RADICAL OPENNESS for TEDGlobal by @JasonSilva

RADICAL OPENNESS for TEDGlobal by @JasonSilva

RADICAL OPENNESS – An anthem on the power of IDEAS created by Jason Silva at Therapy Studios and premiered at TEDGlobal 2012 Main Stage.

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Inspired by the ideas of TED, Chris Anderson, Richard Dawkins, James Gleick, Matt Ridley, Steven Johnson, Kevin Kelly, Ray Kurzweil, Imaginary Foundation and many others.

Dedicated to those who believe in IDEAS WORTH SPREADING!!

Special thanks to BRUNO GIUSSANI, European Director, TED Conferences.

Selected stock footage courtesy of Shutterstock. Still images provided by The Imaginary Foundation.

Music composed and performed by Bix Sigurdsson.


  1. A product of LSD> Essentially speaking the obvious in a grandiose way. These ideas aren’t new. Just rehashed. The problem with acid is that when you come down, finding the resolution is not so clear. And as you grow older, the ideal is not as solid as you once perceived. The presumption that we are any more intelligent than people in past history is a misnomer. What has changed is our library of information. If we suddenly lost that, people would appear to grow more "stupid" over time.

  2. Omg really!!!! Ideas are that much real!!!! I cannot believe it!!!! If it is why isn’t there any structural existence of it or is it?? Pls answer Jason!!

  3. This guy is a highly evolved intellectual and very charismatic. He seems to quote Timothy Leary quite often whom once said he was carrying out the work of the late Aleister Crowley. I wounder if he to is an extension of his work. You know the philosophy of Elevating man to Godhood through his intellect and knowledge. The eating of the forbidden fruit and the rejecting of God. I think France Bacon spoke of it and called it the New Atlantis. I think I read this in a sci fi book for christian once

  4. Checked out your stuff after checking out your interview on the Tim Ferris podcast. Great video. I’m not sure how your message attracted so many trolls.

  5. Why don’t speak in spanish, really I wan’t understeand, but this not the same sense, PLEASE JASON READ THIS COMMENT !

  6. this guy is way out there alsome,i wounder if hes got any more thoughts on the infamous complexities of the universe hes thought up. i mean dam this guy is fucking good! !!

  7. No mention of the people enslaving minds and keeping millions in a state of suffering and billions in a state of servitude, but..pleasant


  9. So far out of the entire video…the only words that are truly Silva’s was the word…"Wow." Aside from that he’s a walking citation.

  10. Jason needs a book club. or at least a list of must read books cause he reads some awesome shit!

  11. lol that was fun.
    Not sure how you attracted a bunch of assholes to comment on this.
    I saw your interview with Lewis Howes. Loved it 🙂

  12. Those who value this video don’t value the hierarchical system of likes and dislikes to determine the worth of the information presented.

  13. "Imagination let’s us conceive the best future possibilities, pick the most amazing one and pull the future forward to meet it." That’s a WOW!!!!

  14. what’s your job? and what studies did you go through? just wondering, i haven’t started my studies yet

  15. Omg really!!!! Ideas are that much real!!!! I cannot believe it!!!! If it is why isn’t there any structural existence of it or is it?? Pls answer Jason!!

  16. Hmmm, He’s sort of like a hip, #EMO, Latin-Jewish version of #CarlSagan – sans the #zeitgeist moments, of course …

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