Mutual Divorce में पत्नी की जरूरत नहीं | Landmark Supreme Court Judgement | Legal Gurukul

Mutual Divorce में पत्नी की जरूरत नहीं | Landmark Supreme Court Judgement | Legal Gurukul

Mutual Divorce में पत्नी की जरूरत नहीं | Landmark Supreme Court Judgement | Legal Gurukul

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About this video-
Dosto Aaj Ki Is Video Me Maine Aapko bataunga ek supreme court ki landmark judgement ke baare main jisme supreme court ne mutual divorce case main patni ke naa aane par bhi pati ko divorce yani talak grant kar diya…..Ummeed Hai Aapko Ye Video Bahut Hi Jyada Pasand Aayegi Thank You So Much.

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  1. इस वीडियो को दिखने के लिए आप सबका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद। कृपया इस वीडियो को सबके साथ शेयर करें और Legal Gurukul चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें। 🙏

  2. पत्नी ने गलत तरीके से कोर्ट मे जजमेंट ओडर पास करवाया हो और पति को। फंसाया गया हो तो क्या करे।

  3. Please do something to bring fast judgement on cases in courts. Justice delayed is Justice denied.

    After marriage : wife starts seprating old parents from husband by putting condition of leaving the house , if not agree then wife LEAVE the marital house with some excuses like her parents sickness…or domestic problem etc …THEN LATER…

    WIFE demands mutual divorce : Required Stridhan with COMPENSATION or Alimony (ONLY PAY MONEY in one shot)
    If HUSBAND not agree THEN…….
    WIFE puts False -Domestic Voilence or 498 : Reqd Maintenance / Intrim Maintenance -order pass though wife left house of her own descision, or she is well qualified—later she prolong case by not attending (ONLY PAY MONEY monthly basis)

    Can our HINDU LAW DIRECTLY – NULL & VOID MARRIAGE OR DISSOLVE such marriages which are done only to EXTRACT MONEY ! Is there any time boundation to close this cases and give judgement within 2 months on domestic cases.

    Judges not able to take above desscion hence NOS of FAKE CASES ON DOMESTIC VOILENCE / 498 INCREASED. Is the Judges see only female gender and not right and wrong (Justice) ? NO SEVERE PUNISHMENT TO WIFE & HER FAMILY or her LAWYER, neither Husband can RE-MARRY without Divorce after above fake cases ! Nor Judges immediately dissolve / null and void -marriages though they new wife registered fake cases to harass hubby and his family . As per law Even any wife (characterless) can claim interim as per court.

    LAW SHOULD NOT BE GENDER BASED, IT SHOULD BE EQUAL FOR BOTH GENDER(M/F) & WITHIN MONTH Husband Wife matter should be resolved by COURT since both are Infront of judge, else both husband wife family suffer for justice and court gives only dates no judgement.

    2. TRUST THE GIRL & PUT MANGALSUTRA & SINDOOR (consider it as marriage, though wife dessert hubby not taking care of marital responsibility & claim intrim maintenance…Etc)
    3. HUSBAND HAS TO LOOK AFTER DEPENDED PARENTS, HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES, PROPERTY TAXES, FAMILY MEMBERS MEDICAL EXPENSES & now wife maintenance/ Intrim Maintenance…court lawyer expenses, etc… or shall DIE in frustration ….?

    BEING 21ST CENTURY , TALKING ABOUT EQUALITY OF SEXES (standing on her own legs in a society) , still EDUCATED WOMEN REQD ANY MONEY IN TERMS OF MAINTENANCE / intrim MAINTENANCE OR ALIMONY / COMPENSATION ? We feel if women is UN- EDUCATED & having CHILD then only MONEY should be ALLOWED for surviving , else Some wife will miss-use the laws and it will become MARRIAGE BUSINESS.

    Two MATURE-ADULT &- educated souls come together in form of marriage without asking income (poor/rich) then suddenly in breaking or separating why MONEY become the source in our HINDU MARRIAGE LAW .

    SHAADI Karke Dahej lena PAAP hai ! SHAADI Toodke Paisa Dena PAAP Kyo nahi ?

    Shaadi karne k waqt koi shaart nahi ki itnaa paise hai to hi shaadi hogi ? tho aab shadi tod k paise kyo ?

    Request to remove MONEY from MARRIAGE LAW ! only use it for child & un-educated / sick (diseased) – womens ! automatically relationship will be respected in society .

    I request u to please FORWARD comments to supreme / high court judges who has POWER TO AMEND LAWS & To protect from Miss-use of laws and give respect to Hindu Marriages OR ELSE –LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP will may be followed FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS in our indian society .

    Innocent Husband

  4. ‘Two good people may not be good partners’: SC begins hearing on dissolution of marriages , sir iske upar video banaiye

  5. Si kya court judge force karega wife ko rkhne ya apne pe depends ???? Mera Thane court me case chal raha hai sir 2.5 saal se alag hai 1 baby hai kya me case k chalte dusri shadi kerlu ya divorce file keru what best sir plzz help me yehe case k chalte mom ki death ho chuki hai mjhe nahi rkhna hai wife ko aab ??????

  6. Namskar sir mere friend ki wife ne 498And DV ka case Kiya hua h mahila thana mein bolti h mere sath marpeet hoti h or bolti h na to me divorce dungi or ghr mein unke sath hi rahungi lekin physically relationship nhi banungi

  7. सर जी
    498ए और 125 मे समान आरोप ह
    क्या यहा पर धारा 300 काम करेगी

  8. Sir koi high court ka judge ke against me andolon kara ja sakta hain? Indian kanun me judge ke against andolon legal or illegal please bataye?

  9. सर जी नमस्कार
    अपने तरफ से तलाक फाईल करने पर कितनी पेशी के बाद तलाक मिल पाएगा
    क्रपया मार्गदर्शन किजिए

  10. some of the women have taken advantage of the laws to delay the divorce cases and extract money from us. Hope supreme court recognises this and grants divorce to aggrieved men like us.

  11. Sir January202 ko mutual divorce petition dono ne milnar file ki thi..first motion pr sirf notary hui thi..judge chuti pe the to baad mein vkil ne petion file ki..first timey judge ke samne patni ne mutual consent withdrawal kr li ye kehkr ki uspr husbund ne dabav dala tha..woh divorce nhi chahtj..7 lakh amount final hui thi..1 lakh filing time liye the…husbund is base pr divorce one side chla rhe hain…first motion ke baad wife gyi nhi..8month ho kya divorce kharij hoga ya one side decide hoga..plz sir btye

  12. Sir agar husband divorce ka case krte Hai to wife Ko case bare kuj nhi pta Hai koi summan vgera nhi aaye wife kol ta husband pta nhi us date par ja rhe Hai ja nhi mtlab aise husband Ko divorce mil Jayega ja nhi ….plz reply

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