My 1st Worm Farm Castings Harvest! You WOULDN'T BELIEVE how much!

My 1st Worm Farm Castings Harvest! You WOULDN'T BELIEVE how much!

My 1st worm farm castings harvest! I’m so impressed with the amount of castings I was able to harvest. In just a short 2 months, my red wigglers have given me this much. In a few months, I’ll definitely make my investment back. It is so worth the time and effort, helping the environment, and feeding your plants the best food.

Check out the video where I get the worm farm started and find what I’ve used so far here –

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  2. Place the levels of the tower you take off on a trash bag or small tarp or in/on a large tote bin to prevent from loosing any contents on the bottom and be able to later filter through those to return the worms to their home.

  3. Your absolutely the only girl I’ve ever known, that gets that excited over a bucket of poop. Lol! Your just like my wife, buy 3 times the vegetables you need and throw half of them out. Must be a female thing lol. But good job on the worm farm. To hot here in Phoenix for them.

  4. I thought it was very informative. You made it look easy. I thought it would be a little intimidating. But I think I could get used to it. I will definitely think about getting one. Have already looked it up. I have lots of vegetables and trees that I can use it for and that stuff is really expensive now. Where did you buy your red wigglers? Great video.
    Florida Gardener, Zone 9a

  5. Now That’s a lot of worms!!!!! And you catch the juice…never seen anybody really catching the juice much

  6. This was a great video. I’m thinking about getting into worm farming, and I hadn’t found any videos demonstrating how to harvest worm castings, easily!

  7. Love your videos. It’s more than obvious that you spend a lot of time and effort putting these together for all of us 😁

  8. I love my worm bin! I used to not like to touch it but then I got used to it. They’re packed with so so many beneficial things! & yes you definitely don’t want it going anaerobic. I learned through "The Crazy Worm Lady" that the bins can be a lot less moist than I once thought! With all that food I would probably add a little more paper or add something like dry peat moss or coco coir because when that stuff thaws it’s going to release a lot of water.

  9. OMG I made the exact same mistake with my paper shredder! Mine is filled with little shreds of plastic from envelopes! It was so bad I ended up just keeping those worms in a different bin and I still haven’t even opened my worm cafe! I definitely should’ve, seeing how many castings you have!

  10. Oh my gosh!!!! The long awaited video I’ve been hoping for! My bin is definitely not like yours, I’m going to have to migrate mine horizontally in the near future. 🪱

    Perfect timing too… I just sat to fold laundry.

  11. Castings are a GAME CHANGER! I use them in everything and everywhere….inside/outside, tea! Great video Ryahlie!

  12. What are the benefits of worms besides generating compost? I’ve only been gardening for a year and there’s just so much to learn!

    Also, I live in a similar suburban Texas neighborhood, how on earth did you fit 30 fruit trees on your property?

  13. Ohh noo Ms. Daisy that looks nasty I’m good I will just watch do it , good luck 😁😁😁

  14. So cool to see! If it takes ~2 month, we should be harvesting our castings next month. Thanks for your excitement! It’s contagious. We’ve never looked forward to getting a ton of 💩 until now. 😆🤣

  15. Wow SO. MANY. CASTINGS! You got so many, but how long did that take you?! Must’ve been a lot of work… I applaud you 👏 💜

  16. ooh it’s so interesting, I’ve never seen all this before. But you can’t be squeamish if you want to do this can you? Are they a special type of worm? 👍

  17. I just found your channel about 2 weeks ago. Your video was very informative yet entertaining! Love your excitement and honest reactions! Keep the videos coming.

  18. Daisy it’s so fun watching you get so excited about your worms as I just started my first worm bin and was laughing at myself on how I wanted to check they were ok and had enough food, almost like I had a new pet…just had me in fits laughing! 😂🧑‍🌾🍃

  19. Being a mad worm farmer I am always excited to see a castings harvest,,very cool and best of all it’s free and organic! 😀

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