**NEW** MOST DETAILED I-130 ONLINE FORM GUIDE | I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

**NEW** MOST DETAILED I-130 ONLINE FORM GUIDE | I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

NEW AND MORE COMPREHENSIVE THAN EVER! This is your ultimate I-130 Online Guide. I decided to refilm this video and make it more detailed and at a more manageable pace and answer some of the most frequent questions to make sure this guide is applicable to everyone.

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I am not an immigration attorney; I cannot consult you on your personal case and give you legal advice. I can answer general questions. My knowledge is based on publicly available information.

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  1. Hope you will see my question, If the passport used for entry had already expired. what passport number should I put in, the one I used for entry (already expired ) , or the new one (current one ).

  2. Do we need to capitalize all of the words like you’ve done in the video? If we haven’t legally used a name, but use a different nickname (alias) what proof do we need to show?

  3. Can anyone help with 23:44?? My husband has been living in the US for the past 14 years. He is originally from Peru but now has no ties to his old home. How am I supposed to fill out the “beneficiary’s address outside of the US” if he’s been living here for 14 years?

  4. Hi Kseniya, at my case Petitioner is not making enough money so I am planning to add family household income instead of petitioner only, how can I do that ?
    and Thanks for the helpful videos 🙂

  5. Hi! So, on the beneficiary’s passport info, I will enter the passport number that he used when he entered the US a few years ago, and not the most recent/valid passport? how about the ss number that was given to him when he worked in the US? do i put that on this form as well? appreciate your attention to my query!

  6. Hi, what if I currently live outside of the US (as American Citizen) but I need to start this process for my spouse? Can I type in my foreign address? Also, we still don’t have a place to live in, what should I type in expected address where my spouse will live?

  7. thank you for your amazing videos , in the country i live in the phone number begins with a zero , in the application it is not typing zero as a first digit .. can you tell me what to to ???

  8. Thank you so much for this video. You saved me from a bunch of mistakes. I had some questions, if I live outside of US, how can I provide a phone number for US citizen contact info? Also if my spouse entered the US, however he doesn’t have his passport he entered the US with as he was a child visiting, do we fill out the part for the his passport number and expiration date for that passport used?

  9. at what step during the online I-130 form will it ask to upload 2"x2" photos of the petitioner and beneficiary?

  10. Hi thanks for the video it’s really help a lot. I just wanna ask about the beneficiary “my spouse” we just get married couple months ago. What should I put on her last name? Cause on her passport she’s still using her last name before we got married

  11. I cant seem to find the i45 form online that u mention. Was this i485 or i45? I was confuse hearing i45 on ur video

  12. Hello Kseniya! I love your detail explanation. There is a question ask about Naturalazation Certificate number in the application. I lost my naturalization certificat, is there any other place to find the naturalization certificate number?

    Thanks in advance!

  13. thank you for the great video,,, i just have one question, I am filing the form I-130 for my mother and the first page of the application (The instruction page) they are asking for 2×2 passport photo, is this photo of me or photo of my mother ? I am a citizen and I am filing for my mother. thanks

  14. Hi, great video kseniya thanks. One question I have is when filling out the phone number it asks for a 10 digit US number. My wife is American but lives with me in the UK the past 7 years so only have a UK number. What would you advise in this case? We are able to use a relatives number if that is easiest but obviously if they call us on it, wont get straight through to us. Thank you

  15. Hi Kseniya! First off, thank you so so so much for all your help! Your videos have been a godsend for me and my husband! But I had a clarifying question. I’m trans and my husband is a US citizen and he’s filing for me. I have a preferred name, but have not legally changed it. Can I put my preferred name as an additional name, even though I don’t have a legal name change? Thanks so much!

  16. Hi, Your videos so helpful, I also have a question. I haven’t seen where we could fill petitioner’s income tax return in this online form? Thank you.

  17. On Page 5, Part 4, Item 10, Has anyone else ever filed a petition for the beneficiary? If my current wife, who had annulled her marriage , had green card , but never renewed , and left country and now I am applying for her. Should I put Yes in the checkbox? and in page 6, How many times has the beneficiary been married? that will be 2 right? even though she annulled her marriage in the past?

  18. This is unreal. This is the best walkthrough of any Visa document i’ve ever watched. Well done

  19. I have a few questions?? First do I need to upload the complete divorce decree??
    My wife is 4 months pregnant and lives in El Salvador so I’m about to submit the form I-130 what about the baby? Because I know the petition still be in process by the when the baby is born what do I have to do for the baby?? And last question we got married so she change her last name to my last name does that count as a change of name?

  20. Thank You so much for this video.. Just so i got this right when adding your ex wife info at 15:50 in video it states i should but down her maiden that’s on her birth certificate not my last name correct?

  21. Thank you so much for your help! After looking this video,I have decided to file my application to my wife by myself. Thanks again🙏

  22. Hi kseniya, I hope you’re doing well
    I have a question for you and pleasure will be mine if I get responded.

    Well ,there are 2 ways to submit the Form I 130 ,either online or by mailing it to the different service centers in the U.S depending on the address of the petitioner .
    Now the question is, when submitting the I 130 online, do i need to know the service center to submit my form to or it doesn’t apply to online application? Do I just submit my form after filling it online without submitting it to a specific service center ?

    Thank you

  23. So question, for Benificiary’s family. what if we have a son. If we include him there, will my son(2 yr old) be automatically petition with my spouse?

  24. Hello! Around 47:54, when you were talking about Proof of Legal Name Change. If the spouse (female) still using her maiden name upon filing the application, should we leave it blank? Thank you

  25. Can my brother apply for DV lottery while I he has an I130 application pending ?? Like if he gets selected can he come here and not wait for the (i130 f4)! Plz help anyone

  26. Kseniya thank you so much for your videos! I was wondering how much time since you sent the whole package to USCIS and your tracking number says the package arrived, they send you the notification that they got the package?

  27. Thank you for the very informative video! These videos really are helpful to people who are filing the forms by themselves and it really gets confusing filling out the forms. I do have a a question tho regarding the beneficiary’s employment. What if the beneficiary’s online job originated from her home country and was able to bring the same work with her while in the US for the mean time while waiting for her AOS, does she have to declare that employment? I hope you can help me. I don’t want to make a mistake on this. Thank you in advance 🙂

  28. In case of a beneficiary, please let me know if you are applying for a step parent and the parent passed. Do we put a date for the end of marriage? I look forward to hearing from you.

  29. Hello, i have a question. When you were filling out the name of the mother. Should you put her name when she was a single or you can put her name that she is married?

  30. I filed the I-130 in aug 2021 me being a permanent resident for a spouse from California it’s been more than there is no movement at all when I go to case status online it only says being actively reviewed, I changed my address in the meantime and also updated the change of address through uscis.I also received the notice of address change but my uscis account has still the old address and when i try to change it it goes to the same address change lick which I already did.What is the next process will I get a notice soon, either in my email or my physical mail .Is there an another way to get an updated on my case. right now i only have a case number. Shoul I be doing anything more?

  31. SUPER ADVICE! I highly recommend Kseniya’s videos. Additionally, I paid for a one hour consultation and it was well worth it. Just educate yourself first and be ready with a list of question.

  32. Please. Part 5. What is the city and state to use? Where I lived at the time I filed it? Or the drop box location?

  33. Hi Kseniya, thank you for such a detailed video! I wish I saw it before I started mine, would have been much easier and less nerve wracking. So I have a quick question. Once I submitted I-130, I got an automated notice with a receipt number. There I can see my name as petitioner and the beneficiary’s name but no A-number given to my beneficiary. So I wonder if I should wait for a bit before submitting I-485 (concurrently). Will USCIS give my beneficiary an A-number soon after I submit I-130 or should I just assume that would not happen or take too long and leave the A-number entries empty (no A-number) in I-485?

  34. Hi Kseniya, thanks a lot for the video:) one question : where can I upload( or do I really need to do so in I-130) my Parent’s Birth Certificate (not mine ). Thank you in advance

  35. My mom is a house wife so on the form where it asked for employment do I put House wife & her home address, & my dad is self employed a commuter driver , so on his form do I put also Self Employed Driver & their home address… both my parents reside at the say address NOT US BASE …& My other question is my parents are Legally married but after my 18th birthday… So Am I suppose to choose the option that says marry after my 18th birthday.. I will send them a copy a my parents Marriage certificate & my self n sibling birth certificate too?? Plz help?!!

  36. Hello, Hope you are well. I am in the US with my current husband. He is a US citizen. However, my two sons (with my ex, I already have divorce degree) are in oversea. I would like to know if he should apply separately for me and both children or apply for children as derivatives? Your answer much appreciated!

  37. In the additional evidence section, I do not have anything else to upload so I would like to leave it blank. However, no matter how many times I select next it won’t let me proceed.

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