1. I’m suprised this didn’t happen to me during online classes, parents just go back to their normal, horrible ways for me.

  2. Dude..this reminds me of my parents fighting when me and my brother were asleep and I woke up unexpectedly just to hear fighting..

  3. I feel sad, 4 days ago on August 22 my parents almost got divorced and my mom almost took me to her country Iraq because of some problems and I cried for hours bit thank god they didn’t get divorced instead, I feel bad knowing that I had something close to the girls problems except the girl’s classmates didn’t even care to help her

  4. Ik it’s sad n stuff but I can’t stop fucking laughing LMAOAOAOOA
    who’s with me

  5. And this, my friends, is why i never answered face time calls, never unmuted my mic and never sent voice recordings

  6. My parents at least 5 times every year whether my mom tells me separately or they say it in a fight but it never happens

  7. OK so if my parents were to do that there already divorced I’d be like OK bring your stuff somewhere else because I’m doing class right now

  8. Ik this is fake, but the fact that some of the students in the meeting were laughing at her is just disappointing

  9. Screw this world every one else just trying to listen to conversation when she’s crying and some people mf laughing the girl at the end laughing. STOP?

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