My Wife Wants To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom

My Wife Wants To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom

My Wife Wants To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom
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  1. I’m a SAHM, but former elementary teacher…I’m really trying to wrap my head around the fact you could make more money as a tutor? In my area I think the most people would pay would be $20/hour…that’s a maybe. You would have to tutor 40+ hours/week to make same or more than a teacher. I will agree much less stress & total control of your work environment. Maybe if you could tutor multiple kids simultaneously, but doubtful parents would pay the same rate if not individually tutoring. Also the idea vs reality of working with baby/kids at home are very different. They really need your full attention…as a former elementary teacher & mother I think I have a good pulse on what it takes. My husband makes more than double my salary so it was an easier transition for us. We are much happier as a family, I can focus on taking care of our girls & home…he can focus on work. It really is a nice family life if you can make it work financially.

  2. Teacher lol sbes making no money dhe can do teach online…. or teach English over seas. Online

  3. Right now with shortages and the hostile political environment there are huge opportunities. All the opportunities are to start businesses. There are not American made products on those boats and people who work for themselves work for the greatest boss in the world.

  4. Ooof, I always feel iffy with SAH partners. If it is serious medical conditions, retirement, or they can make independable income, then they can be SAH. Just being a SAH is just not wanting to work 9-5 job and depend on the partner/spouse to do all the work and earn a stable income.

  5. Dave incorrectly assumes that the wife wants to work from home. She doesn’t really want to though. If they start a tutoring business, it’s going to be all the husband’s work, so he should do what he’s good at. The wife should consider working until the debts are paid off because otherwise they might not be.

  6. This is really a problem for a lot of women who have babies and then decide they don’t want to work anymore. It’s not fair to husbands/father’s to put the financial burden of being the sole provider on his shoulders, especially when neither of you makes that much money to begin with. If she can build a successful business, she’s going to find that she can’t do it with a baby around. She will still have to hire help or use daycare. She is going to be stressed out – taking care of a baby all day, do the day to day home thing – dinner, bills, laundry, cleaning, etc and run a business.

  7. I see a lot of people arguing as if they don’t understand companies hire some people on peenies for the dollar, that is the true reason why they don’t want you to speak about wages. And most of these underpaying companies also try to treat you like dirt.

  8. She’s a teacher but wants to be a stay at home mom? Umm.. you she has summers off and works 8-4.. do not let her quit!

  9. She still needs child care. Obviously people make comments and have never taught children. Talking to them on Zoom is not teaching of tutoring. You needs in person interaction.

  10. The reality is that most women want to stay home with their babies after giving birth. Couples should plan for that reality

  11. For all the men who want their wives to provide and protect them, hey—we need more like you in the military 🤦🏼‍♀️🥴

  12. Dave is wrong on this one . So u let the bread winner just transition to something else and not have a plan to keep income level during transition? Nightmare waiting to happen but ok lol

  13. Clock in clock out job? That man doesn’t need that. This dude on the side with that dough bag haircut feeling himself cause he paid a little debt off and gets to set next to Ramsey

  14. Tutoring will involve the baby being in some sort of childcare. Dave is so out of touch on this. He’s asking her to start a tutoring business with a baby in tow?! I’m a mom myself and I wouldn’t pay for that. The husband probably only makes 20k as a photographer. He needs to step up.

  15. This is why the man has to always be prepared to cover a woman’s job. People do this 50/50 bs and women will switch up on you real quick and then shame you about what you’re unable to do if you can’t cover things.

  16. Let us all be woke: what is the male role at this point in time?
    Moms should quickly throw their babies to day care, right? She you can sit and do video games? While she works to support you? Get real.

  17. As a teacher with a decade of experience who is studying engineering so I can leave I can confidently say it had nothing to do with politics. I’m sick of being under paid. The end. Raise the pay for teachers or watch the crisis worsen.

  18. We both worked and had careers AND had kids. It can be done and our kids are grown, happy, and successful.

  19. If she is a full time teacher and their combined income is around $80k it sounds like his photography gig is more of a hobby than a business.

    He’s going to need to step up and make some extra money too.

  20. Sounds like she’s the main breadwinner. I’m surprised Dave didn’t help the man figure out how to provide more.

  21. I was just joking with my parents the other day about how my old SAT tutor makes bank and how it’s unfair because she works a fraction of the work required of a public-school teacher and never even had any professional qualifications for teaching (dropped out of med school because she was scared of blood). And all that for a stupid test that mean’s very little in the grand scheme of things. But yeah, tutoring companies make a lot of money.

  22. Honestly, it should be a crime in this day and age to be a stay at home. The charge should be "putting a burden purposely on a breadwinner to produce way above his potential".

  23. A photographer is typically not a job that you can have a stay at home wife and be comfortable unless he is one of the best.

  24. If she wanted a man who was going to be the breadwinner and allow her to stay at home she should have picked a guy who makes good money like a tradesmen. Although her starting her own business will probably be a better long term strategy for her because it will mean she will have work after the kid(s) grow up.

  25. I have no husband or kids but I wanna stay home w my kid baby if I have etc. But im a reseller ill strap my baby on me n take photos and list of needed

  26. Most women I know want to Become sahm
    Until their kids go to college
    She can teach on cambly as she is a teacher

  27. It’s crazy how sexist this is he has to go get another job because she want to stay home what about if it was the other way around they would have call him all sort of things and say he can’t stay home

  28. Overseas English tutors is a great option. You don’t leave your homes, you kids come to you on the computer.:)

  29. My friend left her teaching job and now earns her income by helping other parents homeschool if they need to work or if they just need some help in navigating their new way of schooling. Great things happen when moms come together! Not easy, but WORTH IT!

  30. Mr. Ramsey is inspirational
    Inflation is rapidly rising
    Real estate prices are the highest in USA history
    Work 80 + hours a week
    Live minimalist

  31. You know Lara went through everything with this guy, make sure you’re in a good reception area, take it off speaker, speak clearly into the phone, etc.

  32. If she is teaching full time it’s likely she provides the medical insurance for the family. Loss of job = loss of insurance and 401K match. This might not be a good idea.

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