Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer During Consultation | What Questions to Ask a Family Law Attorney

Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer During Consultation | What Questions to Ask a Family Law Attorney


If you are a family law attorney or a divorce attorney this is the show for you. In this video, Dave Lorenzo interviews Sandra Brooks (Sandy) about everything related to Family Law and Divorce.

If you are thinking about getting divorced, in the process of getting divorced, looking for a divorce lawyer or want to know what questions to as a family law attorney, this show will be a tremendous resource for you.

During this show Dave uncovers the questions to ask a divorce lawyer during a consultation and he also helps other attorneys discover how to get clients as a family law attorney.

📺Watch and Enjoy!

00:00 Sandra Brooks, Maryland Family Law Attorney Introduction
02:12 Why Sandy chose to practice Family Law
03:32 Why being great with numbers is a great competitive advantage for a family lawyer
04:55 What is collaborative family law
07:00 How to work with good people during their worst times
07:50 What’s the biggest shock during a divorce consultation
08:38 Does adultery play a part in child custody?
10:50 The financial consequences of divorce
12:30 Are people staying married because it costs too much to get divorced?
12:36 What is a post nuptial agreement?
13:20 COVID and its impact on divorce
15:00 What happens when affluent people want to get divorced?
17:04 How Sandy helps her clients deal with the emotional impact of divorce
18:53 Why is an uncontested divorce a myth?
20:00 Can shopping around for an attorney conflict an attorney from working with your spouse?
21:03 Why your divorce lawyer should be someone who makes deals and not someone who screams and yells.
22:00 How do family law attorneys charge for a divorce?
23:00 What is the first step someone should take when they are thinking about getting divorced?
25:00 What happens if one spouse hides assets during a divorce?
27:45 How is it helpful to be a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers?
29:39 How do family law attorneys get clients?
30:00 How to attract referrals as a family law attorney
32:13 How to source business for attorneys in other practice areas
33:00 How to select a good family law attorney



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  1. This is a great interview, addressing questions during a consultation as well as getting clients as a family law attorney. Very interesting.

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