Mother Sets Up Hidden Camera, Catches Her Husband In An Act That’s Swept The Whole World

Mother Sets Up Hidden Camera, Catches Her Husband In An Act That’s Swept The Whole World

Hidden cameras are usually used for either home security or just spy on other people. However, some of the videos caught wholesome moments too. For instance, nanny cams reveal funny things kids do when nobody is watching, or just animals not exactly acting as animals. But when a mom set up a hidden camera, she didn’t know what to expect when she saw her husband doing a surprising thing.

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  1. That’s pretty lousy building up the dad to be some kind of creepo before revealing it was nothing. What did him coming out of his daughter’s room at 4AM have to do with anything?

  2. Any guy can be a Daddy, but it takes a Great fella to be a Father! He should get a Oscar award for Best Father of the year!

  3. Bro he acted like he was never going to get to the point like JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW STELLA WAS SO SHOCKED

  4. i love this guys voice but can someone tell me why in stuff like this they build it up in so MUCH detail, I mean it could be obvious or it could be a twist who knows , well I would love to know I don’t wanna skip to find out

  5. There’s MANY of us out here that would watch this had it just been straightforward! The fact that you tried so very hard to make it sound like this father did something horrific, just ruined the whole thing. Take a chance…be clear from the get go…we’ll still view it, and If someone chooses not to, because it’s not something horrid, then to hell with them anyway.

  6. The fact that the creator of this video felt the need to manipulate the story to trick veiwers into thinking he was abusing the kids in order to get people to watch is very telling of kind of world and humans we have turned into. God help us

  7. Spoiler Alert…this dad is a GREAT dad!!!
    Don’t know why the channel thought it was a good idea to scare people away from watching the video!!!

  8. Why would a spouse install a hidden camera? If she just wanted to see her kids while at work, she could easily install an indoor camera that wasn’t hidden. I work as a nanny and expect to be on camera but even my employers disclose there are cameras in their residence. I would be pissed if my husband installed a hidden camera and didn’t tell me he was secretly spying on me. Then she went a step further by publishing it on YouTube. Putting private moments out where anyone can view them. This man is a Saint in my opinion.

  9. If I was him I would hate that the spin Of my story sounds like I abused my kids. Not a fan of this layout at all.

  10. Happy ending, but why was he being distant, why was he going into the daughter’s bedroom late at night, closing the door?

  11. It is ridiculous to set up this like a horrible abuse story!! I was horrified when this started. I will never watch this channel again. This is a new low!!!

  12. The person who tells this story goes round and round with the story, so much repeats – i wish it can be more straightforward.

  13. Thumbs down to this stupid video for setting up the dad as some sicko just for clicks and getting people to watch. 👎

  14. This is ridiculous. If she was so in love and thought the marriage was perfect then she would not have put a camera up.

  15. Wow,what a admirable man.Congratulations to that family for having such a wonderful husband and father.There are real angels in this earth you gives happiness to their family.There should be more men like this one.God bless this wonderful man and his family.

  16. Soooooo annoying giving a video a misleading title just 2 get more views … as I have experience with this behaviour I decided 2 move fast forward 2 catch the end and I was right. Annoying!

  17. They set this up to be concerning and automatically paint the father in a bad light and then take 8 GOD DAMN minutes to finally reveal he’s just having fun with his kids while his dumb wife spies on them for a stupid fucking internet video. great.

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