my experience with online therapy | BETTERHELP vs. TALKSPACE

my experience with online therapy | BETTERHELP vs. TALKSPACE

Hey everyone!

I took a poll on Instagram to see if anyone would be interested in hearing about my experience with online therapy apps like Betterhelp and Talkspace.

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  1. The only time I had access to any type of mental help was through my in school therapist and counselors. Now because of quarantine, all of it is just gone. Hopefully I’ll earn enough money to pay for some online therapy.

  2. Very happy to see a video of someone giving an actual review rather than dropping a link to make a commission, preying on ppl that need mental health help.

  3. When they suggest meditation it’s to prevent panic attacks and not to try and do it in the middle of a panic attack. You need to try and do it regularly even if you’re feeling fine .

  4. Bruh this is not therapy. You got scammed. Therapy is about being truthful, and authentic. If you are suffering from a mental illness I cant see these apps would help you at all. I know it sounds harsh but if you are still suffering from mental health issues, I would highly highly highly recommend looking for a licensed professional counselor. If you dont have insurance many take medicare. These apps in all honesty are unethical scams devises to profit of your unhappiness! Please I hope you feel better

  5. I can tell you as a therapist with Talkspace it is critical to feel you have a connection as well as someone who is skilled in techniques like dialectical therapy and cognitive therapy. Also, someone who has empathy and warmth. I go out of my way for my clients to be certain they get the help they’re seeking. Many insurances and EAP’s pay for online therapy. Talkspace is VERY effective if you get the right therapist. I have seen messages to clients from other therapists (if you change therapists you can choose to have your chats forwarded for continuity) and some of the therapists really don’t seem to put much effort into it. Be sure you get what you need!! It’s your money and your time!! Best to everyone.

  6. Thank you very much for your input! 🙂 I’m checking out Talk Space right now, as Better Help did seems a bit fishy to me.

  7. Can you please share some tips from your therapy? It might be super helpful for people who cannot afford therapy?

  8. Perhaps I’m missing something. Ain’t being online in the first place part of the problem. You barely see kids outside playing anymore. I’m 50 years old and when I observe some of you young people, you look depressed to me. You don’t even see groups of young teens or adults hanging out enjoying life and each other’s company anymore. Shit has gotten strange. And its being presented to you young people as normal. In regards to the internet. I think we all need to unplug. I don’t think we were meant to socialize this way. If the first thing you grab in the morning is your phone, I would take a serious look at that.

  9. I tried a free trial for BetterHelp a few years ago. My biggest fear with trying therapy is that all they would do is try to push drugs on me. Once I was assigned my counselor the very first thing she did, without even trying to get to know me first, was suggest I talk to my Dr about meds. That immediately put me on edge and made me wary of her. After I told her I wasn’t interested in that, one again without spending any time finding out about me or my history, she just gave me a worksheet to do that I felt had nothing to do with me or my issues. I cancelled the free trial before it ended. I’ve been thinking of trying it again (I don’t have insurance) but maybe I’ll look into talk space instead.

  10. Wow thanks for making this video Chelsea! better help seems really creepy…

    I was just watching a Joe Rogan episode ft. Ari Shaffir where he mentioned a similar experience, after his therapist or psychiatrist recommended a certain medication, and he was like: "it doesn’t work!" So she was like: "then I don’t know what to tell you…" I don’t care how bad of a therapist you are but that should never be an acceptable answer… Use some common sense you idiot! Just lose your ego and admit that you suck at this particular area. How freaking hard is it to say "well.. that’s not my specialty, perhaps try someone else" the person will understand

  11. The issue with these online platforms like BetterHelp and Talkspace etc. is that it is basically hit or miss. You might get a great therapist but you also might not; you might get a terrible therapist. Basically, you pay for what you get and it is a gamble to go with these platforms because, quite frankly, they do not very rigorously vet/screen their therapists because, after all, they are a business and they are in it for the money and if they don’t have enough "products" (therapists) to sell, they won’t be able to run their business.

  12. I see this review was pre covid.. I just assumed these apps became popular since last March. Have you used them again, in the past year? Your review was well done, thoughtful, informative and insightful. Thank you. I am interested in what strategies she gave you in lieu of meditation to relieve high anxiety. Meditation puts me in a panic as well! Its completely counter productive for me!! Thanks again. I hope you will respond, since its been some time since this was published. I hope your schooling is going well and that you are feeling successful.

  13. Hi, can you suggest free therapy online!
    I am goung through so much 😔but cannot afford therapy, i am unemployed !
    A request from a new subscriber ♥️

  14. Started researching after receiving recruitment email from betterhelp. I’m a therapist currently working from home and aware of the need for support. I admire the way you changed therapists and platforms quickly and found someone who was a good fit though your circumstances were such that you couldn’t continue. A therapist has to listen to what you are comfortable with and not push their agenda. And meditation can be helpful for some and very agitating to others! Panic attacks can come out of the blue so there’s really no way to prepare for or get ahead of them when that happens. It’s so hard to go to work and go to school and take care of whatever responsibilities people have and pay for therapy without adequate resources. Thank you for this helpful video and for sharing your experience, Chelsea. I’ll check out your channel when I can😊

  15. Thx for sharing this info. I struggle with anxiety too. I’m wondering what coping techniques worked for you? What did the therapist suggest?

  16. Just curious what the talk space therapist suggested for panic attacks besides meditation etc? My boyfriend gets panic attacks

  17. can somebody suggest some good sites for a therapy. I really feel very down and afraid I won’t take it anymore. maybe someone knows good online therapist?

  18. Both of these options seems more expensive than the in person therapist I have been looking up.

  19. When you live in the middle of nowhere and you’re seriously struggling but there’s no mental health places because you’re in the middle of nowhere

  20. If it wasnt for my parents paying for my therapy out of pocket, Id probably be dead. I couldnt even afford betterhelp if I wanted to pay for it myself. We need a healthcare reform badly. Suicide is skyrocketing, depression and anxiety are getting worse and we dont have the resources to learn how to think and just be anymore and its dangerous. We need rework. We need help.

  21. I couldn’t meditate in the past but tried TM (transcendental meditation) and LOVE IT! Helps so much

  22. Thanks for this info Chelsea! I’ve been looking for a online therapist for the past few months and this helped. It’s pretty ridiculous that therapy is so damn expensive and I feel like that’s the biggest buffer for most ppl who are looking for help, especially for students. But I think I’ll give it a try. Solid video!

  23. Hi there.. Would appreciate a response on this because this matter is bothering me, but did Talkspace MAKE YOU provide your specific location details? And by specific i mean the building number and appartement etc. ? Did they say it was mandatory?

  24. I posted this at other places..
    I was recommended to use by my family doctor so I trusted her.

    After registering on their website, I was matched with a therapist. She reached out to me and we set up a video chat session. The appointment time came and she was a no show. Tried to reach out to her and nothing until a few hours later. Her excuse was there was a storm in the area and her wi-fi went out of service. And that she had to make her way to a hotel so she can connect to wi-fi. I did research in her area, Louisiana (I knew where she was located because of her profile and she also told me) and there was no storm in that state and had clear skies all day that day and the days before.

    Changed therapists and this time I got to choose. We briefly communicated via text chat. Her grammar was normal. Appointment time came and again, a no show. I tried to reach out to her and didn’t hear from her until a few hours later. After receiving a message from her, either she had a few drinks too many or high as a kite, I noticed the spelling and grammar was terrible. At this time I knew I was done with them. I did however receive more messages from the therapist. I checked what she had to say. She asked to reschedule the appointment. The second message was an ad to and "you may have urinary tract infection…"

    My belief is that there are no therapists at Just people located around the world working for this scam. It was obvious that the same person didn’t send me the different messages.

  25. Talkspace is 1000 times better than Betterhelp. I’ve been doing talkspace on and off for years. The counselors are caring professionals. The betterhelp "therapist" yelled at me and called me names.

  26. As a therapist I’d love to hear what worked for you since mindfulness and meditation was overwhelming. I tend to gravitate to mindfulness and meditation as a tool my clients can use but have run across many that say the same thing you have ?(common for those with PTSD and panic attacks). For them we focus on grounding exercises, redirecting focus and calming images, sounds or memories they can fall back on. Always looking to learn and adapt to new challenges as we are all so different! And thanks for the feedback on Betterhelp and Talkspace. Take care.

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