Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired

Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired

Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired. Women Sets Up Camera To Find Out Why She’s Always Tired. All. Night. Every night, Ginger joins his mom in bed for snuggle time.he decided to set up a camera to capture whatever was disturbing her in the night. A Young Mother’s Unexplained Exhaustion.

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Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired. Melanie Darnell is a vegan fitness guru and mother of three. She is also a blogger with 100000 followers. Mother Films Herself Sleeping, Finds Out Why She’s Always Exhausted Melanie Darnell is a fitness blogger and mother of three.


  1. Really? Way to make every parents life appear supernatural, only to show at the end its not aliens, or devils, or intruders…just her kids. Duh, are you not a parent? Everybody’s kids get in bed with them at night. She didn’t need a camera for that. And this didn’t need a creeping story line. This channel creator is an IDIOT. I’m a mom who hasn’t got a full night sleep since 2011. The year of my first kids birth. Again, DUH! IDIOTS…

  2. This is seriously one of the most clickbaity videos I have watched. Trying to make a mystery shock video out of something that happens to most people. Get off the internet man.

  3. i watched a 5 min video on a woman sleeping and the reason why she felt so tired was because of kids bruh. I thought it was like a ghost or sum. never again.

  4. Yes! It was a bit long winded but our prize was we got to see the most sweet and funniest thing is toddlerdom. I can’t believe how some comments were a bit on the mean side. Get over yourself!!!

  5. wow, yeah, incredible how that escaped tiger from the zoo next door crept into her room that night &…..sniffed her.

  6. It’s natural for kids to want to sleep with their parents, primates do it, we’re not so different.

  7. good grief ! fluffy buildup takes WAY too long.. although not a phenomenon, kids crawling in bed with Mommy is always cute.

  8. How the fuk or why the fuk has anyone hit the like button? gotta be a typo, this is the equivalent to slide shows you see on the internet, just a bunch of pedantic meandering that eventually ends in absolutely nothing, and surely not worth the seconds of your life you just wasted, whats the point to these? click bait is about it, save your life seconds, don’t watch this or probably anything this channel does.

  9. I feel SO Tired every morning as if I didn’t sleep well for a long time. My baby is nearly 10 months old and we’ve been sleeping in the same bed since he was 7 months old…i guess the video is telling me that I ‘wasn’t’ sleeping at night.

  10. So where is the father? Living off the government are you ? Kids are so over rated. enjoy your life without being a mom ladies.

  11. Just needed to hear a story about a woman who couldn’t control her bedroom traffic, probably why she’s a single parent.

  12. and in the morning before she wakes up her kids and the dog leave her bedroom yeah right

  13. Yep, and they finally leave home you continue to have sleepness nights worrying about your babies😴

  14. Oh! Come on. Motherhood requires hard work too but it’s not a qualification for a resume nor does it fit the bill. And nurturing newborns goes back since the dawn of men and animals, it’s a grateful deed but not some glorifying achievement.

  15. Always read the comments first. Thank you to all those who wasted their time so that I didn’t have to.

  16. Don’t forget if you hated this video just smash that DISLIKE BUTTON so you hopefully never get another video suggestion by the same makers . Let’s hope this guy is never allowed to commit another act like this ever again .


  18. So She Wasn’t Getting Boned All Night By the Homeless Guy Living in Her Attic or Some Kinda Demon Spirit?

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