My husband served me divorce papers

My husband served me divorce papers

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  1. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻ says:

    Dave is the biggest simp lol

  2. Again this is why marriage it’s not beneficial for men. If she was a girlfriend. He would be able to in their relationship without split his assets.
    She works, But now she’s walking away with $350,000 plus in money & assets. He have to give up a lot of his 401(k) and ROTH. Again why would any men want to get married when this is a possibility? The only thing should’ve been split is the house and that’s if they both were paying on it. Men keep playing this Game and you will Keep taking these L”s.

  3. From what she said the financials were she should accept the offer with the only caveat that he pays $2,400 extra for an attorney of her chosing to go over the numbers to ensure validity of figures. Sounds like she going to be left with a fair distribution of marital assets.

  4. Sometimes, getting a devoice paper is a blessing. Should never be with anyone who wants out. Plus, she’s getting a settlement from it. 👍

  5. Why do women need to be paid because of divorce. Take care of yourself. He has to pay you the rest of your life cause your to pathetic to do for yourself. Get a job

  6. Marriage must be really bad. Females file for divorce ~70% of the time. For a man to file, he must really, really want to get the F out.

  7. Guys this is a good advertisement to never get married, never let her move in with you or you with her, keep her at arms length so to speak

  8. I think she is so overwhelmed that she is completely unable to think straight. She needs someone to walk her through this. When someone is being that generous in a divorce, the hair stands up on the back of my neck.

  9. This wouldn’t even be a decision to make …start fresh take the home and money offered and move on ! You build on your small business and get your own life on track and let him have his …..I would not be waiting on someone’s payment cheque or cover to cover my healthcare payment every month …that’s mad ….there really is a lot to be said for being independently minded

  10. Wow. All these negative comments about the wife. If they were married for 21 years, she may have slowed down her career to raise children. Maybe she is entitled to alimony, we don’t have all the facts.

  11. Taxes in CT are crazy high. He’s buying you out and leaving you with the expensive bits, and moving to a more affordable life in FL.

  12. Yes people some women can push men to ask for a divorce even after 21years. Some women do things that impact the relationship in different or similar ways as men. Unless we hear his side of the story, we can all assume he is Trying to Run As far away as possible.

  13. She owns her own business, he makes just $100,000, she gets $200,00 more than husband in the settlement, and she wants more? Alimony? That is for stay at home wives, not business owners. Put on your big girl pants and go to work.

  14. There are good divorce lawyers & bad divorce lawyers, this woman will pick a "bad" lawyer. Should hold out for alimony.

  15. What a psycho husband! He waits 25 years and for his wife to have dismantled her business and lost her livelihood-and then demands a divorce? What a thoughtless and horrible man!

  16. Yes you need to take out the emotions and just look at the numbers start looking at all of the numbers so add up what twenty years of medical and every thing else you need he pulled this now because if he wanted to get out in Florida in like one year he would owe you stAndard of living during the marriage for the rest of your life let me tell you as someone who knows become a robot turn off the broken heart and focus on the numbers if you can’t do that now you will be very sad later

  17. A typical woman. Uh what is it worth. I don’t know. After 21 years. He is a really good friend. Well we know what she has been doing.

  18. BMW has the audacity to run an ad before I watch Dave Ramsey. Stay strong my dudes, we can change our family tree!

  19. All the laws are obsolete unless all humanity or at least religions or countries have the same laws applied to all citizens . Humanity is a joke and humans are pathetic.

  20. This is icky – she is getting so much money because he wants a breakup. Hope she took the money and ran.

  21. It’s sad went people don’t take there marriage vows seriously anymore . There’s some that want do a prenup that right tells the story what they are about . This some the reasons I never married . I know not are all like that . Just date them for a while.I understand the need of companionship sure I get it. Some just like being on there own & not be hassled & dealing with drama ect . Don’t need it.

  22. Join the crowd.
    My wife did the same to me and I had to give half my paycheck for 17yrs and live in my car for 8yrs to pay child support

  23. Dave never asked this woman how much money she earns. Yet again, women are not expected to act like grown up adults and take care of themselves.

  24. This call makes no sense. She didn’t even disclose what she makes working which would have some factor in alimony.

  25. There is usually an underlying reason for a sudden change in behavior. It’s something you may have to figure out if you want to win him or her back, and if it’s something that can be resolved or not. Often, it may be a sudden incident or stress in a person’s life that causes them to act this way. There’s also a chance that a third party may have been involved, as these are among the common reasons for someone to break up with their partners but in my case my husband chose to leave me for no single fault of mine as he was under spiritual powers which his secretary at the office used on him to take him away from me and the kids but thank God Dr Akhigbe came to my rescue, i saw a testimony about his powers in fixing relationship and marriage issues and i reach out to him, Dr Akhigbe helped me to remove all the evil manipulation that was placed on my husband and made him come back home to me and the kids with his power spell. Thank you Dr Akhigbe for bringing my husband back to me . contact Dr Akhigbe now via Drakhigbespellhome7@gmail. com for faster communication you can reach him on whatsapp via +2349021374574 thanks

  26. It may be worth it for him to give everything away in the divorce, just to get a liability out of his life. I know of marriages in which one of the spouses refuses to work outside the home despite the children being older, insisting that their continued presence at home is an asset. It puts alot of strain on the spouse that is working for income when the other isn’t willing to do so. It is common for people to need to work expressly for the medical insurance. God forbid you might have to get a full time job to have that benefit.

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