1. White people think they own this world. White people you don’t own society, that’s why ima be my own boss one day. Mississippi is no place but racism.

  2. Was she pregnant? His mistress, she has a name. So disrespectful considering he was married his wife can now rest easy she is still living and he is behind bars for the meantime we know how the law seems to work in some favor✌🏿

  3. He was openly dating her. Bought cars, participated in her FAMILY outings. She was pregnant. He is married with 3 children of his own. What is the status on this case? OLE MIS WILL COVER UP AND HIDE THE TRUTH!

  4. Why why do people these days get into stuff i now her children her child is my best friend and cousin she shouldnt have to go through this

  5. She should have NOT been with a married man PERIOD!!! The wages of sin is death. These mistress hoes will learn 1 day. Adultery is a SIN and I love when the cheating parties get their justice. Fuck her family wanna say he should get the firing squad first off it’s not 1809 and second the bitch should have NOT been with the loser husband at all. Had SHE had of been a upstanding woman, she would be somewhere today….Standing UP and lying down in a fucking grave.

  6. Stop calling this young (mother) lady a "mistress" this happen to be two consenting adults in a relationship. Come on now who uses that term "mistress" that word is acquainted, disrespectful and has a negative connotation!!🤨
    Stop putting a negative spin in the press, on this young lady’s horrible, senseless, diabolical, murder, by that demon dressed up as a cop!!🤨😑🤔

  7. That is so sad she is gorgeous to and thick if she don’t want you Let It. Go Go Your Own Way get somebody else you don’t have to take her life away all because she don’t want you move on you still have your life if you just move on July 12th 2019 time is 8:42 a.m.

  8. Lmao ahhh but you "hate blacks and back the blue." This is poetic karma. Blacks don’t match for her per HER WORDS

  9. I’m curious as to why they say his "mistress" in the description rather than using her name??

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