No-fault divorce law introduced in England and Wales | 5 News

No-fault divorce law introduced in England and Wales | 5 News

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►The biggest shake up in divorce law for more than half a century has come into effect today. ‘No fault’ divorces have been introduced, which means couples wishing to split no longer have to assign blame for the breakdown of their marriage. To understand a bit more about what this means we speak to family lawyer, Farhana Shahzady.


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  1. governments have just found away to exploit more cash in solicitor fees now not against divorce maybe stop people rushing but this also symbolises you’re not getting married under the eyes of the lord your just buying a contract, say if the man woman married someone from abroad there’s a wait for green card based on time does this mean they can opt into this skip the false love and get strait issued in a loophole

  2. It’s about time. A relative I know accepted"blame" with a non existent "adultery" simply for convenience rather than wait 5 years. It’s a hammer blow for die hard faith groups who for idealogicaly reasons want to tether people into expensive drawn out confrontational divorce proceedings to put a tick in a box. It’s political and religious posturing and nothing more although they will shape the debate as a cover as to what is "best"; we all know the real reasons.

  3. Very bad idea! Now this goes the way US marriages go! Very dangerous for men to be married! It literally incentivises women to break the contract … because they are the ones who get rewarded by breaking it!
    Guys, you can’t marry modern women, just don’t do it, the legal / feminist / fem centric system is stacked against you!

  4. About time! A bad marriage should be dealt with smoothly and quickly, no disrespect towards each other, after all they did once care enough to get married, and less stress for children who will no longer be felt torn between their parents! A win win situation for all. 🙏🙏🙏

  5. If you’re a man getting married in the modern age you should definitely get a prenup agreement, meaning if she divorces you, she ain’t getting shit from you

  6. What difference does it make in real terms … will still cost you a fortune to get out of something that means absolutely nothing to anyone.
    Why does it have to cost so much, it’s two people that no longer want to be married so what is the problem.
    I’m not talking about the settlement and financial stuff I’m talking about the actual marital status.
    Many people just can’t afford to pay the ridiculous fees and just go their separate ways and why not 🌹

  7. Lawyers are the only people to benefit from divorce. You will end up getting fleeced twice = ex-wife and lawyer…A real shake up of the law would be pre-nuptual agreements as standard in every form of union. Men get shafted totally, and in a world where equality is now the "norm" we are still getting screwed on a regular basis. Fair and equal?…..I think not!

  8. No such thing as Christian values in Britain, we were a Christian country once upon a time but little by little, law by law, foreigner by foreigner our traditions, morals and culture are steadily eroded. As will be apparent by the comments to this post!

  9. All fefails support the criminal abuse of men in divorce courts. You fefails should not have done that.

  10. "No allegations, no blame and just very respectful" REALLY?!! So a wife who sleeps around got 10 kids from 10 different dudes should be taken care of by her "husband" for the rest of her life. This is what effinists want, do whatever they want without consequences and you wonder why men don’t get married anymore LOL. Good luck ladies, better get a cat now.

  11. The only contract in law where by the party who wants to end the contract early (death to us part) is supported by the state and the other party is punished. Genius. It’s almost as if the cultural revolution has shafted the very fabric of our society.

  12. Marriage Is Outdated Now It’s Best Just To Live Together Forever No Licence Required To Be Tied To. Let’s Face It Weddings Are A Complete Waste Of Money. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep 😂👎

  13. We have a society and a legal system that is based on blame. I am happy to hear of this welcome change. 😎🥰🌍

  14. This country is getting more fucked up being british meant something once upon times we had rules and respect and morals I mean soon it will be shariah law

  15. marriage just lost 99 % of its meaning
    now marriage become pointless meaningless and useless
    and thats is a good things
    no reason absolutely 0 reason for marriage now

  16. This woman is talking absolute utter garbage – particularly at the end.
    There is now zero point in marriage.
    No surprise there as they have been destroying the family unit, by agenda, for decades but now, absolutely destroyed it.
    She suggests it will make matters easier in the financial and children elements – absolute, utter bullshit.
    I think we forget the marriage CONTRACT element. However, the reality being it was never a ‘contract the way the two people saw it, just in the way the court/state dealt with it.
    As for kids, the liar and manipulator will still do as they do. This changes nothing in those terms.
    "For better for worse, for richer for poorer, In sickness and in health…". That was the contract. Now, it’s just "F*ck it, I’m done!" 🤣
    Clown world.
    Ask anyone now: "What’s your point in getting married?" There is no valid answer. None at all.
    But this is precisely what the social engineers want.

  17. What happens if you partner cheats on you destroying the marriage, therefore making it their fault? Does the court not care about that with these newly introduced laws?

  18. Why the fuck are people even still getting married in 2022, it literally offers nothing, it’s just a holdover from when everyone was Christian and it was seemed as shameful to have sex or a kid out of wedlock. We live in the 21st century now and if you’re a man there is literally no benefit for you

  19. I thought this was always a thing? I known couples divorce with no issues and no bitterness in the UK. I guess it’s a technical detail as before it was just something that could be labelled ‘unreconcilable differences’ and now it’s ‘coz i want to’ I guess.

  20. Given Current Rules and society Norms and Expectations
    and the Clear Bias and unfair playing field i would Check out of Marriage Brothers
    of course this is up to You
    but let me advise You go check for yourself How the Modern women think and what they say and how they act
    the Body counts The Fake appearances The UN-Real expectations of what they have been Told and Led to believe they Deserve
    Now of course they are and will be exemptions to this like everything in life but the current theme atm
    Women Are chasing Chads with Expectations that Only around 5% of the Males on the Planet would Fit
    This Often results in Damaged Goods because Chads will be chads
    and they are being told and Now allowed the idea that it is ok because They are being told they deserve better
    Now this is not to say that there are no idiot men or mean Husbands out there BUT and it is a big But
    when 95% of men are Not Perfect for You then allowing this is like saying Only 5% chance she will stick around because Feelings and can do better
    and this is just making it easier and ALL a Man will take from this is Debt and Unfair custody battle
    where u are not often given the same access left with debt and can in some cases find that that same women Will use the Children against you and stop u moving on even when she is the Toxic one and You still have to pay and be abused by the system
    But that is just my thoughts on what i see going on
    i would tell you to judge for yourself still some good people out there But Few and Far between right now in the current Climate of insanity

  21. Let to be clear I
    Was born and raised in British colony & I regret that why
    I was born in British colony?
    British government unfair

  22. As a young man seeing this I’m never getting married I’ll stay single and keep me money thank you

  23. How can I or anyone with a straight face and an understanding of what marriage was meant to be, attend a wedding and not be absolutely underwhelmed by the entire proceeding? You’re making no statement by it at all. You can say you’re committing to another but you’re not, in reality. You’re walking in knowing you can just walk out. You’re trying on a new jacket at Marks and Spencers and can take it back for a full refund at customer services a few days (or years) later. In fact, if you took the jacket back to M&S after wearing it a few years, they wouldn’t accept it. Even M&S have stronger contractual terms than a marriage!

  24. Homosapiens are the only mammal species which is gullible enough to accept the unnatural restrictions imposed by this myth based religious / legal institution of marriage.

  25. Divorce is like being single minus 50% of everything legally taken off you. Why punish yourself with this outcome? No fault divorce? I forgot the part where it’s men’s fault choosing NOT TO marry ever again.

  26. I’ve got a radical idea. Let’s do the opposite. Ban divorce altogether. That way everyone has to sort their lives out and get on with their partner. There’s no point getting married if you can get divorced for no reason. Unless you want to rinse your husband that is.

  27. The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures. I’m taking a trip into investing because I lost so much during this pandemic. Multi creation of wealth is the best strategy to ensure financial sustainability.

  28. State of them these days no thanks 🤣 don’t play the game it’s rigged af 🤦 all against yooooouu think I’m playing with a rigged deck 🤣

  29. And yet again more power to women in marines. If there is a no fault divorce personal assets should not be divided.
    Just because you change your mind that is no reason to leave a marriage and is sure as hell no reason to take half the others property

  30. This is disgusting feminist tactics, this will lead to more women divorcing men for their finances, women already at 80% of leaders on divorce in most cases because of their infidelity and this will only make things worse.

    You want a good law for divorce? Men keep everything they earned.

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