Pt. 2: Woman Survives After Cop Boyfriend Shoots Her, Takes His Life – Crime Watch Daily

Pt. 2: Woman Survives After Cop Boyfriend Shoots Her, Takes His Life – Crime Watch Daily

A woman takes her dog for a walk, and a monster with a gun unloads on her. Then, he turns the gun on himself. Chris Hansen has Yuly Solano’s incredible story of survival after her deputy boyfriend tried to take her life.

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  1. I thought he was strange so I started dating him and egging him on. This is a Darwin winner right here

  2. I felt bad for her but she lost me when she started playing the race card. News flash, 99% of minorities like her in America are racist to the core but they get a pass because their skin is not white here in scaredy cat ultra woke America

  3. I understand that we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but I mean look at that guy’s face clearly it’s not normal

  4. it is very common for cops to be this kind of power control hungry wack jobs, both in their job and in their relationships.

  5. Chris Hanson asks some of the dumbest questions. "Did you think you were gonna die?" "No Chris, after getting shot multiple times in my chest I knew that at that moment I was stronger than ever."

  6. Girl thats your own damn fault. He literally said the n word and dissed your own people in the most racist way. Both are fucking weirdos.

  7. It’s so many women trapped in these kind of relationships an asked for help with the police departments, they was turned away an told that this is a private matter. No actions was token on many many of these cases.

  8. Wow…100 warning signs in the beginning

    And yet ima still date him…🤦🏽‍♀️

    Common sense is not common

  9. Considering the extent of her injuries, I’m surprised she ONLY lost half of her blood supply!! I lost have of my blood into my abdomen from an ectopic tubal rupture. It was minute compared to what she went through! Insane! Grateful it survived!

  10. Some people know about the 40%. 40% of all Cops have a Domestic Violence background or active DV incident reports. Some scary statistics.

  11. A person can be completely insane and can’t remember the time of day but for some strange reason they can ALWAYS remember how to be racist—-

  12. I always find it interesting that people always claim or act like they knew something was off with someone from the jump, but then proceed to get in a relationship with them. Its one of the biggest lies.

  13. OMG, this is the FIRST I heard the "woman" lived. "cops" are sick sick sick individuals. I have some "cops" terrorizing me RIGHT NOW, with bogus fasle arrests schemes

  14. Remember the guy that shooting her he was a police officer that’s perfect because he can arrest his self

  15. She didn’t fear for her safety but the man was literally acting like a psychopath I don’t even know what to think 🤦🏾‍♂️

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