Panel: McCarthy’s Super PAC deal is ‘the swampiest thing’

Panel: McCarthy’s Super PAC deal is ‘the swampiest thing’

Two Super PACs struck a deal that Rep. McCarthy (R-Calif.) supporters hope will move his speakership bid forward. Audrey Fahlberg, Brendan Buck and Donna Edwards lay out discussions from the ‘anti-swamp group’ on the Meet the Press NOW roundtable.

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  1. all these politicians are swamp creatures ..look how much Pelosi made, Gingrich… all of them… they are public servants and making millions upon millions by selling their vote …. they ALL do it… it is America’s achilles heel

  2. If Mc Carthy is voted in he is definitely compromised. He has given away any impact he can have on the House. He will last 1 or 2 days before they make him step down and then what. Find someone to lead and not the Maga freedom caucus who are frumps puppets.

  3. Funny, somehow missed the existence of a "mainstream Republican coalition". There’s no ideological dispute here.
    Tho Chuck’s just itching to somehow blame the Democrats for Republican dysfunction, count on it 😉

  4. The FAKE NEWS NETWORKS are worried now! They have parroted the democrat talking points for years, let’s see if they switch sides. NOT!

  5. The only deal that would be acceptable is if he promised in a legally binding contract to put no Democrat in any position and to vote with only Republicans while providing no leeway to any democrat.

  6. THIS is unalloyed Maga theocratic crook govt.

    How serious, employed adults pretend it isn’t is deeply sad.

    Republicans have ALWAYS been despicable liars. They’ve always grifted, evaded taxes, been as harmful to 98% of Americans as they possibly could be.
    Mainstream media are a facade, a complete sham.

  7. Clown News Network propaganda about communist narrative news
    regarding a constitutional republic.

  8. you can tell NBC is liberal because they put the VOTE in blue as a subliminal message and with the democrat on top in the list even though he doesnt have more votes. youre not sneaky enough SO TRY AGAIN.

  9. Why does anyone tune in to mainstream talking heads who have been wrong about everything on purpose for a decade. I just come for the comments.

  10. What do you think Pelosi does every time she came up for a vote… this is how a democracy works. Yes, maybe the process will be slowed up in this Congress, but at least the reps will be able to study a bill brought to the floor and not be expected to analyze a 4000+ page document in a 24 hour period. That process of late night passing of a pushed through bill is the Swamp!.. and needs to end.

  11. The swampiest propaganda channel disguised as a news Network calling anything swampy. LOL. That’s rich.

  12. The GOP is a joke. Bunch of extremist nitwits and clowns. Eisenhower and Reagan have rolled over in their graves, not to mention Lincoln.

  13. NBC should not get RINOs in the show to discuss what’s “really” going on.

    The deals made will make “the people’s house” more transparent you fools!!

  14. All of the tests done on these things show them to be from 1880-1900’s. All of them made available for testing show the same results. There are either markings from rotary tools or abrasive compounds. They know the compounds used. They know where the materials came from. In some cases they know the skull couldn’t have come from the claimed area because the material wasn’t even available at the claimed time and place. They suspect they were all made in a town in Germany which made objects like these using imported Brazilian quartz in that time period.

    The most famous one had a documentary made about it and was claimed to come from a dig site, but later found to have come from a Sotheby’s auction in 1950. There’s no record of the find from the dig site and you would expect such a fascinating find to have a record of its discovery, yet there isn’t any mention. The whole thing is a hoax. Sorry to break it to you, but I’m sure people will find a way to deny it.

  15. Watching Hakeem Jeffries hand over the gavel was soooo satisfying. Now…..Pelosi…..pack your communist manifesto, China flag, and your aggogance and GET OUT! The Americans are moving in to fix the Biden democrat mess. 👍🏿👍🏽👍🏼👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. What do you call it when someone steals someone else’s money secretly? Theft. What do you call it when someone takes someone else’s money openly by force? Robbery. What do you call it when a politician takes someone else’s money in taxes and gives it to someone who is more likely to vote for him? Social Justice.

  17. Smith needs to "help" those who have VIOLATED their Oath of Office and Aided and Abetted a Domestic Terrorist Attack on Our Constitution, Our Democracy and Our Capitol into some Secure Separate (but Equal) Jail Cells–and take their electronic/computer/phone devices away from them. ASAP! Not only Rump and his Cronies, but also the Insurrectionists in the House and Senate. That would give Democrats and the few remaining Re-puke-li-cans the room to get on with the BACKLOG of changes that need to be addressed for our country, and for the continued existence of democracy and hominids. It’s not like we have a whole lot of time left, and there is a shitload to be done. We have no time for EVIL CLOWNS.

  18. If I ever did the same thing 12 times with no result I would think I may try something else or another way but this is the republican party, the party of no, the party of nothing the party of discord and greed. Watching this whole thing leads me to believe McCarthy would do anything to be speaker, the integrity of a starving hyena giving away everything.

  19. You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with the wicked to act as a malicious witness. You shall not follow a majority in wrongdoing; when you bear witness in a lawsuit, you shall not side with the majority so as to pervert justice; nor shall you be partial to the poor in a lawsuit.

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