NC Simple Divorce Self Help-Clinic

NC Simple Divorce Self Help-Clinic

Watch our free online Simple Divorce Clinic to learn how to file a simple divorce action in court without hiring an attorney. We also give you important information regarding any changes to the court process as a result of COVID-19. Filing for divorce affects your rights to property division, spousal support, and alimony. You could lose important rights by filing for divorce. If you wish to pursue property division, spousal support, or alimony, you should consult with a private attorney to discuss your legal rights before filing. The clinic will provide you with general legal information and guidance only. The clinic will not provide you with specific, individual legal advice. If you need more help after the clinic, call our toll-free Helpline to apply for help or you may consult with an attorney in private practice.

This video was recorded 4/16/2020


  1. So I have filled out the complaint for absolute divorce, do I need to fill out the judgment of absolute divorce as well?

  2. For anyone that is filing in Mecklenburg County, I confirmed with the clerk’s office that Mecklenburg does NOT grant clerk divorces. You have to schedule a hearing and present in front of the judge (process for this starts at 44:27 in the vid).

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