NY Law – Divorce: What are the Facts?

NY Law – Divorce: What are the Facts?

Media Reporter Producer, Nicole Israel interviews , two attorneys in the field on the ins and outs of this complex situation.’Forever’ or ‘Until Death Do Us Part” is kind of a long time for some people, so how does one untie the knot? Producer, Nicole Israel, leads this discussion with two top divorce attorneys, Anna Carley and Irina Lust, about this sensitive subject many avoid until the last moment.


  1. If you are a men and you have a steady pay check believe me every body going to get pay by you if not judge wont even entertain. And you going to lose regardless if she got lipman as a lawyer and john as judge you definitely going to loose.

  2. The "no fault" divorce is a parasite stuck to the ass of American society. It has increased the divorce rate in every state that has implemented it. It is also a forced violation of the marriage contract, which is a violation of the right to contract under Article 1, sec 10 of the US Constitution.

    In other words, it is both immoral and illegal.

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