Move Back In With My Parents After Divorce?

Move Back In With My Parents After Divorce?

Move Back In With My Parents After Divorce?
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  1. Hang in there Sir… have the right mindset and will overcome this. You stay focused and you’ll WIN like no one else. Your head is in the game and you’ll soon find yourself with traction.

  2. I went through a divorce with kids and my responsibility as a mature adult didn’t end. I showed my kids that through tough times Dosent mean I turn into a child a go back to a safety net. Insane to move back. GROW UP DUDE!!!!

  3. I haven’t been through a divorce but I do understand moving back home when your a little older. I decided to go to school and moved back in with my family at 27. It was the best decision I made. I’m in some debt because of school but I couldn’t imagine how much I’d be in if I had to cover housing too.

  4. So, you got trashed and burned by your soon to be "ex" wife and you’re worried about her credit? -No… "Knees, back, headaches, acid reflux…"- That’s every blue-collar red-blooded American!

  5. You didn’t ask if he had kids! You are usually kinder to callers. I think his plan was good, he may get on his feet when he gets home! Hopefully his parents are kind and loving. I would welcome my son with open arms if mine went through this and it wouldn’t be awkward or weird! God Bless You my son…Your are a Patriot and I Love You!!! You sound depressed, please find someone to talk to other than a radio show! ❤️

  6. My heart breaks for this man. I’ve been married going on 14 years (I’m a month away from 34) and I can’t imagine looking my husband in his eyes and telling him I’m not in love with him anymore that I love someone else! I cannot imagine my life without my husband! I don’t understand how after eight years you just throw that away? I know there’s always two sides to every story… but not even wanting to reconcile whatever she thought was wrong… I’ll be praying for him (& her). ❤🙏

  7. Surprise Surprise, another decent man tossed into the Divorce Wood Chipper because cupcake got bored and decided to exercise her hypergamy.

  8. I wanna know more.

    How much does the wife make? Will she have to pay him alimony? How long has he been out?

    She is a scumbag but why is he able to get a job when he moves home but doesn’t have one now? (unless he very recently got out)

  9. I’m rooting for you Kyle! don’t let this bring you down! I know what it’s like moving back in with your parents with a broken heart. Keep that plan and stay focused!

  10. Some people value independence and define their self-worth by how much they’ve suffered and gained on their own. Others value the bonds they have, and would rather stay with and help support family. Not being as independent as what some random person says you should be doesn’t mean you’re codependent if you return to the nest, especially if you’ve gone through hardship. Some men leave the nest and jump right into marriage and move in with a woman, never experiencing independence anyway. Some people learn more about independence under their parents’ roof than under their own roof themselves or with a narcissist.

  11. That other guy said “you sound like a broken guy.“ I didn’t pick up on that at all. I think the other guy is projecting or assuming what he thinks must be the case. I stopped watching at that point.

  12. Before you move in explain to them what you can and cannot contribute, if it works out move in!! I been home and it works, we’re both able to pay off our debts!! My parental is hella supportive and we dont mind being around each other. Good luck sir!! You will be fine 😊

  13. “Knees, back, acid reflux, and headaches”: ladies and gentlemen this is your tax dollars at work. Do you really think the Military caused him to have acid reflux? It never ceases to amaze me. Some people DIE waiting on VA help but for everyone of them there are so many who game the system and just get the works. I hear so many just like this claiming everything under the sun.

  14. Big fan of John’s comment: "A lot of times we start trying to solve problems with math and right now you’ve got a heart problem too."

  15. I never bought in to the taboo of living with parents after 18. I’m 32, and moved in with my parents after I broke up with my gf. It’s been great living/reconnecting with them. I’d rather pay them rent than some slumlord or some corporation.

  16. Nothings wrong with living with your parents after a divorce.. I moved in with my father after my divorce and it was the best decision I ever made! I was able to stock pill money and my father and I formed a bond that nobody can break

  17. Everyone has a different story. Society will accept the person who inherited a house from a family member more than the person who needs to live in a house with family members.

  18. Press F to pay for another fallen brother whose girl thinks the grass is greener on the other side. Men….STOP GETTING MARRIED! More women file for divorce. More women cheat. Women win the divorce 90% of the time. You are more likely to leave the marriage with less than when you began. Quit adding to the statistics because you are terrified to be single.

  19. Some women are so cruel. They’ll have a man bend over backwards, forgive them for everything, literally dedicate their lives to their woman, yet they are still cold enough to leave him heartbroken with nothing.

  20. omg, Dave Ramsey said barrow money; even if its on a credit card…….you heard it right Dave Ramsey said get a credit card 🙂

  21. This resonates with me big time!! Wife asked for a divorce March 2019, divorce was official July 2019, lost my job Jan 2020, Covid comes and can’t find work. Still unemployed. 😞 This is the worst 12 months of my life. Thank gosh I had a little saved to get me through to today but that’s about gone

  22. Move in with your parents. Pay off your stuff. Keep living with your parents and save up money. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH LIVING IN A MULTIGENERATIONAL HOUSEHOLD. Remember Dave is a landlord.

  23. Can someone explain to me what lender is going to give a guy in his position a $8000 note on a car he doesn’t own?
    Assuming no one is going to lend him the money.he only has two choices
    Keep making the payments until he amortized the cost where he is even.
    Or just give the car back and tell them u cant make the payments and hope they dont sue you .there are no $1,000 cars in
    Connecticut that actually work.
    Ramsey’s advice seems absurd .

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