1. So everyone’s OK that this guy went from a clean, cut, well spoken young man to a man that is suddenly speaking in Ebonics and acting like he’s Malcom X or Reverend King. There’s nothing wrong with speaking that way, but to go from one way to another is disingenuous. This person literally made a 180 just to sound “more black” and get support for his movement, it’s disingenuous and dishonest.

  2. Mishayla and Rozlen and her gay daughter Nick Marline Jones MISHAYLA M Mosby had a copy of my door and LAPD Mishayla M Mosby robbed me America government as well.

  3. Memphis cops and mishandled a weapon with no serial numbers used by the son of a Memphis fire chief to violently attack a disabled veteran. Veteran railroaded. Message your representatives in support. Thanks Patriots. Enjoy your rights.

  4. That voice is fake. There’s video of him in 2016 talking like a normal person. He’s just channeling MLK in an effort to pander, and it’s working on you apparently

  5. This is an insult to the intelligence of black people. Stop with the shookin and jivin preacher talk. He didnt say a dam thing in this speech. This crap is going to lead to more black folk leaving this party. We dont need more marching and promise land preaching. Good god stop this crap.

  6. If I’m the CRACKHEAD, why you both put bad spells on me isn’t that right Mishayla Monique Gonzalez Tandy Casey Carter and LAPD Mishayla Monique Gonzalez

  7. Now America government and LAPD Mishayla M. Mosby hacked my disability funds for the Month April,01 2023 payments and now I can’t pay my rent isn’t that right Mishayla Monique Gonzalez Tandy Casey Mosby? Now come drug test me or pay me America pigs

  8. Its such a beautiful oratory style. The rhythmic voice so reminiscent of a pastor, the call and response thundering by.

  9. He must’ve been bitten by a radioactive spider… and became a superhero…. his superpowers are Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson, minister Farrakhan… The fat Reverend Al Sharpton…. with these type of powers… I don’t think this man can be beat.

  10. As I look in the archives of the 60s and 70s…speakers similar to this dude….talked their asses off…riled the audience and all that…result?????…….NOTHING!!!!…Sorry it is the truth…look for yourself…look at history!!…more blacks in jail these days…….blacks calling themselves the n word…….etc…..so.im.not impressed until I see improvement…..p.s…what the help is the Black Caucus about????…can they help the communities????…well WHEN!!!!!!

  11. This buffoonery. All these people in the comments are moved by fleeting emotions and stupidity. Yet there’s no tangibles. Black are all about performance and no truth.

  12. People mad he talks like Dr. King but every politician tries to sound like someone else. He gets people excited so who cares ?

  13. Now America government drug test me or pay me America pigs Carolyn Bryant Die or alive open casket Justice for Elmitt Til and Tamer Rice Compton stand up. Meech X I love you sis

  14. The best lolcow of the past five years, and that’s saying something. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

  15. FAKE costume, Fake Accent. There is video of this guy acting like a totally different person a few years ago. This is an insult to MLK and yhe actual civil rights movement.

  16. Will Tennessee representatives speak up for a disabled veteran violently attacked and railroaded in Memphis. Message your representatives in support. Civic duty calls needed..

  17. I pray this young man runs for Governor one day. It’s time for a change! I believe he will get the votes by 2026!

  18. You people are blind. Like sadly and completely blind. Anyone can scream nowadays and you all suddenly feel "chills". You are sad, and this maniac is even sadder. No one is serious anymore and we will all pay dearly for it.

  19. What the hell……this is a bad performance and embarrassing. How are black people still falling for this crap in 2023? He is a bafoon. Black people with sense don’t behave this way. MLK would never behave this way he is a cheap imitation.

  20. Lol. Wow. Is that for real? That looks like a parody. I can’t believe anyone would be dumb enough to cheer on that goof with his fake Martin Luther King act. A few years ago he had a shaved head and was speaking like a Harvard professor. Now he’s a black southern preacher. This is beyond hilarious.

  21. Disabled veteran violently attacked and railroaded seeking justice. Will Tennessee representatives speak up. Violently attacked by the son of a Memphis fire chief with a weapon with no serial numbers retrieved by cops and courts then railroaded. Message your representatives in support of this veteran’s rights. Thanks Patriots. Enjoy your rights.

  22. I pray he is not the next so called Black (appointed) leader, He look and sound like a Pookie Clown. Black people got enough problems already.

  23. YOU WENT TO CRANBROOK THAT’s A PRIVATE SCHOOL…..THIS DUDE AIN’tT GANGSTER HE’S REAL NAMES CLARENCE. Justin Pearson is a cuck created by the liberal media. Anyone who who actually takes this joke of a person seriously needs their voting rights revoked. He is just a bad snl skit.

  24. When he talks he sounds like a Baptist minister trying trying to sell used cars. Funny how his voice has changed once hes in front of sheeple.

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