r/Relationships | My Cheating Wife Broke Down After I Served Her Divorce Papers

r/Relationships | My Cheating Wife Broke Down After I Served Her Divorce Papers

r/Relationships | My Cheating Wife Broke Down After I Served Her Divorce Papers. The final chapter of this saga. It may not be the ending we wanted, but it’s the ending we got…

Original Post + UPDATE 1: https://youtu.be/d7uA8fHE9A4
UPDATE 2: https://youtu.be/qLN-la_Wmcw
UPDATE 3: https://youtu.be/N4DwL2YEquk
UPDATE 4 – 7: https://youtu.be/Z_iDD87Cruo
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  1. I can see the mental gymnastics he used, but in the end it does seemed that deep down he really wanted to find a way to forgive, and Ill respect that not everyone is able to, just hope it wasn’t in vain. One thing I would’ve done differently I wouldn’t be living under the same roof.

  2. My wife cheated on me. I was raised to be a good little Christian boy and didn’t believe in divorce, so I forgave her. Then she cheated on me again. With the same guy.

    One divorce later I’m happily in an LGBT relationship and my daughter lives with me after the ex-wife went deadbeat with that guy.

    As much as I want to believe this can resolve well, my life is an unfortunate example of "once a cheater, always a cheater".

  3. Wow. Sue is going to keep reading these threads and continue to manipulate him. He’s left that door wide open. He just can’t accept it at all. She’s a master manipulator. He’s a willing participant.

  4. So let me get this straight, cheating is as an addiction…. so it’s OK that getting a thrill out of knowingly doing wrong and ducking ppls lives over but drunk drivers go to jail but she will get sympathy and a monthly check?? Rewarding what is wrong and punishment for who do right seems to be the norm its all about equality until it effects you personally by that time it’s to late realizing it’s do as I say not as I do

  5. This dude is a total idiot. He’s like the dog that has an evil bark, and the owner says he won’t bite. But except this dog is actually one that won’t bite lol. Everybody is reading this story like the next Stephen King novel. And that is probably what it is, fiction. The writer is sitting there laughing their ass off. Thinking got ya suckers. The bygone Soap Operas are wishing they had this writer. They would still be in business

  6. What was the feminist talking about? It doesn’t matter if we talk about a straight couple, two gay men, or two lesbians. It depends on the type of relationship you have. If you’re monogamous, and your partner cheats, no matter the gender, they’re accountable. It does apply to two gay men as well. If they have an open relationship, that’s a different thing.

  7. You got to admit that therapist made her money he brainwashed that idiotgave all kind of dumb excuses for her woman being a and she is a bona fide shrimp she gone do it and she going to get caught again

  8. There is no guarantee that another woman wouldn’t cheat on you. This is true. There is also no guarantee that your wife won’t cheat on you again….or hasn’t cheated on you prior to this for which you have no proof. Why on earth would she admit to things that would put the final nail in the coffin of her marriage? She wouldn’t.

    But one thing is certain your next new girlfriend hasn’t cheated on you yet (and may not if you vet them properly) but this one certainly has.

  9. OMG! I agreed with you COMPLETELY! He is so ready to let her dodge responsibility for her actions… "Not my fault! The Devil made me do it!" I kind of wonder why people believe that "slut-shaming" is so wrong… confirmed cheaters SHOULD be shamed a little! Just my opinion, of course!

  10. His wife’s theorpist was victim blaming him? And he accepted it?? So sad to see how the world is changing for the worse

  11. I know many married couples where the husband cheated but the wife stayed. It’s usually harder for a wife to leave in my country. They just have to endure it. 😔

  12. Are you kidding me, he is gonna take her back and sue is gonna look at this man, she that she destroyed him so much that they both ended up in the hospital and he still took her back, she still got her family and her side peice. She’s going to go looking for another one

  13. I enjoyed the narration, but I did not enjoy this update. So disappointed by the backsliding of OP. Come on man, shine up that spine and take your pride out of the trash.

  14. I don’t like this ending at all. This is not a happy ending. Sue does not deserve understanding, or compassion, or an amicable relationship with her ex.

  15. I get my fantasy escape from reality fix by reading romantic books, much easier + doesn’t cause trouble in real life. By the way, honestly, I feel PTSD diagnoses is getting a bit overused. Or perhaps they could come up with another name for those with PTSD problems from less traumatic events, maybe Post Mentally Overwhelmed Problems, or something.

    Judging by the description, the wife/ex wife(?) clearly weren’t mentally prepared for crap to hit the fan, and abruptly going from "fulfilling herself" in one moment, to next moment’s brutal awakening that she’d wrecked her marriage, obviously became more than she could mentally handle.
    Even though I realise that it technically was traumatic for her, from my amateur point of view, it still feels a bit wrong to say it lead to mild PTSD. She was being traumatized by having to face up to the consequences of her own behaviour, I feel that there should be another name than PTSD for such, and similar cases.

  16. I respectfully disagree with LG. What he’s doing can be great for the kids. Keeping the kids with both their parents living like adults together. How dare you say you’re disappointed with him. Who are you to be disappointed with any stranger? I’ve listened to almost every pust you’ve done. Over 1000. This is the first time you’ve made me angry with you

  17. Ok can we all take a deep breath abd stop attacking OP for choosing to forgive? I get it. I have been cheated on so I understand, but holding onto a grudge only destroys the victim, not make them stronger.

  18. Sue needs help from a psychiatrist, not a husband, if she "doesn’t know" why she did what she did. OP does his best to rationalize it as "adrenaline addiction", since he did drugs in the past. But they’re both avoiding the issues in their marriage. "There is no guarantee a new girlfriend would be faithful" — so you’re staying with one who for sure is unfaithful?

  19. I don’t think he’s trying to conflate understanding the motives and things inside her that lead her to make the choices she did as an attempt to avoid placing consequence at her feet. It’s important for them both to understand all that existed around her making her choice while at the same time not deflecting any responsibility for that choice. But he also needs to understand that if his approach is one that his wife become like an addict to the emotions and dangers, she chose to become that addict and did so over many months, choosing again and again to go farther and farther. Her cheating didn’t just occur at the hotel. The cheating started in her heart the moment she started flirting with this other man.

    But there is also things in her latest behaviour that says to me that she is actually willing to bear her consequences fully. Not wanting anything from him in the divorce and that he gets everything is one. Talking to her cheating friends and exposing them is another. One thing to be aware of though is that Sue may very well be unable to place anyone else first besides her own needs and that even now all the changes that are occurring are based on her own needs. Her suicide attempt even was about her. She hasn’t placed her children as a priority at any point and even her very sincere attempt to atone and seek forgiveness is about her. I know it’s hard to see it but it’s a subtle shift of focus from him forgiving to her being forgiven. I’d warn him to be cautious and see who he was in a relationship with from the start and to go back over memories with a new lens to see if she very much is one of those people that can not put others before her own self even emotionally.

    He is going through a state of great emotional pain and finally recognizing after all his pain that he still loves her. That has caused a pendulum reaction in his direction. But if he decides to take on the risk that she is for love, then who are we to say he is wrong. Love is worth the risk. And if he is willing to put aside his self worth for her and pride for her, sacrifice it and let it be tarnished for his love while seeing the risk of it all that she is, then I can only wish him the best. One must play a bit the fool in life to gain happiness and take foolish risks for sometimes those risks and paths end up being the best things in our life, even if we don’t get what we hoped. We’re not here to make the best choices. We’re here to make the right choices for ourselves. I hope this makes sense in how I mean.

    Finally, I wish I could go for a beer with this guy and say all I see. And this is not to direct or control his choices but…help him simply see better before making them. It’s hard when you’re in the middle of the emotional hurricane to have clarity. And he surely is in one.

  20. The only thing i can tell OP is a python can never turn into a viper.. OP u re trading on dangerous grounds and i bet u will surely get burn in so many ways that no miracle can save u 😒..its ur call

  21. Funny how Sue would leave OP if he was the one who cheated, yet OP can’t leave her when she cheats on him. If the roles were reversed and Sue had been the one who found out OP was cheating on her and confronted him at the hotel like he did to her, it would have been a one and done deal and there would be no discussions. Her word would have been final and there would be no room for reconciliation. So I don’t understand how the same doesn’t apply to OP. OP needs to realize that his choice of action is going to really negatively affect his children. It’s okay to be co-parents, however you should not give your kids the false hope of you two getting back together again.

  22. I understand people being disappointed in his resolution, but I’m fairly certain the main reason he believes he can move past this is because he had a full record of how the affair happened. It barely turned physical, according to Sue Frank initiated oral sex and that was it. Had the husband not known of that, had they been having sex behind his back the entire time then he most definitely would not have considered reconciliation.

    In truth, he is committed to the divorce so his main purpose will be fulfilled there. At the end of the day yes, an affair is not so black and white even for the cheater. However, that person willingly followed her friends advice, willingly texted Frank, and agreed to meet with him in a hotel for sex. She is not off the hook, but she is rightfully shaken up and will never consider an affair in the future toward anyone.

    Wish OP the best of luck moving onward. Though I may not agree with his decision either, I still hope he achieves that happy ending!

  23. Been watching your videos for the last few days and hadn’t subbed. Your opinion at the end here earned my sub. She straight up said if he did it she would leave, yet tells him he can sleep with someone? Having a vice is in no way the same as choosing someone else over your SO. Insane how she is now somehow a victim and he compares him doing drugs in college to the mother of his children cheating on him. Gold medal for this guy in mental gymnastics.

  24. I feel bad for op’s kids. Their parents disappear for 2 weeks and them come back in a worst state then they left. Op may thing think he can forgive his wife, but her wont. He will always have distrust for her. The kids will see that and think that it’s normal. Op’s wife will get high off of getting away with cheating, it will be an ego boost. She now knows that no matter how badly she messes up, op won’t leave her. The kids will see this. The kids are going to think that this is a normal relationship. They are going to end up being as sad and pathetic as their father or as egotistical and naïve as their mother. Those kids are going to be mentally messed up for the rest of their lives.

  25. As someone who was cheated on, I hope this story is fake.

    OP is infuriating. His entire post is very clearly a way to justify getting back together with Sue. How does one get so far in denial that they don’t realize they are making a terrible decision AND using crappy logic to justify it?

    Also, Sue doesn’t sound like a very good person. She accepted her friends choices and now that she’s been caught, she throws them under the bus. I’m not saying the husbands didn’t deserve to know, I’m just saying she didn’t seem to have a problem before. Basically, I don’t think she told them for their benefit, but for hers, so she could get a redemption story and "show" her husband’s she has changed. It just seems awful selfish.

  26. I thought dude was logical but nah. He let his emotions get the better of him. It happens to all of us at some point. It’s just when and what that point is. But he said previously he would lose all self respect if he took her back. Well now you get to live life with no self respect. Enjoy?

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