Not Classy, Just Trashy

Not Classy, Just Trashy

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In an off-camera post-credit scene of “The Kardashians”, Pete Davidson can be heard making a vulgar joke about Kim Kardashians lady parts. Just classy.

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  1. Stop giving them air time…we know they are lower than 🦈💩 let’s leave it at that…🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. You when there was a time that people would ask themselves wwjd? Well, now you can ask yourself what would Kim kardashian do, and just do the exact opposite.

  3. Ben, I know you mean well, but PLEASE don’t refer to her as a "lady". It would be perfectly permissible to call her a "woman". After all, _feminists_ prefer being called a woman over being called a lady, anyway. And this is one thing I totally agree with them about! LOL!

  4. Thank you Ben🙏….so many of us are fed up with this family & their behaviours…

  5. I get it that chicks dig a confident, funny guy and that can make up for not being attractive. He may be confident but he is far from being IMO. most of his SNL stuff is cringe AF

  6. Honestly the internet joke was the most mature thing Kim has said in a while. She just owning the thing that makes people like Ben hate on her. Good for her.

  7. if I we’re her child I would be ashamed to call her my mother. I would completely disown her. She total garbage.

  8. Hello Ben
    My guess is that, kim kardashian thinks she
    Is being a responsible
    According to kim, a woke parent, is the best parent, and knows, what is best for their children.
    The insanity of this destruction of Innocence doesn’t even enter the the woke mind.
    Someone said, the psychoanalytic community must be on vacation, and our society must tolerate these woke folks, that are a danger to themselves and society. And the right and compassionate thing should be done to save them, from themselves.
    What I don’t understand is, we don’t have any person in positions of power making an effort to stop all this madness.
    Have they all gone mad.
    Or, we may be seeing what many people say. We are living in the end times.
    There are many interpretations of, what is happening in our world.
    It seems to me most strange, that all this insanity is allowed to go on.
    Does it seem responsible and reasonable, that what is right, good and decent, is put on hold, until November. There is something so wrong about this idea.
    And what will be done when November comes.
    It all remains to be seen

  9. Kim and the rest of that vile family are all past their time. Are people that miserable with their own lives, that they have to watch that disgusting family walk around their mansions flaunting their wealth on a daily basis?

  10. And thus was Rome destroyed, by immoral/amoral, self-indulgent, wealthy flakes who pushed the acceptance of everything no matter how utterly repellent or destructive ….

  11. The first thing I thought about is her kids. Someday they will hear and see all this stuff and end up being just as dysfunctional as Madonna’s kids, Angeline Jolie’s kids and I can’t imagine the K kids grown. Kourtney has been absolutely disgusting and every time letting that head to toe convict looking freak lick her and tongue her down in public all the time- not to mention the other sexual behavior that is being shown in pictures and on tv of them 🤢 I don’t care how many billons you have ,they can still have their stores, businesses, modeling etc without disrespecting themselves. So that means they are choosing to do this and sense they are they are not thinking of their kids first.

  12. Isn’t America just built on pure, sweet holy white people. Have white Americans done anything wrong in the past. The right is disgusting.

  13. She cried when her kid saw parts of her sex tape that was on a Roblox game, yet keeps talking like this while being recorded🙄

  14. Hate the sin not the sinner. Our society is the result of years of denouncing God, giving into the desires of man and ignoring, or as for many the total ignorance of God’s word. He gave us free will and we have used it foolishly.
    God bless!

  15. In a society where it’s popular to sexualise everything, it means the downfall of culture. Self love has become self obsession. To think that anyone else would want to her about your vagina is both disrespecting of them and you.

  16. Lol all her fans are prolly people that correlates their worth with hers. Which is pretty much fame built off from porn and her family normalized that behavior even furthermore for America. Congratulations America promotes a porn like foundation as a means of defining what the definition of “FAMILY” union means based on Kim and her fam. No wonder why divorce rate is so high kids grow up with a broken family and perceive that as normal. That’s why these generation of children are mentally unstable because of what is being promoted as normal. God doesn’t exist for these people yet they Find ways to incorporate his name with their brand which is totally redundant yet people are oblivious to it. But hey I guess destroy America from within right lol. Reverse psychology on its finest. No wonder why there’s so many kids shooting up schools and all this problems going on regardless of what she’s supposedly doing for justice. It’s all selected and strategically placed on Kim’s brand to gain more trust with a greater audience but hey that’s just an opinion

  17. Hmm…… Ben is probably better off staying away from commentary on Page 6. Kim may have a part of her life in trash but there is a part of her that still pursues truth – aka working with Trump risking Hollywood wrath and support of Kanye’s faith. I think she got sucked into youthful adventure Davidson offers at 41 but that comes with a whole load of super trash. So I’d give her a break. I mean the culture has already gone into sewage so.. why blame one person.

  18. Ben I think your content and everyone at DW is great and honest. I think it is so important to keep these conversations going and raise public awareness. I do have one point of contention, however. I would like to see more positive content. The majority of your work are talking points against the left or woke or whatever. I would like to see more content about what positive things are going on the right. By concentrating only or mainly on attacking the left you are allowing them to control the conversation. I also have a rather funny suggestion. I saw a podcast by two violin proteges who were critiquing your playing. They weren’t pulling any punches. I would love to see you have them on your show. Anyway keep up the great work.

  19. Ben, why do you even take time out of your schedule and waste your intellect on a discussion about trash like these things? Their souls are lost because they choose money over morals and values and they’d sell their kids for a buck too.

  20. The sad part is she thinks every guy wants her. Yet in reality, none of us want anything to do with them. Yet, we get bombarded with news headlines about them.

  21. I thought that was so cringe to me cause I’m not American.. thank God ppl don’t lost common sense

  22. Are you seriously wasting your time whining about Kim Kardashian? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  23. i love ben shapiro and ive been watching him for years so i’m not attacking anything he said but i feel like maybe kim kardashion was just trying to laugh it off as a coping mechanism because of how embarrassed she is about the sex tape. i know it’s reality tv and a lot of it is scripted but she has cried about her kids potentially seeing that video a lot of times on their show. we all make mistakes on how we go about things or jokes we make about our past. no one really knows her but God so idk if she uses that as a coping mechanism or not 🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. Which is why Kanye should have never went out of his way to retrieve her sextape for her. She gives no fucks. Or she gives all of them. Depending how you look at it.

  25. SO, BEN. COME HOME TO ISRAEL! Chances are that you WON’T hear about some loud Shikseh bragging about her vagina.

  26. Social media is the biggest problem. It has led to a lot of narcissism. Everyone is in love with themselves. As I always say. What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. It’ll only get worse and I’m a positive person

  27. Kim K is gross. But I have to mention that men behave this way when they divorce and have children which is rarely mentioned.

  28. Oh but Ben!! Don’t you get it? We’re equal now!!! So women are sleeping with whoever, saying whatever and interestingly….. equal to the lowest common denominator regarding men.
    Way to go women of today!!! You’ve brought us down to a new low!!
    Wooooohooooo! 🤮

  29. Great segment. It’s true. Because when I was a kid I got in trouble in school for saying bad sexual jokes that I saw on tv from celebs I liked & it influenced me to see romantic relationships in the wrong way. Thank god I grew up from that.

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