Old Couple File For Divorce At 65 | The Life Lessons

Old Couple File For Divorce At 65 | The Life Lessons

It was a bright sunny day. An old couple at around 65 years stepped into the lawyer’s office to file a divorce. 
The lawyer who had handled many critical divorce cases in his tenure was puzzled with the old couple seeking divorce.
The lawyer interacted with the couple and got to know that the couple had been married for 35 years and in all these years nothing was right between them.
The old couple told the lawyer that they had to continue the relationship in the interest of their children. “Now, our children are on their own and have their own families. They can lead their lives.”
We wanted to free ourselves from this strained relationship and lead a free life until our death. So we have mutually agreed on a divorce at this age, the couple told the lawyer.
Even though the lawyer could have arranged all the papers and formalities for the divorce, he still could not digest that the old couple after living together for 35 years wanted a divorce. 
So did they get a divorce?
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