weapon before going for Gold etc. And I’m going through level base. So my scar is level 35. Once I finish the scar I’m going to use the ram-7. Then etc until I get every single weapon done

  9. Immortal: i stippled grip taped my stippled grip tape with stippled grip tape to stippled grip tape my stippled grip tape.
    me: ok bud

  10. 2 questions.
    1. Did they buff compensator or something?
    2. Did they nerf the PKM again? Lmgs are the main class I use and last I checked the PKM was top dog by far with the M91 being an ok 2nd pick. M60 good but is way too slow and unusable without biggest mag. SA87 is trash and I don’t know why they keep making skins for it, so glad I never have to use it again. And the G36C Lmg edition is average at best. Buff Lmgs!

  11. I guess this is just personal preference. Why do you use an iron sight most of the time instead of using some type of optical as in the red dot?

  12. I’m really getting into the Fal. It’s amazing after you unlock fmj. But a one shot at any distance in hardcore

  13. Genuinely the best call of duty information channel , came here by accident as I’m a older player to the game and at 42 I want information and ideas , not just some spotty teenage lad who’s bragging about a tactical nuke .
    Your clear talking and no verbal slang is just what I needed .
    Keep up the good work buddy and earned a sub that’s for sure .
    See you on the battlefield 😉

  14. I really appreciate how you say if you like the video at any point make sure they drop a like, not the average toxic asking for a like before you do anything

  15. I’ve been forcing myself to not use the m4 so having other classes that can slay too are great. great video keep it up

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