Premarital and Marriage Counseling Chicago

Premarital and Marriage Counseling Chicago

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Your interest in premarital counseling is a sign that you care about the future health of your marriage and the general well-being of your relationship.

This brief premarital counseling video is designed to explain the nuts and bolts of the premarital counseling program called Gate 14, offered by Chicago marriage therapists and relationship counselors at 2nd Story Counseling.

Gate 14 is a one of a kind premarital counseling program that was conceptualized by Dr. John D. Moore, Founder of Chicago based 2nd Story Counseling. This premarital counseling program is one of the only marriage counseling programs offered in the City of Chicago or the nation that offers a formalized, pre-marriage counseling program that is non-religious in nature.

You may be wondering WHAT is on the video? Well, here are the essentials:
– Overview of Gate 14 premarital counseling.
– History of Gate 14 premarital counseling.
– Three basic take-aways about Gate 14.
– Value and price of Gate 14.
– Benefits of Gate 14 .
– How Gate 14 differs from other premarital counseling programs.
– How gate 14 can be customized to fit your needs.

This unique marriage counseling program in Chicago was named “Gate 14” as a way of visualizing marriage as a destination point, using an airport departure gate as a mental metaphor. The number “14” represents the 14 different topical areas that are covered in the premarital counseling program. When you place these terms together, you get — GATE 14!

This premarital counseling program has been top ranked in the City of Chicago since 2007. Hundreds of couples have successfully taken this marriage counseling program and enjoyed the many benefits of identifying potential problem areas and then heading them off before officially getting married.

Gate 14 is highly customizable and is designed to adjust to your premarital counseling needs. The program is designed to give your marriage an extra boost in a way that supports marital long term success.

We wish you the best with your marriage to be and would like to be there for your marriage counseling needs in Chicago. If you have any questions, please visit us at or call 773-598-7797

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