1. His home was just across Mandrazo’s house. You can see lots of Tennis equipments in there.

  2. any chance you can show the pov of the tennis coach when michael wasn’t in the house?

  3. This time put my comment on the video because people can read my title that I put in for your next video

  4. Why the interior of car looks different in 1:44 did there was a mistake with graphics or it’s the old car interior? Or PS3 graphics?

  5. I like the way the coach patiently waits for Michael to chase him down, Even when he knows he was going to dead

  6. Dude gets caught in his underwear with this dudes wife in the bedroom
    Dude: _I’m ReAlLy SoRrY bRo_

  7. This game always has rubber band ai. Last time I chased this guy, I was super lucky to rocket the car, but the game acted retarded and it was bugged. I had to retry again and well I was right behind his ass until somehow his car was jacked up with rocket fuel and he went sonic boom.

  8. i remember the first time i played this mission before i did i started shooting micheals house and then someone jumped out the window and them micheal started walking towards me i thought i was in trouble

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