NO FAULT DIVORCE (What is there to know)

NO FAULT DIVORCE (What is there to know)

Following the strong interest of her TikTok video, mum has decided to expand on this subject and delve into common misconceptions and opinions. Please leave a comment down below if you have any further questions, mum woud be happy to answer.

This is information and NOT advice

Tracey is a Family Solicitor in England & Wales


  1. Got to be someones fault lol loonie left law,just dont get married in uk and dont have kids saves you time and junk you just dont need

  2. I have a question about financial order
    The house is in both mine and wife’s name
    My youngest is 11 and my oldest is 15
    So do I have to wait until my youngest is 18 to sell house?

  3. During the proceedure, does he need to leave the house? I cant imagine we staying at same house during this 😐

  4. No man in his right mind will get married now. This represents a further attack on the cornerstone of a healthy society , the family unit, and a final nail l in the coffin of Western Civilization. Pat yourselves on the back everyone.

  5. I am going to apply for a divorce online after the 6th April however I wish to apply for a clean break order can I do this online at the same time as I apply for the divorce? X

  6. Thanks this will come in handy Been separated since 2014 mortgage runs out 2025 she ran up more debt than greese lol she can poke the house and the equity after sold prob won’t be much left just cba with all the dramas

  7. I sent my husband divorce papers almost 2 years ago and he won’t sign, because I’ve started that process does it mean I can’t do the no blame one now?

  8. With the new system would my spouse have to sign the divorce petition? Or could I continue with the divorce without it?

  9. Hi, I’m separated and we were waiting 2yr for the divorce. We decided on a 60/40 split of the house and I bought him out, however do I still need a financial order?, when I apply for a no fault divorce?.

  10. In reality there’s no such thing as no fault divorce. When you get divorced the husband gets all of the blame regardless of what happened in the marriage.

  11. All there is to know is in 99% of cases,the woman gets the house plus maintenance payments off the man.Even though she’s never done a day’s work in her life.

  12. Hi, thanks you so much for explaining this though I do have a question! Can I still apply for legal aid under the new law ?

  13. Hopefully This Helps Men From Being Scammed by their So-called Wife. Its Tough on Men Who Bought into the Dream Only to find the Mrs with Donald Wheres your Trousers.

  14. I have question about financial order. House was bought outright with my personal injury compensation, ex inherited 9 months before we split. Inheritance hasn’t gone through probate because ex is delaying it. I want clean break and if house is included in pot so should inheritance? Can you advise? Married 17 years

  15. I think no fault divorce is nuts as you sue for damages for breach of marriage contract so it will not work in practice given the case history.

  16. So how long do I have to wait for the no blame then will it be after 5 years I been separated for 3 years now she will not give me the divorce

  17. As a 55 YO man who has never married, or had kids, here is my BEST advice. Do NOT marry. Also if you have kids your (soon to be) EX wife WILL weaponise the little shits against you. You have been warned!!!

  18. Hi 👋 I was wondering if anybody could help. I’m planning on getting married in the next couple of months. My partner’s family are fairly religious, so we will be having a religious wedding. It won’t be a real marriage in the eyes of the law I don’t think.

    If we have a child and she decides that she doesn’t want to see me anymore, am I entitled to anything. She owns the house and it’s all paid for by her and she is nearly mortgage free. She earns 4 times the amount that I do. Basically I’m just worried that she might become hard to live with if years to come, and she might just kick me out. Would I be entitled to anything if I’ve had a child with her? I’m guessing not. I hope someone who knows the answer to this can help. Thank you

  19. Question please. Can a male apply for a no fault divorce? I only ask as some commentators claim this law is more geared towards women rather than equality for both parties overall. Granted I understand where the division of assets or property comes into effect it can go either way. But I know of some men whom probably want a divorce without the wife contesting it too.

  20. Thank youu so much for simplifying this information.
    1 question I have is that, I have already submitted an divorce application couple of months ago, and my wife is refusing to divorce me. With this new law, am I able to get a divorce?

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