Parenting Autism & Divorce Rates

Parenting Autism & Divorce Rates

‼️Heightened risk of divorce in parents of children on the autism spectrum and ADHD are twice as likely‼️

I know your time, energy and resources are going into providing your child with the best care and support, but 3 things that negatively affect wellbeing of parents of children on the autism spectrum are:

1️⃣Uncertainty around the autism diagnosis

2️⃣Lack of public understanding and tolerance for behaviors

3️⃣Having limited resources to cope with behavioral demands of autism

➡️These things throw family dynamics off balance, and here’s how it’s negatively affecting your marriage/partnership!⬇️

When our children are younger demands on parenting are higher which naturally increases stress. 😣

We are more likely to neglect the needs of our spouse/partner…

‼️Parental stress is intensified for longer when raising a child on the autism spectrum because the high-level demands continue beyond childhood into adolescence and adulthood.‼️

Heightened risk of divorce in parents of children on the autism spectrum and ADHD are twice as likely to divorce than parents of neurotypical children because of these prolonged levels of stress.

🧐The results, from the article, “The Relative Risk and Timing of Divorce in Families of Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder”, suggest interventions focused on improving ongoing and long term marital strains for parents of children on the autism spectrum. But how??? 🤔

This is why I created my 1:1 Coaching program to include the support of not just your child’s needs, but your needs as a parent, and your family’s needs as a whole.

🗝When meeting the needs of your entire family are considered while navigating autism, the relationships within your family dynamic are nurtured to maintain balance and connection

You and your family deserve the best chance at living long full lives while navigating autism. 🤍

I have 2 spots left so…

📩 Email me directly at with the subject line: “1:1 SUPPORT” to get more clarity on how my 1:1 Coaching Program can support you and your unique situation.

With love,

Camille Renee 🤍
-Helping parents [navigating autism] regain & maintain balance and connection within your family. ​
***Disclaimer: The information I choose to share is for educational and informational purposes only and does not replace information provided by your professional support team. The information I choose to share is intended to be helpful in supporting parents on their journey while navigating autism.

Each families’ values and lifestyles are different and information that is valuable to you and your family may not be valuable for another family.
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