Motivational Speaker – Divorce Recovery

Motivational Speaker – Divorce Recovery

Motivational Speaker – Divorce

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Divorce is devastating! In America, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds*. That’s nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week and 876,000 divorces a year. The average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is eight years. People wait an average of three years after a divorce to remarry (if they remarry at all. However, recovering from a divorce sometimes takes years UNLESS YOU’RE IN HOLLYWOOD!

Shelly Shelton, walks you through the pain of divorce. Her plan for RECOVERY is even better!! Book her today:

Shelly Shelton, a future bestselling author, is author of SMILE The How to Guide to Get Through Any Storm & The Adventures of Chandler & The Traveling Prayer Shawl. She is the Chief Executive Officer of I AM Shelly Shelton, LLC & Founder of UNSTOPPABLE UNIVERSITY –including Aspiring Speakers Academy and TLC RECRUITING Academy. Shelly is well known as a Powerful Women’s Empowerment & Corporate Focused Motivational Speaker, Accountability Specialist, & Talent Acquisition Guru! Shelly coaches, trains, and motivates aspiring speakers, entrepreneurs, franchise owners, small business owners, students and educators how to create their formulas & strategies for success, how to speak their truth, how to use their story to catapult them to a new level professionally and, and how to hire the right team to support you in your growth so you all grow together and stay together! Her Unstoppable Mentality she has not only extended to her clients, but it’s also represented through her clothing line, I AM Gear. The messages speak volumes–I AM A GOAL DIGGER, I AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR, I AM WINNING, & I AM NEVER GIVING UP.

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#shellyshelton #unstoppable #womenceos #speaker #womensempowerment #motivation #coaching #grind #professionalspeaking #empoweringwomen #divorce #linda #success #power #femalemotivationalspeaker #aspiringspeakersacademy


  1. I have been through cancer 6 years ago and I survived and now I’m going through a divorce just this week and I’m telling myself that If I could survive to stage 4 cancer I will for sure go through a divorce, I will not allow anybody to break me, I survived before and I will survive this too, stay positive, happy and strong.

  2. I needed this video although separated almost 2 years I still held out hope we would work it out. So getting divorce papers today knocked the wind out of me. It’s my second divorce I’m ashamed I’m hurt, angry, bitter I don’t understand but this video gives me hope!!

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  4. I’m in the grief holding each of your hands.
    Husband 20yrs was a covert diagnosed psychopath. Never said goodbye to our daughter or me. He walked out the night before our anniversary. To those in despair
    I survived now 2 yrs later. It is not your fault,
    I send my prayers and love to all of you.
    I promise your day of freedom and healing will come.

  5. I am broken and don’t know if I’ll ever recover. I can’t even get out of bed and I have a young child. This man deceived me so terribly. He and his family were my support system and now I’m alone.

  6. Hello…. I m 25…An Indian Girl…. Married NRI Indian guy…. I survived in long distance relationship & after 1 year I got to know that my husband has some kind of felony history so he can’t be US citizen…… Currently M waiting for my divorce date which got delayed due to lock down in India…… This totally broke me… Now I can’t trust anyone in life……I loved with all my heart and I got cheated…M appreciating you very very much that you made such an inspirational video…… God bless you.

  7. I am going through a Divorce and although I know that God will bring me through it. I feel that I’m loosing my mind. I’ve allowed myself to be kept away from friends and family and I don’t know what to do. I pray and pray and I feel like It’s get worse and worse. I need help because the only thing I’m holding on for is my children because I don’t feel I can hold on for myself. If there is anyway I can become apart of your pray group I would like to because I need it more than ever. Thanks and God bless

  8. I am currently deployed. I found out a month ago my wife is cheating on me. Hurt and scared I decided divorce was the best option. I recently found out now that she has a new “friend” who has been staying the night.

    She’s trying to convince me nothing ever happened. We both know the truth. I wish she would just admit it to me. I wanted to give this woman the world. How could she move on before I can even get home and give her the divorce she wants.

    I feel so worthless. So beaten. So let down. Why god? Why did I have to go through this? Why do I have to be punished for sacrificing everything for this woman?

    I don’t know how to recover from this. I don’t know what to do. The divorce won’t take long but I will be coming home to an empty house. I am scared to be alone. What if I can’t get through this? What if I give up?

    I gave up my past to her, my home, my trust, everything. I am betrayed. Embarrassed. Confused. I don’t know how I’ll make it through this. Please help me

  9. Just filed for my divorce today praying for healing. Was only married coming up on 2 years next month. He verbally and mentally abused me, was an alcoholic, and I have a son thats not his thankfully. I feel relief that im finally gone. In process of recovery. Needed this. Keep me in prayers.

  10. I just got served on May 20, 2022!
    This is the worst pain ever! I miss seeing my 3 children and beautiful wife everyday. I don’t want a divorce but it’s seems like I have to go through the process to protect myself. Please pray for me and I’ll pray for you all! 🙌🏾💙💯🙏🏾

  11. Dear Shelly,

    I need you so much. I’m in Chicago with a new job, and going through a divorce. I am so heartbroken. Your words are absolutely powerful.

  12. I may have stumbled upon your video but it was by no accident. 3 weeks ago my husband filed for divorce. We have been together for 2 years but only married for 1. I keep asking myself “how does someone quit so suddenly?” We barely got started. I am 29. We planned to have children together and a long lived future. I have Linda’s in my life but I am still in the painful stage where all I want is my marriage to be healed. Nobody else but God and my husband and I pray daily for God to change my husbands heart and come back to me despite how bad this looks. I am hurting but your video is encouraging….

  13. I am in the start of my divorce stage. I was fired from my job after giving a 2 week notice for a better job. I’ve been providing for my family for the past year. My wife walked out on me & took my son with her. I’m left with nothing I walk 4 hrs a day to & from work to try to over come this financial hole I am in. I can’t pay rent or any of my utilities & I’m coming home to an empty house. I was left with ALL the bills & no car .This put me in tears but this helped me be stronger today.

  14. 6 years of so many hurts. He actually got me to a point where I actually felt worthless. I lost who I was. I lost the love for myself. Hes leaving tomorrow and i never been by myself. But i need to love myself and just let it go.

  15. My husband did the unthinkable to one of my daughters. As of tomorrow I will be filing divorce. Within the snap of fingers mine and both my daughters lives were turned upside down. I’m angry , I’m hurt and I feel like I’m broken Beyond repair. I feel as if I will never trust again.

  16. Great testimony! Been through divorce, it’s one of the hardest things to go through in Africa coz of the societal expectations placed on women..looking back, I thank God I went through it, inspite of the immense pain..see I’ve learnt to walk with God only, learned to walk alone in the physical realm and I tell you hard as it might be initially, teaches how to walk in a joy that is dependent on you and God. Beautiful place! So if you’re going through divorce, hang in there..He’s giving you so much beauty for ashes

  17. I can relate to her story!I have been through the worse ever situation in my marriage life.Been a year now since my divorce and with God I was able to walk on strong..The most important advice from the social support that kept me going…Trust me the storm will pass and peace will forever be instated within…Rely on him and he will comfort you during your worst moments..

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  19. Why do we stereo type these kinda things and think that men alone do these kind of things when both men and women do it …im a man and i have been and still going through this.

  20. My life was so good Intel he walked in to my life it was changed for ever I had two beautiful daughters 22 years married then things went down hill from there he crossed the line with my daughter’s rap then divorced my life so much better with out him

  21. , my heart , head hurting me so bad , I feel like I’m dying I broke up with the love of my life (divorce ) at the age of 22 I feel so broken, how I can start a new page far and without him 😭😢

  22. My husband wants a divorce… he fell out of love with me when I love him so very much. Never did I thought I would be a single mother of a 3 month old having to move out of the house I picked that was perfect for my son to play and I made my house a home with all our pictures and love… My heart is in pieces… how does one know the love of your life is going to move on and leave you behind. I feel that he threw me away not even giving me a chance to fight for him…. he says he loves me so much but you are turning your back on me😔

    Thank you for your message. 🌸

  23. I am currently going through a divorce with children and I feel so completely broken. I am in an area with no family or friends nearby and am all alone.

  24. I’m Currently going through a divorce. I allowed my husband back in only for him to break me back down and say he wants to move on with his life. I thought I’d get on and look for a couple videos and ran across this one. It’s an up an down roller coaster and right now I’m going through one of those moments. Now is the most important moment for me where I need some LINDAS In my life.

  25. God led me to you. I was feeling hopeless. I too have MS and had two relapses in the last 4 months. I cried out to God and was like no one understands me. I’m currently going through divorce and this gave me encouragement. Thank you!

  26. The Lady Lions is a great testimony. Leaning into your friends is paramount in any recovery.

  27. To everyone whose world has crashed on them overnight , those who have been abandoned by their husband’s for no reason at all . To those who are pulling themselves every single day and trying to make a living for their child , to all those who are left with nothing but memories and the shock of the reality , I pray and wish you healing , I pray you get all the strength to keep moving on . You are beautiful , you are the best , those who left you , they’re left on God’s judgement. You are sweet and kind and the world needs you to keep shining your light , in whichever part and corner you are , you make a huge difference , you touch lives and I love you for that . God loves you and no matter what , you have to believe me , you will make through, you have to make through. I got abandoned just because my husband couldn’t see any good in me , some people are not blessed enough to see the good in others , so he left me despite him being my world and my life . Sending you love and healing , sending you blessings .Keep moving on
    Thank-you Shelly , I too could smell the storm ,just couldn’t believe it…

  28. I feel like the storm is coming 😭but I can’t wait till the hard part is over I know I’m strong but I know it’s gonna hurt

  29. Approaching 11 years of marriage and filed a few days ago. Im hurting but I have to be strong for our little boys. I had no idea it would come to this but now Im fighting for my life. Sanity. And dignity. Lord give me strength

  30. My wife just asked for a divorce, we’ve been together for 26 years. This has been devastating for me. How could a woman I’ve been together with for more than half my life just up and give up? It doesn’t make sense. I have a lot of work to do in the coming months to rebuild everything, friendships, trust, motivation, determination… I’m moving Friday to start my new life. I’m going to find a divorce support group so I can talk to others that have experienced what I am going through. I need good people that have been turned upside down to be with. It’s not fair and that’s okay, I’m going to be stronger for this and meet some amazing people!

  31. Omg Shelly! I was looking for an inspirational video and god bless if you didn’t pop up first! Meant to be. Blessed to know you, thank you for sharing.

  32. Praise GOD thank you for this, I am currently going threw a divorce I’ve been with him since we were 13 years old, teen pregnancy at 14, married at 18, we have 2 grown children together, I’m now 41 and feel abandoned completely hopeless and helpless, but this video gave me courage…..LORD PLEASE HELP ME THREW MY PAIN I WANT TO BE OK FATHER HELP ME I’m scared I’ll be alone forever and my husband is all I’ve ever known, I know nothing else, please if anyone reads this please pray for me and I will pray for you also if you need too. God bless you all

  33. If you are going through divorce, contact me: IG: i_am_shelly_shelton

  34. Thank you for this I went through my parents divorce about a year and a 1/2 and I’m still sad about it

  35. I’m in the beginning stages of divorce. I am so scared to be on my own as I have never been alone in my life. Last night was the first night in my new apartment filled with boxes from my previous home that I shared with my husband. This process is painful. Anyone going through this, I am sending you so much love and support. This is our storm.

  36. 5 yeara ago I took out myself from an abusive relationship. I still have marks on my body. The damages on my mind, heart and soul was more. The after effects were worst when I faced my societies. One point I locked myself because I was exhausted… I tried to approach people. I tried to open up. The damage is huge if people understand. I am still standing. I did survived.

  37. Going thru it right now, it was not her fault it was mine, I feel bad I feel alone I feel broke I currently don’t have anybody to go to I just hope everything turns out okay!

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