r/ProRevenge – Hey Captain! You Know What You Can Do?? – Reddit Stories #695

r/ProRevenge – Hey Captain! You Know What You Can Do?? – Reddit Stories #695

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  1. Can you imagine someone like Maggie as an RN? Speaking from decades of experience, nursing requires compassion and dedication to others. Maggie would never have graduated, let alone been allowed to practice.

  2. Maggie is the starting point for those nurses / home attendants who end up in jail for abusing or neglecting their charges. My guess is that she picked nursing to meet a nice doctor to marry.

  3. why would any person like THAT go into a high stress caregiver career? sounds more like she should have had the strings pulled to become owner of some beach snack shack and just hang around while the nearest abusable toadies do the actual work

  4. Most people go into nursing with the best of intentions and are absolutely fantastic people. But there are a few bad eggs who see it as an opportunity for status, and elevate their ego because people can no longer deny what a selfless person they are.

  5. Life guard story oppo was so toxic and soo entitled. Paused because this is pro revenge. But I might be sometime hyperbolic in my wording. This time I actually do think that 200 lbs of anchor chain, and letting Maggie (moggot?) Try to swim away over the challenger deep might be the best outcome! It’s so toxic that the fish etc will probably refuse to eat it so Maggie might be the longest human evidence of our existence when we cease. LOL

  6. is right. This is one of the best Pro Revenge stories I have heard across all channels.

    Thanks to OP and for this one.

  7. Hey Rob, you would be surprised the kind of people who go to nursing school. My wife who is an RN now had a person in her class who actually asked her "am I going to have to touch sick people? I don’t like to touch people". They didn’t make through the course. She works with some nurses who do the absolute minimum amount of work possible. Many nurses are awesome, caring and hardworking. If you are being cared for by one who is please thank them and tell them you really appreciate how well they have cared for you. You would be surprised at how they have been yelled at by crabby patients and pressured by management to do more and more. A kind word from a patient goes a long way.

  8. that’s more common then you think for nurses being entitled like that my mom has to deal with that every time she goes to work and she has been dealing with that for nearly 30 years at this point

  9. Aww don’t call her Maggie! One of my jogging-group friends has that name!
    So glad she got knocked off her perch. Plot twist: did OP and Maggie’s cousin start dating? LOL

  10. Last time that some took my lunch at work he literally ended in the ER, due to food allergies. HR had a few questions for me, but when Darren came back they had several questions for him.

  11. I’m a CNA (certified nurse assistant/aide) and I can tell you some nurses, especially RN’s (registered nurse) are stuck up and would never dream of getting their hands dirty because they are sooo much better than us peons. The LPN’s (licensed practical nurse) are usually much easier to get along with. For those who don’t know one must be an LPN before becoming an RN. Also, the state of Colorado now requires all nursing students to get their CNA certificate before becoming an LPN which is fantastic because now they understand just how hard our jobs can be.

  12. Oh no lol alot of nurses are old high school bullies. This does not surprise me at all.

    It is weird because of how sweet most nurses are. But both are true lol

  13. Legacy kids usually end up being real jerks, because they never had to actually work for whatever they have been given. OP was very wise to have all the documentation. And can we all be thankful that Maggie is not working in any kind of patient care capacity?

  14. Maggie dug her own grave, but I always get sad when these people go on to live unhappy lives. I just want people to be their best selves and be happy and just move on. It’s why I have a hard time with revenge stories that involve cheaters. I just want the best for people.

  15. Ok any of her individual offenses are enough to warrent a justified pimp slap but you just stroll into my house like that? That’s how bitches get shot! She is beyond lucky OP’s first instinct wasn’t to attack first, ask later.

  16. Thanks Rob, a great way to start the day with my morning coffee, don’t suppose you would stop by and help me paint my deck?….No, sigh okay, I’ll get on then….

  17. Hey! KKC! love your content. Your last comment in this video is beyond naive though. I am a retired nurse. (30+ years.) There are 2 basic types of nursing hopefuls. The truly altruistic AND those who seek a degree with excellent earning potential and and almost instant authority… (it’s the authority/power seekers you gotta watch out for.)

  18. i was so expecting her to claim op tried to sexually assaulter her due to op being naked in his own house

  19. People like that try to go into medical all the time. SOmetimes they get themselves sorted out, sometimes they get booted, and unfortunately there are some times where they just make hell for everyone around them. Even worse is the ones that through their (in)actions make others die before their time

  20. So maggie broke into ops home after she made a bunch of lies to get him fired or possibly arrested and op didn’t bother calling the police on her and get her arrested for breaking and entering?

  21. Would "play dumb games, win dumb prizes" fit in with this story? I find it so funny that no only did she not receive the scholarship, but when she was taking part in the other course in community college and was kicked out because of her ego and bad attitude, she pretty much did that to herself.
    Also, to hear that both this girl and her mother are hated within their family really demonstrates what kind of people they are. You know you’re a terrible person when even members of your family hate you for being so incredibly mean.

  22. what a way to wake up! mr. rob you are the best! stay safe and cool today and i hope you and everyone has a fantastic day

  23. WOW, Maggie sounds like a freaking entitled psycho. I’m glad her Mom and her both suffered for all the crap they pulled (though we only heard a bit of what the entitled Mom pulled). I am just blown away with her arrogance.

    To the OP, your story was very well written. I am impressed with how you both wrote the story and handled the Maggie situation.

  24. What a wonderful all-American story. A grown man has to go through loops and hoops to put an entitled brat in her place. He has to provide evidence, records, witnesses. He has to be strategic and technical, and all that.

    I’m not saying the US is a p-whipped country, but…I’m just saying…

  25. Thank you for saying what I was thinking!! Nurses have to be selfless. They get paid on poop on them vomited on and God knows what else they have to just except it and keep doing their job. I do not see this girl ever being suitable as a nurse. It’s a good thing she got thrown out of “attendant classes”.

  26. I don’t wanna shatter your rose-tinted glasses, but the nursing field is bursting with entitled people and former popular girls who want to have power over people and seem charitable at the same time

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