Parents divorce subliminal (forced+requested)

Parents divorce subliminal (forced+requested)

This video is requested if you have any requests just request in the comments for now! ❤️
I am deeply sorry for the person who requested this! Somebody called Kate commented 2days ago on my look like Avani subliminal and I only saw it yesterday night so I had to get started right away the comment got deleted so I couldn’t read everything she said and I couldn’t go onto her account and tell her I’m going to be making it for her. Her mum/mom is being abused by her dad and I have the same experience from when I was younger and now I have bad anxiety so that’s why I made it quick because I know what she’s going through and hopefully she sees this video 💞🥺❤️
You will get:
Your parents are happy with divorce
Your parents stop fighting
You will get a new rich step dad or step mum/mom
Your parents are happy with their life
Desired parent gets a warning from the police or more if desired
Your desired parent heals from the pain
Get results every time you:
Look in the mirror
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  1. My mom broke up with my dad along time ago,very toxic relationship. NW she’s with a new guy (toxic) I can see she’s not happy with it. I can see how the relationship falls day by day. I want my mom to live a happy live not with a miserable scumbag.

  2. Desired stepdad: listens to German punk with me,bisexual,loves mom over everything,very openminded,not strict at all,german,atheist,has two dogs,wealthy and likes mlp

  3. My father is being abused by my m0th3r, emotionally, verbally, and physically. He doesn’t even see the red flags, all he says is "we’ll get better", "she just needs time", "it’s okay it’s okay, that was my fault" WHEN ITS NOT. this lying controlling bitch is getting out of our life. It’s ruining his and our mental health, hope this helps my dad. <3

  4. I just found out my dad didn’t want to have my siblings and I and that broke me he will regret what he said when he sees my success and that my mom became rich

  5. My home conditions and family story isn’t half as bad as everyone else here, and I am deeply sorry, my eyes started to water whilst reading these comments. But I’d like to share my story. My parents love me very much, even though my dad is my step dad, but been there for me since I was 1. They have never abused me in any form, but I’m afraid that my dad is abusing my mum. Last year, my mum got diagnosed with a rare condition that will never go away (it’s called Trigeminal Neuralgia -TN-) and ever since then my dad has been very impatient and misunderstanding towards my mum. She gets very poorly most days, and it’s always left to me to do all the chores and cooking food, looking after her etc. Because my dad is either at work, drinking, sleeping, or out god knows where. My dad is always yelling at my mum and being very short tempered towards her, getting her upset and shouting back. It’s getting to the point where they are always screaming down each other’s throats and it’s so upsetting. Along with a few other things going on, I self harmed. One night, my dad got so mad he broke a door, and broke the banister on the hallway. He said he was leaving. He didn’t of course, but it was scary. I know parents argue. But this was to another level. My mum is always asking me for advice and telling me he’s acting awful, and she’s always upset about it. Honestly I just want her to be happy. And she’s not in this marriage. Thank you for this❤️I’m sorry this is so long, I am deeply sorry for everyone experiencing abuse or toxicity in their families, and best of luck to you all❤️reply to this comment if you want to talk!! <3

  6. Basicly my dad is racist and is always yelling at me for something I did wrong, I hate coming home and school is becoming my new home leaving me to dread coming back to the house. I know it’s not as bad as others but I’m really sensitive and can barely handle my life anymore. He doesn’t understand much about me and I get targeted because I enjoy reading and do it A lot.

  7. i know i might be considered imbecile and ignorant for not cherishing a family that is "happy" and together but my biological mom is totally a narcistic and cruel person who treats the entire family like crap but gas lighting us as it’s our entire household’s fault. my dad deserves happiness, deserves to pursuit his dreams and deserves to be free. i am a master manifester and counting down on the day they divorce (i am manifesting it to be in next year so i am 18 years old and fully free to choose which household to stay in)

  8. ⚠️warning selfharm,ED,wanting to die⚠️

    I’m bored so I’m telling you why I’m listening to this

    I want my dad to get the fuck out of my life I can’t remember the last time I was happy more than a week scents I was 6 When I turned 13 I started self harming… 🙁
    I also had very mentally abusing twin “friends” for 8 years so they ruined my life too. Combined that with my dad and hating myself At the age of 10 I wanted to die, had a ed, and really bad depression. Luckily I stopped being friends with them and found some pretty amazing friends. I’m still pretty sad but now I have a reason to live 🙂 I love my friends and my mom. She is my best friend. She deserves the world. If she divorced my “dad” me, mom, and my two brothers would be so much happier.

    Btw I have been clean for 3 weeks

  9. I hate that man seriously why is he even my dad mom is suffering so much due to him and i hate him with all my guts he abuses mom for everything

  10. My dad is not abusive, he give me whatever i want. But i don’t want my mother to suffer al her life. He doesn’t care for my mothers feelings also he is having affair. I can’t take this shit now.

  11. My parents will divorce. I parents will divorce. My dad will leave. My dad will leave. My dad will leave. My parents will divorce. My parents will divorce. My parents will divorce. My dad will leave. My dad will leave. My dad will leave. My dad will leave. My dad will leave.

  12. hi im gonna use this bc i dont like my step father i want a new one bc he id very abusive and he breaks stuff so im gonna listen overnight everyday

  13. My dad married my mom just for ‘money’ and he losed a big amount in gambling I really hate it, i’m almost a teen and he took all the finance which my mom had saved for me hoping that I can make good use of it for my education in future but he ruined it all… and after this happened he blamed later on that my mom has a boyfriend and then he always complains about me, I’ll update if I get results

  14. it’s not that bad and both my parents are amazing to me but they’re to toxic for each other and all the fighting is affecting me and my mom’s has said she wants a divorce

  15. using this so my dad divorces my stepmom
    i used this for 2 days and my dad slept in a separate room 🤨 this is working real quick.
    currently its the 10th of September so-

  16. I need this. My parents are cheating on each other yet they don’t want to divorce because of us (me and my brother) but little do they know their everyday fights hurts us. We go through su1c1d@l thoughts everyday and I’ve seem to develop panic attacks since quarantine started. My medicine is running out too. They fight over the most trivial things. Mom is very verbally and physically @busive, has anger issues and likes to control. Dad is alcoholic, verbally @busive and won’t apologise because of his ego. They have hit each other few times before and I’d contact the police but nothing happens. They just act like everything is ok. Two weeks ago, the police didn’t even came one time. We are too young to get out (15 and 17) so this subliminal is my only way out. I hope this ends soon.

  17. I just feel like my parents would be happier without eachother; it would be more fun to spend time around them

  18. My father threats to take away my cat and he is ALWAYS mad. He makes me cry and makes me feel guilty because of it. I’m tired of it.

  19. It’s so sad that I have to do this to make my mom happy. Honestly, she deserves wayyy better than this alcoholic, money stealing, emotionally abusive man who thinks females are made just to pleasure men. I am done with him. I never ever want to see him ever again.

  20. my parents used to be so happy together, until they got married. then my dad stopped acting kind. he was abusive and hit my mother and my sister. my parents decided to have me because they thought id fix their problems (i didnt!). my dad has gotten abusive again punching me and my mother. my mother wont divorce him because she doesnt want me to deal with it. i feel so guilty, im making her put up with him. i need them to divorce. im scared for my mother.

  21. Pls i beg you all pls help me manifest their divorce i am tired i am drained i want to live like normal children i want to be normal i want to be able to smile again i want to be happy again after those tear filled years pls i bed y’all

  22. I just want my mom to break up with her bf. He’s toxic narcissist manipulating controlling etc. He mentally abuses my mom and I can’t take it anymore,seeing my mom sad and crying or having to lie that she Is good for the sake that we don’t worry for her I just can’t take it.

  23. I just want my parents to be happy and not suffer from the same patterns. The pattern is this

    My mom and my sisters leave
    My dad begs for us to come back
    We come back
    Same shit happens all over again months later

    I just want this time to be official. I love my parents but I think it’s just healthy for their toxic relationship to end and they both be happy.

  24. Thanks my mother mooches off my dad and she is terrible to my big brother and it pains me to see my brother go through that bro

  25. I wanna get away from my mom she is always yelling and is also selfish, controlling, strict, careless, and stubborn. I can’t stand her.

  26. tôi không cần bố, ông đã đánh đập và chửi bới mẹ tôi, TÔI KHÔNG CẦN ÔNG ẤY, tôi muốn ông ấy ly dị với mẹ tôi

  27. desired step mom: doesn’t be rude, doesn’t hit me, rich, kind, helps me if my grades are bad, gets me what I want, caring, loves animals, respects my privacy, knocks my door

  28. I’m not using this because one of my parents are like abusive or anything, I’m just sick of my dad getting treated like a nobody all the time my mum is always saying “move the fuck out” and it breaks me seeing my dad upset what suck is that I’m closer with my mum rather than my dad but my dads so much better, I just want my dad to be happy. But the thing is one minute they aurgue the next there all loving, they’ve been toghther for 25 years and I’m just tired of hearing my little brother cry at night not knowing what’s going on

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