1. I support what your doing and no hate just a joke but you sound like Micky mouse when you were being the wife 😂

    Im 17 and a quarter and i have been dealing with this issue for the past 9 or 10 years. Both sides. Like i said, im 17 so imma be free from it soon😎

  3. My parents are exactly like this it is horrible…
    Its even worse because i then get really angry with people im close with eg. friends and other family members.
    Its cost me multiple friendships countless hours crying and lack of concentration in school
    Parents dont do this

  4. I wish my "co-parent" would see this and understand it. Never once have I spoken a bad word about him to the kids or around the kids, yet my middle comes home and tells me all the time that it hurt when Dad said things about me. Just this weekend he told her he was mad at me for getting in therapy because I "had no right" to do so. 😩

  5. My trashy grandmother in law did this to my MIL for 50 years. And she did that to her grandchildren too! We stopped talking to her bc she was starting to do that to her great grandchildren.

  6. I love your youtube channel! You are such a good parent and you give such good advice thank you so much!

  7. My parents do this all the time. They live 4 hours away from each other and still can’t survive with out the others money

  8. My dad just said we aren’t having Easter tomorrow because he’s done dealing with us. Less than a minute before that he was fighting with my mom because she started smoking, while he has vaped for as long as I can remember. Then they started fighting in the basement, I was in my room on the second floor and heard them clear as day. They stopped half an hour ago but I’m still crying my eyes out

  9. This one… completely agree with. Never put your kids in the middle of y’all’s anger with each other.

  10. Same so relatable they shout even if the need to drive an extra km to the other ones home on weekends

  11. omg my parents do this all the time. literally just complain and complain abt the other parent abt things i don’t care abt and every time i say i don’t want to hear it i get yelled at for giving attitude 💀

  12. This is what my dad does. He complains and freaks out that my mom tells me the truth abt him but then lies to me, telling me it was just me and him most of the time when I was younger. When in reality, I’ve only remember seeing him three-four times. The rest of the time I was with my grandparents or my mom’s friend, who of which is now my step-father. My mom wasn’t around much but that was bc she was out working. Man I can go on and on abt this, but this is a yt comment- 😗💧

  13. Just because your parents biologically got you here. You are NOT bound to them. You owe them nothing.

  14. My dad is the only one that does this but my mom is working with me and says if I want counseling therapy all that then i can just ask ‘Cause it’s cost me to have 3 panic attacks at school and my mother now thinks I have depression so I have to go to my doctor so don’t ever do this to your kids! It can change you and them

  15. Goddamn is this familiar
    Before my father just, fully left, we’d go to his house on the weekends, and my mother would make sure to make our day before we left as bad as possible so we were upset when we went to his house and she could blame it on him

  16. My parents aren’t divorced..yet..here’s something I had to send to my older sister who’s 21 when I was 10. Sissy, Uh idk if it’s gonna get worse I guess it’s not that bad right now. Mom and dad are very obviously gonna fight tonight and it’s already started cause here’s the basics: dad gets mad and goes outside to calm down mom will go out there then come back in and lock herself on her room and dad will stay outside. It’s 100% because of the beer you can tell when my moms drunk. Please pretty please don’t say anything yet, if something does happen I’ll text you. I actually don’t know if I’m gonna send this message so if I decide to then I’ll add to this message!!

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