1. I just started looking at the paperwork, I did an quick over view and I was just confused about alimony so far.

    My case will be: Married, one step child (18 year old in March), and no property or savings, mostly debt to be paid.

    I will keep reading as the days go by, we both agree on getting divorced, and we just want it to make it legal.

    We are going to take the “we are not a good fit for eachother, we want to be legally separated.”

    I am glad I found your video, I will subscribe to hear more from you.

  2. My husband bought property and homes in India without me knowing but we both live and are citizens in New York so what are my options in that?

  3. Does husband or wife has to give some of their property and assets to the other ?
    If yes, how much ?

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