(Philippines) Divorce and Update on Annulment [2020]

(Philippines) Divorce and Update on Annulment [2020]

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  1. I did some in-depth reseach on this for a filipina who was as she says " married on paper"
    First let it be known the. Vatican "pope" Has changed the rule book so to speak and now has given permission for divorce.
    Why the Philippine government doesn’t recognize this I don’t know being that a majority are Catholics.
    I don’t believe it’s a waiting game but is in fact a money game.
    By the time you get done with all the assessments appointments and hearings, a lot of money has been spent.
    It’s basically a fraud payoff to the judge.
    Annulments are legally only given if the one conducting the ceremony was not legal or the people being married under Force are not of sound mind?, psychologically. Incoherent to what they are doing.
    So the phillipines continues this fraud and everyone gets their pay off they go through the formalities and it’s all a bunch of bullshit.
    so why isn’t the Philippine government recognizing what the pope said in granting divorce being ok ?
    A non contestment divorce can be done on on a few pieces of paper and stamped approved by any judge $100.usd
    that cuts out a lot of hands being greased with the annulment game in a corrupt government.
    So if a couple was of sound mind and body when they got married no annulment could really be legal.
    so after you’ve gone through all this trouble and paid all this money and you think you have a legal annulment don’t kid yourself , because all you did was bribe the government for a free pass to legal bigamy

  2. Thanks God, im now waiting for decision my lawyer said 2weeks or 1 month here. Hope i will be done in 2months 😊 and meet a Ed in person😊 GODBLESS YOU AND SHA 🙏

  3. as long as Duterte is in power there will be no such thing.
    We are trying to get my finances marriage annulled for the last two years now. She has the perfect case because her husband raped and beat her on a regular basis. There are stack loads of official reports from the police and the hospital to that effect, tons of witness statements and yet we are getting nowhere. So far I have spent over 250k pesos and I am slowly running out of patience. The husband’s lawyer has approached us and said that they would be willing to sign the papers if we pay 250k plus monthly support of 15k… really peered off!

  4. Power concedes nothing without force. And the annulments are a cash cow for many including the Church. In the US, no fault divorces were fought by the Church. For fear & guilt are powerful forms of control.
    Government oppressed the body of the wage-slave, but religion oppressed his mind and poisoned the stream of progress at its source. The workingman was to fix his hopes upon a future life, while his pockets were picked in this one.
    Upton Sinclair- Jungle

  5. 2 years so far. 6 hearings, paid judge each time. Still more hearing but still delays. Very very slow

  6. Hang in there, you guys make a good couple. My friend gave up after 3 years and a year later she got the annulment. I know he regrets it now but who knows they may get back together, I know they started chatting again. I was lucky my wife was never married but had a son. She was a OFW so she could send money home to take care of him.

  7. The anullment is only a problem for the Philippine citizens ..
    When a foreighner is married with a filipina and get legally divorced in his home country he can get back a document to prove he is single and can get remarried again in the Philippines.

  8. Nice to hear from you Gary and thanks for the update. It’s really a shame that you have to go through all this drama in the Philippines to get a divorce. Or shall I say an annulment and so costly. When do you plan on retiring and staying in the Philippines?

  9. I am almost afraid to get in a relationship with Filipina as I don’t want to have a hassle but I do want a dedicated woman who wants to have a life long marriage.

  10. Gary, I’ve done some research. My fiancee is Filipina,but lives in Dubai. I’ve followed an attorney who says she can divorce her Filipino husband in Dubai courts, and it is recognized by the US for immigration either Fiancee or Spousal Visa. Have you heard anything about this?

  11. I divorced my Filipina wife in Australia by email to an attorney in Melbourne., I can remarry, but not in the Philippines until I take my divorce order to have it Judicially recognized in an RTC. I’m not going to bother. It’s just another racket for them to fleece your money. I’d rather keep that money and give it to my current partner after I am gone from this life.

  12. One year ago, my Filipina wife abandoned me (American) and our 6yo son (dual citizen). She moved back to America, where we lived for 7-years. I told here the exact room in the courthouse to go file for divorce there, where she lives. But, she won’t file. It’s because I have a prenup notarized by the United States Embassy in Manila. I would keep all of my assets, and get custody of our son. Also, she would have to pay alimony and child support, doubling my monthly budget. Hahahaha…

    When this lockdown is lifted, I plan on filing for annulment, and asking for citizenship here. Being retired at the age of 49, and raising my son by myself is really nice. 😉

  13. What is the total cost involved. A relative of mine who separated, his ex Filipino wife filed for annulment n finally gave up after about 8 or 10 years even though she had spent a fortune. Any tips on that coz u have moved up the ladder in 2 years n thats great. Is the success story only for Mindanao or other Provinces as well? One thing i heard is that one needs to find a good lawyer n that comes as a cost. But the Filipino im referring to spent a huge fortune without success. Any tips would be great.
    Just one other factor u mentioned that the RC Church wont allow divorce. What beats ne is that they turn a blind eye to children born out of wedlock. In our years there was a name for such children n it was taboo.

  14. The problem to get an Annulment is to dam hard .
    I paid for my wifes Annulment it cost me $4000 us dollars . I could not believe the shit you go threw
    She had to go to Marriage counseling she had to see a shrink . Her ex was an American the he ran from the process server it took 2.5 years to get him served
    We have been married 16 years now I raised his 2 daughters

  15. My fiance is still waiting for her annulment, it’s taken 4 years so far, the week after the lock down was supposed to be the last court hearing which was for the psychologist report and it was a certainty because her husband deserted her with 5 kids 12 years ago and never supported her and her kids and just left to live with another woman who had his child and he didn’t even appear at the court to defend himself but because of the lock down they closed the court and cancelled the court hearing which was due only a few days later, now we are completely stuck and have to wait until the court reopens and for me since I’m 76 I’m still waiting and with a bit of luck and prayers we will be able to get married in the Philippines before I finish up in a nursing home here in Australia.

  16. Its really hard to get Anulment here in Philippines so expensive. I’m separated my ex husband almost 10 years ago but I still bring his name.😭😭

  17. Good video. Yes I agree with you re: the length of time. Part of it includes all the government officials, lawyers, etc. who make money off of the parties. It’s all about the money.

  18. I advised my nephews and nieces in the Philippines to not get married because it’s hard to get rid if it turns out to be not the right one. I seen problems with my brothers wives that I hope no man will ever marry those types of women. Sorry for all what you and sha have to go through. I’m ashamed of how my country handles the processing of legal matters. I always told them make it simple, stupid!

  19. Muslim side
    1 if women didn’t like for any reason she can divorce same as man
    2 if the man can’t do the his business in bed she have right to divorce
    3 every man should pay house rent food medical clothes basic needs if not she have right to divorce if she want
    It’s not easy it will start elder’s after that Muslim cort
    Divorce is last option the family elder’s Imam they will try to save that marriage

  20. Loved the video Gaz, was like sitting on the bus again 😉 and yeah when the bullshit is over and things return to normal it will be nice to return! Lockdown – NEVER again, people verses the idiots will win!

  21. I had a friend that toke 10 years before she got her Annulment and i have herd that some men use a different name when they get married

    can not wait to get back to northern mindanao

  22. G’day Gary I’m in Australia my partner is in Angeles City just going through anulment process 1year down it’s a process that can really do your head in as your probably aware and very expensive. Similar to you phycology grounds anyway great vlog thanks.

  23. My question is there any philippines woman there that will be wonting to marry a American man and will be welling to move to America?

  24. My EX GF and I went through annulment. She lived in Japan and never had to appear, she had a representative go for her. It took 1 year and $5000 USD Could have went faster but she didn’t push anything. That’s why she’s the EX

  25. Gary, this is Bruce… It would make sense for the lawyers, and courts to advocate for the legalization of divorce.. With that many cases, it would give them the opportunity to Bilk the public for every centavo they could.. Take care Bro….

  26. Do you have a email I can reach you at I have some information you would be very interested in best regards

  27. Are bribes ever involved in order to expedite the process? What is the typical cost? What is the risk of being charged for adultery if cohabitating with a still “married “ woman? I understand that this is very possible especially for foreigners there. Are any of these philandering Filipino men ever charged with adultery or just foreigners who become involved with their separated wives? Definitely a double standard patriarchy there in the Philippines.

  28. Gary good to hear from you l have a question waz going to the Philippines in july 2020 but because of this pandemic i plan on changing my dates to Christmas and New Year do yoi think it possible that we can get married while im there my dates right noe would be the wrek of Christmas the week after Christmas and the week after Christmas like jan 8th you think i would have enough time for us to marry this will be my third trip to manila love it there love her just as much thank you wishing for and sha the very best!!!! the vety best 💯💯💯💯👍👍👍👍

  29. Our annulment was started January 2015. We passed all the steps including signed off by the judge. But the solicitor general appealed our case. We went through the appealing process. But solicitor general declined again and we had to hire another attorney to finish our case. But solicitor general is extorting for additional P300,000 to send paperwork to mania for final processing. That’s the game in the philippines It’s not about laws. It’s about money.

  30. Annulment in the Philippines are business..I am seperated 12 years ago.. trying to file soon but i don’t have any money 😔 annulment are very expensive 🥵🤕

  31. The court is open now so i have my last hearing this july, cant wait to be single again and find someone, I pray that sha’s annulment will be smooth done, take care and GODBLESS👆🙏🙌
    I pay 2000usd

  32. We’re 2 years into the annulment process, last court hearing was coming up when this bloody covid came along. 🙁 Anyone claiming to get annulment through in a few months has found a fixer. We went that way originally, paid the money and 2 weeks later the attorney died! Kiss that money goodbye!

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