My Marriage has gone BAD but my I-130 is Pending?

My Marriage has gone BAD but my I-130 is Pending?

What should I do if my marriage goes bad while my I-130 case is pending? We have had multiple consults in the last few weeks of some really bad marriages. What has surprised us in both cases is that these people had attorneys who were pushing them to file for an I-130, despite the cases being extremely poor, and borderline fraudulent.
You always have to ask yourself, “Am I going to be able to prove this marriage?” It’s not worth getting hit with a fraud charge. If the marriage isn’t real, or if it is failing, don’t try to push the case. It’s not worth being hit with a fraud charge and never being able to get an immigration benefit again.


  1. What if I’m getting a divorce, but my husband has the marriage certificate and I think he had file, how can I file for a withdrawal petition? We have only been married for 6 months

  2. Hi Jim if husband and wife file taxes jointly do they have to sign both affidavit of support for relative or only one of them need to sign it . Thanks

  3. I was married for about 5 years and I was in school and don’t have finances. I never interviewed and never turned in any taxes .my ex husband stayed in another country and I think he was only able to come to US on visit visa. Later thou g I divorced and I am wondering if the case was dismissed.. I hope it is, I want to cancel it because I have moved on. I remarried Nd I live in another country.I do want me and my husband and our daughter to go to US. I want him to get a spouse visa so we can live there. Does USCIC automatically cancels the old petition from previous marriage?

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