My Fiancée Won't Get Married Until She Can Have "Her Day"

My Fiancée Won't Get Married Until She Can Have "Her Day"

My Fiancée Won’t Get Married Until She Can Have “Her Day”
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  1. ‘Her day’ is where the problem is… it should be ‘OUR DAY’ and that is where men get confused. It is OUR day not HERS. If it’s HER day, you are with the wrong woman, dump her and let her have HER day on her own, see if that works for her.

  2. Let me get this straight, she doesn’t work but wants her big special day and isn’t currently putting money toward it, she’s 31 and morbidly obese and a bit sickly, she has this man paying $800 for her COBRA due to her not being able to work. No offense but should she even be getting married? She wants a wedding not a marriage. Courthouse it out, go on a decent honeymoon and work it out.

  3. Sounds like she needs to not be lazy and get a job and be an actual adult. Nothing in life is free not even death.

  4. Dude needs to change his standards for life. She doesn’t deserve her day as she eats herself into a grave. Get out bro.

  5. What is "her day"? A rerun of Princes Diana’s wedding? My advice to you sir is to put on your track shoes and have her watch your south side headed north at warp speed. 😨

  6. rachel is very insightful…she picks up on subtle cues…aside from the fiance wanting "her day", the caller himself was having some hesitation in getting married.

  7. After this episode I am done with the Ramsey show and will never listen to an episode again.
    Thank you Richard Cooper for opening my eyes about everything that’s wrong with this show.
    Dave is a Beta male and the advice him and Rachel give is just horrible and sad lately.

  8. – "Come on dude, tie the knot. Get married! We can hear the wedding bells already! Congrats my man"
    -"Morbid obesity"
    -"……..well……lets take a step back…"

  9. That’s so sad to be only 31 and your incapable.. those are the best years . He is signing up for life long medical bills with this one

  10. Suffers from morbid obesity and wants to withdraw from your retirement to pay for health insurance because she doesn’t want to get married until you can afford a stupid expensive wedding. Run. Run Fast. And do not look back. Find someone that will share the wedding cake with you instead of eating it all.

  11. “Her big day “….. doesn’t sound like she’s a catch or great wife material. Giant red flags everywhere here.

  12. 4:07 Rachel’s “if she’s the one then… 🤷🏻‍♀️”
    Sounds like she’s thinking what we’re all thinking

  13. Big red flag if she’s just looking forward to "her day" it’s supposed to be a lifetime matrimony for both of you not "her day" lol run for the hills bud

  14. IMO – I will not make fun or judge with morbid obesity. The bottom line is the woman needs to seek treatment from a professional. There may or may not be underlying mental issues. Recently, doctors have discovered there is a genetic component to some obesity cases. This couple must get to the bottom of it.

  15. My husband and I just got married on paper and are planning to have our wedding next summer. It saves us over 200$/month on health insurance. Win-WIn.

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