Queer Empathy: The story of divorce lawyers i shaved my head (Full Documentary)

Queer Empathy: The story of divorce lawyers i shaved my head (Full Documentary)

In the 2010s, Jordaan Mason’s music provided a unique perspective on queer experience that helped many people discover themselves. Let’s talk about how their album “divorce lawyers i shaved my head” became not only a cult classic, but a testament to queer empathy!
The pieces of media and music featured in this video are quoted for critical and educational purposes. Those looking to completely understand the pieces are encouraged to purchase the original works.
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A majority of the music used in this documentary was taken from Jordaan Mason’s discography with permission from the artist.

The other tracks used were licensed via Public Domain or Creative Commons and include:

Amarià, “Sérénade à Notre Dame de Paris”: https://soundcloud.com/amariamusique/serenade-a-notre-dame-de-paris

Kevin MacLeod, “Gymnopedie (1, 2, and 3)” by Erik Satie: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/?keywords=gymnopedie

Amber Short, “Clair de lune (from Suite bergamasque)” by Claude Debussy: https://soundcloud.com/pianomusicgirl/claire-de-lune

Edward Rosser, “Gnossienne No. 1” by Erik Satie: https://musopen.org/music/44070-gnossiennes-no-1/


  1. i haven’t been this excited for anything in what feels like ages, such a beautiful documentary for an album that still moves me to tears every time. thank you

  2. You are a saint. I have known this album since 2013-ish, and it is certainly an album that has stuck with me. I discovered it right on the cusp of my gender identity discovery, and it has impacted me in ways that cannot just be described with words. Not only does this documentary provide invaluable insight on the album itself, but it also goes over other works of Jordaan that I am familiar with and helps to establish more ground for this emotional story. This is everything I could have wanted. I love to interpret things on my own, but I also love to know what the artists’ intent was. I love "Divorce Lawyers" so much; every time you played a song, I wanted to sing to it, haha. Much love <3

  3. i’m not even halfway done with this yet but i’m feeling so much! the first time i heard anything from this album was in a playlist my friend made for me a few years ago and i’ve heard it countless times especially during really hard times. thank you so much for this analysis it really feels good to have it all compiled especially by another trans person

  4. Definitely one of the greatest albums i’ve ever heard. I relisten five times/week minimum. Love everything Jordaans doing 🔥

  5. this might’ve been said and i just missed it, but is that photo collection that accompanied the album still accessible somewhere?

  6. Incredibly insightful and wonderful! Also thanks for including me in one of the photos you’ve chosen in the documentary! The evening I was able to perform with Jordaan was absolutely a dream come true! Thank you for this!

  7. When I saw how long this was I immediately flipped my shit (in a good way). Can’t wait to watch, one of my favorite albums ever :,)

  8. Great documentary, for 100 minutes it went by so fast! One of my favourite albums of all time so I loved watching this! Can’t wait to see whatever your next feature is!

  9. This is wonderful. As somebody who considers themselves a music nerd, this is exactly what I want about such a striking, mysterious, and beautiful release.

  10. Divorce Lawyers album is so worthy of this kind of close analysis, but I can’t believe you’ve actually done it! Incredible

  11. It’s crazy how much this album has grown on me since I found it on 4chan when I was in high school. I had a strong but surface level appreciation for it. The music was beautiful and the lyrics did seem strange and even "shocking" to me. Growing up and having a MUCH greater awareness of lgbt+ people has made this album even more important the more it ages. I don’t know we aren’t talking about this album like it’s a classic cuz it IS

  12. I was so excited for this to come out, this album definitely helped me discover who i was. thank you so much for this :’0

  13. A wonderful portrait of a wonderful person, wonderful music, and a wonderful part of my youth. I miss these people and the fun we used to have in Toronto in 2005-2009! Thank-you for making this documentary! And thank-you Jordaan for your voice and words.

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