New Galaxy M33 5G | Samsung

New Galaxy M33 5G | Samsung

Here’s the all-new Galaxy M33 5G that’s up for all the whacky things you aspire to do. Gaming, surfing, binge-watching or shooting videos, the new #GalaxyM33 5G is up for it all. Launching soon on 2nd April 2022. Head to Amazon: or Samsung online store: to get notified. #GalaxyM33 #UpForItAll #Samsung

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  1. I was waiting for this device. But I am happy that I have bought something better than this outdated item launching by Samsung- So called Giant Tech Industry who established its industry in India though also doing cost cutting and increasing price tremendously.

  2. Not so exiting, I’m still using the galaxy m30 from 2019 and I don’t think it’s time to upgrade, even after 3 years I don’t see a huge difference between the midrange Samsung phones

  3. Pehle keh rahe the 2021 se har smartphone me under display camera ayega par 2022 AA Chuka hai Kahan Gaye under display wale smartphones 😂😂😂

  4. Never buy samsung premium phones have stopped using samsung premium phones due to its display issue after a year

  5. Samsung dhyan he ni deta apne fon pe ache se kuch b bnake pel dete hai….looks charging aur backcover dhyan dena chahiye… vrna vajood he Khtam hohaga ek din Samsung koi ni puchega.. aur Kimat aise rakh dete jaise bahut premium phone hai…sala plastik🤣😂🤣

  6. Ooo i see TFT display 🙄
    Its a downgrade compared to last m32 and camera if thats shit 50mp 1/2.1" sensor it not justify above 17k phones now

  7. TFT display seriously ? STOP thinking that customer is foolish , other brands are providing amoled display with same specs and less prize , so what’s the point of buying samsung ?

  8. as always, buy the A series over the m series. A series always are the best.
    A series – thin design, stereo speaker for higher-end models, with NFC.
    M series – thick-ass design, no stereo speaker in 2021, no NFC.

  9. Hope it will be released soon in italy too.. and i hope it will have the same characteristics .. but usually the italian versions are sh*ttier than indian versions :/

  10. I ordered M33 5g in AMAZON but received a old broken Redmi Mobile (fully packed in Samsung M33 Box) .. And , even after multiple follow ups with Customer Care I am neither getting refund nor return .. I am now very much sure that AMAZON is doing FRAUD activity and cheating many Customer in the Name of Brands .. DO NOT BUY from AMAZON .. SOLD BY STPL Exclusive … a FRAUD seller

  11. Samsung time to move on from your old design, that stupid v notch and the shitty small screen, bring end to end screen atleast or make the screen round from botom, and move on from the camera design also, you were the one who criticized apple for stove style camera, and apple (s) arent stove anymore but samsung , they have become the real stove

  12. Thanks for providing great smartphone at this affordable price. I see nothing wrong in this phone only legends know if it was not tft display it wouldn’t be this low price butwould be at higher price. Samsung fan here

  13. with nearly 6 million views but only 2.5k likes, it tells you that how many people were waiting for this device and how much disappointed they’re with this device…the way you let your fans down it’s absolutely disgusting…you deserve some real blow..

  14. I don’t think any other smartphones providing this much at this price. I bought this great smartphone. Thanks again samsung

  15. alteast this is the time when samsung should come out of this water drop camera setup, shift yourself to punchhole display, waiting for that type of phone in midrange

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