Need a Divorce In DFW? Dallas Divorce Attorney

Need a Divorce In DFW? Dallas Divorce Attorney

As family relationships grow and develop, conflicts can arise. Family law provides guidelines and offers legal alternatives to remedy the issues family members often face.

At The Nacol Law Firm PC, Dallas Divorce Attorney Mark A. Nacol addresses the concerns of clients throughout Texas in a wide scope of family law matters that include:

-Modifications and post-divorce modifications
-Child custody and child support
-Visitation and residence restrictions
-Interstate jurisdiction
-Alimony and spousal support
-Paternity and voluntary legitimating
-Property division
-Prenuptial and marital and domestic relating agreements
-Post-marital agreements
-Enforcement of court orders
-Same-sex unions or same-sex marital conflicts and dissolution options
-Grandparent custody and visitation rights

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